Sure enough up CCTV this year s dazzling


Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Rooster Crowing, 2017 Rooster CCTV must be full of a big party. Turn on the TV, is inspired by colorful colors refreshed without feeling sleepy. Three years and three sets the fourth quarter

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling
Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

From CCTV after exposure the entire party program, netizens have been happy, “looks forward to the gods were to” hegemony, President of William and Mary Zhang Yi Lian Meng Lu, small sheep, master Xiao Jing Boran Jing, Ming Hu and Wang Kai, the three brothers, and TFBOYS small only! Although Hu, Wang, Dong Jin fails to fit the three brothers, but this year the Gala success together with Liu Tao, and Jiang Xin and the Ziwen Wang, and Yang Zi, and Qiao Xin, the Ode to five beautiful!

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling
Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Here is the thing, Hu and Wang went on stage, seems to be able to hear the TV audience was shouting: Jing Wang and SUSU, goodbye, tears! Photographer brother must be God in powder, after CAI Ming Pan Changjiang and Pan Binlong when playing pieces, photographer brother no less cut it to two with box shots. One tweet said: “heard Zhu said two people are really couple, emerged from the room, and Hu and Wang came out. “Then again, Hu Wang Duo’s song is good, the audience, from face value to singing, is not enough.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

CCTV this year with “great Chinese-American dream, golden spring” as its theme, in addition to youth power stars, and more scientific heavyweight debut. Shanghai, Guilin, Guangxi, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Harbin in Liangshan as a breakout, completed with your CCTV in Beijing, first Studio Hall “in the North, national festival”. Happy new year opening four sessions will be to maximize acoustics, optics, exceedingly lively, singing under the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Harbin ice Lantern Festival to eat popsicles, traveled across China in a few minutes, year out.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Round Rooster on the CCTV Spring Festival evening show, we never forget that shocked the whole world of the thousand-hand bodhisattva dance, cock of the year Gala song and dance programs are also harvested a lot of praise. An impressive array of Liangshan, Sichuan branch, campfire song and dance of the Yi people of Yi silver glittered in the light of the girl on the head, is beautiful, majestic on the whole set-up, remember favorite programming is ethnic dance Medley, the rippling Brook, and the sun rises, the wishes drinking songs … … Every year, the school theatrical performances, most look forward to is wear national costume got jumped on for a while.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Mao Amin and Jason sings of the city Fireworks, melodic music, sang “miss some of this at this point, what year and what month we meet again” as far away as overseas Chinese should feel homesick. Han Hong singing about the Millennium, Han Lei and Sitar Tan singing’s not forget the beginner’s mind Jihong Lu, Zhang Ye sing the mountains water in China, are impressive, lingering.

Speaking of innovation, must mention the breakout song and dance to the song from the Lijiang River in Guilin, is “third sister Liu”, Ms Huang Wanqiu, and pop singer Deng Zi Qi, Jeff cross-class collaboration, lighting combined with the high altitude Jet, performing, is compelling, “the movement of light, movement and light.”

Language programs also have more innovation this year, introduced a number of new people. It is worth mentioning that this year the Gala stage managed to break language programs in the North and one for all of the two pieces. 50 actors performing the sketch of the tianshan mountains, is the Gala sketch of ethnic minorities for the first time in history. Xinjiang guys and girls dressed in national costumes, folk instruments and features of Xinjiang melon and fruit brought onto the stage, a joy of the gas.

Another piece of the peak and its people by Hangzhou comic troupe performances, this is comedy in a long lost debut Gala of the South.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

And Dai Zhicheng Jiang Kun’s cross talk of the new Tiger’s mouth reverie, change media blend into the two-dimensional codes, big screen data, brushes, fly a Tiger Beat, and Jiang Kun teacher, you lost a lot of.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Shen Teng, Alan interpretation of “telecommunications fraud” sketches a son-in-law half of the harvest a lot of laughter, user evaluation: Shen Teng can always show that cheap and pathetic sense of beating people hurt, especially the phrase “eat rice salt salt than you.” Shen Teng, and full of the wisdom of users at once making the exclusive gala comedy expression package.

Rooster Spring Festival evening show, especially rare is to see a heavyweight figure of the scientific community, the State highest science and technology award winner, the “father of Chinese Hepatobiliary surgery” Wu and China’s total commercial aircraft manufacturing division, company chief engineer Jiang Liping’s representative on the scientific community, Board the Shanghai Branch of the stage. A song of the bamboo-flute tune, who said that scientists are not artists?

Sing the song unforgettable tonight, eat hot dumplings, go to a happy new year.

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