Warm smell Chongqing policewoman CCTV on the Avenue of stars and helping veterans


Warm smell | Chongqing policewoman CCTV on the Avenue of stars, and helping veterans find 50 years ago, Comrade

Found old Wang Daokai Xiang Ying.

In 2017, for the 24-year old policewoman for Xiang Ying, Zhou district, Chongqing, first of the new year the key word is “desire”. Like Xiang Ying sing, in 2016, she entered voice of China Chongqing top ten, in late November, she boarded a China Central television of the stars of the stage, attend game week and the month. Round singing dream, Xiang Ying to go back to work. At the end of last month, she got one from Harbin, Heilongjiang province’s audience appeal letters … …

Letter from a veteran

On December 27, 2016, Zhou district, Chongqing Public Security Bureau Bai he brought a letter Zhu Xiang Ying, Director of the police station. Open, copy of three black and white photos and a hand-written letter sign falling out.

In the letter, a man claiming to be Zhao Xianming, the old man said, he was on TV knew Xiang Ying, knew she was Zhou household police. Old man says he has been looking for three States open old, hoping to get help from Xiang Ying. Read the letter, Xiang Ying and immediately calls for the elderly, and to report to the leadership. “I immediately started looking for the leadership, help the old man’s dream. ”

Time and time again to find

“If pictures of 3 elderly people are still alive, it would be the best outcome. “Xiang Ying said, she quickly found a old man named Feng Tiande.

However, the old man passed away a few years ago. “Throughout Zhou, Feng Tiande a person and meet the age. However, he really is the first fellow Zhao Xianming looking for you? “Xiang Ying said she didn’t want to tell bad news to Zhao Xianming. “I want to verify the information, and try to find the grandfather Zhao, in addition to two comrades, give him some good news. ”

By Xiang Ying verifying, Feng Tiande Zhao Xianming is looking for someone. Meanwhile, Xiang Ying saw a picture of a man named Wang Daokai, feel very familiar. By population, the author finds, Wang Daokai are residents of the area.

“I immediately find the head of crane Street to ask, did not think Wang Daokai heard the word Zhao Xianming, immediately said that was his old monitor! “Xiang Ying said. The third comrade Yang Mingtian and Zhou people. Xiang Ying by searching, finding too many people sharing the same name. “I repeat photos one by one, do not like. “Xiang Ying said, spent more than an hour, she found the old man a fellow soldier–Wang Daokai. The good news, she should immediately notify Zhao Xianming.

A 50 years late call

Letters help Zhao uncle to find his comrades on the same day, Ying achieved their first phone call that spans more than 50 years.

Wang Daokai say “old monitor”, two old men at the same time two sobs on the phone.

Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter contacted in Harbin Zhao Xianming. 74, Zhao said, who in 1961 to the Mudanjiang River joined the army in tieling, arms are artillery. In late 1963, three guys from Zhou joined his company. “Eat, live, with training, I’m their leader. While we were together in the army for only 2 years, but our relationship was the best. ” Sichuan a girl who was mother to cut off two fingers

“In 1965, I retired back to Harbin, in a corporate accounting. Decades of work, when I miss them, took out the photo. Also want to look for, but when communication conditions than now. “Grandpa Chao said after retirement, he wanted to come to Chongqing comrades.

End of November 2016, Zhao Xianming at home of the Avenue of stars, when he saw Xiang Ying Zhou district, Chongqing is household registration when the police find his hopes rekindled. “On the stage, I think this officer is a very enthusiastic person, I think she should be able to help me, so I immediately wrote letters to Chongqing. ”

Zhao said he remembers three Zhou brothers younger than his 4-5, have a zipper, skinny, little Wang Daokai, carrying a gun, running in the rain inside out. “At that time I had appendicitis operation, but see little brother ran so hard, and took his gun, gritted teeth and help him back. In life, they always help me. , “Zhao said.

Xiang Ying told reporters that she is locked open two inhabitants in the State, suspected Zhao Yang Mingtian Grandpa looking for. Local police are further verification. Said Zhao Xianming, in April this year, he will go to Chongqing and his comrades once again: “the most thanked Zhou Chongqing police, in 2017, my wish has come true. “(Original title: Zhou policewoman Avenue on a 50 year reunion)


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