Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled


Japan News Network reported, 1:20 P.M. local time on January 30, Japan Air self defense force an F15 fighter jet taking off from Naha airport in Okinawa, aircraft tires fell off. Although fighter did not overturn, but airport closed for 2 hours, 40 flights had to be cancelled.

Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled

Japan News Network reported, 1:20 P.M. local time on January 30, Japan Air self defense force an F15 fighter jet taking off from Naha airport in Okinawa, aircraft tires fell off. Although fighter did not overturn, but airport closed for 2 hours, 40 flights had to be cancelled.

Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled

Naha airport is Japan dual-use airport. Land, infrastructure and transport firm said from Naha airport, air self-defense forces Naha base is a member of an F15 fighter jet during takeoff when the tires fall off, led fighters stay in the runway cannot move at all.

Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled

Information: due to aging and out frequently, Japan F-15 fleet failures have occurred frequently in recent years, this is 2009 a wheel could not be put down to a belly landing F-15J

Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled

This accident was forced to cancel 40 flights taking off from Naha airport, more than more than 20 flights flying to Naha airport down another airport. Japan Airlines took off from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport flight 909 change for reducing American troops stationed in Okinawa, the futenma base. Information: 2009 a wheel could not be put in a belly landing F-15J. Japan Road near Fukuoka City subway station discovered

Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled

Information: this is the 2011 F-15 auxiliary tank to fall off in flight.

Japan F15 take off front wheels 40 flights cancelled

Information: other F-15J parts to fall off the tail.


Sure enough up CCTV this year s dazzling


Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Rooster Crowing, 2017 Rooster CCTV must be full of a big party. Turn on the TV, is inspired by colorful colors refreshed without feeling sleepy. Three years and three sets the fourth quarter

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling
Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

From CCTV after exposure the entire party program, netizens have been happy, “looks forward to the gods were to” hegemony, President of William and Mary Zhang Yi Lian Meng Lu, small sheep, master Xiao Jing Boran Jing, Ming Hu and Wang Kai, the three brothers, and TFBOYS small only! Although Hu, Wang, Dong Jin fails to fit the three brothers, but this year the Gala success together with Liu Tao, and Jiang Xin and the Ziwen Wang, and Yang Zi, and Qiao Xin, the Ode to five beautiful!

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling
Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Here is the thing, Hu and Wang went on stage, seems to be able to hear the TV audience was shouting: Jing Wang and SUSU, goodbye, tears! Photographer brother must be God in powder, after CAI Ming Pan Changjiang and Pan Binlong when playing pieces, photographer brother no less cut it to two with box shots. One tweet said: “heard Zhu said two people are really couple, emerged from the room, and Hu and Wang came out. “Then again, Hu Wang Duo’s song is good, the audience, from face value to singing, is not enough.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

CCTV this year with “great Chinese-American dream, golden spring” as its theme, in addition to youth power stars, and more scientific heavyweight debut. Shanghai, Guilin, Guangxi, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Harbin in Liangshan as a breakout, completed with your CCTV in Beijing, first Studio Hall “in the North, national festival”. Happy new year opening four sessions will be to maximize acoustics, optics, exceedingly lively, singing under the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Harbin ice Lantern Festival to eat popsicles, traveled across China in a few minutes, year out.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Round Rooster on the CCTV Spring Festival evening show, we never forget that shocked the whole world of the thousand-hand bodhisattva dance, cock of the year Gala song and dance programs are also harvested a lot of praise. An impressive array of Liangshan, Sichuan branch, campfire song and dance of the Yi people of Yi silver glittered in the light of the girl on the head, is beautiful, majestic on the whole set-up, remember favorite programming is ethnic dance Medley, the rippling Brook, and the sun rises, the wishes drinking songs … … Every year, the school theatrical performances, most look forward to is wear national costume got jumped on for a while.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Mao Amin and Jason sings of the city Fireworks, melodic music, sang “miss some of this at this point, what year and what month we meet again” as far away as overseas Chinese should feel homesick. Han Hong singing about the Millennium, Han Lei and Sitar Tan singing’s not forget the beginner’s mind Jihong Lu, Zhang Ye sing the mountains water in China, are impressive, lingering.

Speaking of innovation, must mention the breakout song and dance to the song from the Lijiang River in Guilin, is “third sister Liu”, Ms Huang Wanqiu, and pop singer Deng Zi Qi, Jeff cross-class collaboration, lighting combined with the high altitude Jet, performing, is compelling, “the movement of light, movement and light.”

Language programs also have more innovation this year, introduced a number of new people. It is worth mentioning that this year the Gala stage managed to break language programs in the North and one for all of the two pieces. 50 actors performing the sketch of the tianshan mountains, is the Gala sketch of ethnic minorities for the first time in history. Xinjiang guys and girls dressed in national costumes, folk instruments and features of Xinjiang melon and fruit brought onto the stage, a joy of the gas.

Another piece of the peak and its people by Hangzhou comic troupe performances, this is comedy in a long lost debut Gala of the South.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

And Dai Zhicheng Jiang Kun’s cross talk of the new Tiger’s mouth reverie, change media blend into the two-dimensional codes, big screen data, brushes, fly a Tiger Beat, and Jiang Kun teacher, you lost a lot of.

Sure enough, up CCTV this year's dazzling

Shen Teng, Alan interpretation of “telecommunications fraud” sketches a son-in-law half of the harvest a lot of laughter, user evaluation: Shen Teng can always show that cheap and pathetic sense of beating people hurt, especially the phrase “eat rice salt salt than you.” Shen Teng, and full of the wisdom of users at once making the exclusive gala comedy expression package.

Rooster Spring Festival evening show, especially rare is to see a heavyweight figure of the scientific community, the State highest science and technology award winner, the “father of Chinese Hepatobiliary surgery” Wu and China’s total commercial aircraft manufacturing division, company chief engineer Jiang Liping’s representative on the scientific community, Board the Shanghai Branch of the stage. A song of the bamboo-flute tune, who said that scientists are not artists?

Sing the song unforgettable tonight, eat hot dumplings, go to a happy new year.

Sichuan high school girls rescued after fall River boys leave quietly the boys


Sichuan high school girls rescued after fall River boys leave quietly, the boys mother crowding the screen to find benefactors

Zhu Liyan (left) and Yu Ting (right)

Chengdu business daily reported on January 22, the night of January 18, looking for post saved a drowning child hero, maxed out many in Leshan, Sichuan province Jingyan circle of friends. It turns out that day at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, in Jingyan County eight hen Mang River near the bridge, the two girls will be picked up by a small boy in silence after leaving. Subsequently, the circle made by the boy’s mother saved the city to look for “benefactor”, saving users relay forwards to find small local heroes-Jingyan middle school girl Zhu Liyan, but Yu Ting.

Small partner River a boy suddenly fall River

On January 18 at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Jingyan middle school (14) students with Yu Ting Zhu Liyan shopping two people meet for a walk, and suddenly it went to the stadium outside the Mang River side.

Eight wise you just went to the Mang River side under the bridge, the two are ready to rest on stone benches. “Boom” sound, a sound coming from the nearby. Both men quickly went to the River next to the fence and saw a young boy aged about four or five fell into the river.

“Come to the rescue! Some people fell into the river! “Zhu Liyan, but Yu Ting immediately calling around. After several more calls, see are children playing near the River, and drowning children set off firecrackers near the River with another child also was fooled, stood in the same place.

At this point, the little boy who fell in the water struggling, constantly scratching towards the shore, but the River was too smooth, the little boy’s hand could grasp stability, feet closer to the River Bank and slid out, gradually exhausted boy, slowly began to sink. Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness

Rescue female high school students jump jump to save the drowning boys

At this critical juncture, rapid thrown to the side of the phone, but Yu Ting Zhu Liyan, clothes and shoes, it will be too late to take off, he jumped into the icy water. Zhu Liyan grabbed the drowning boy, little boy like a straw, tightly grabbed Zhu Liyan.

Riverside is a steep slope, Zhu Liyan seize the boy with one hand, the other hand could hold steady River Ridge. Meanwhile, the boy struggled, swing was particularly fierce, the scene was in a critical condition.

Fortunately, Zhu Liyan groped on the riverbank has a crack and two pits, were quick to seize on a hole with his finger, stability of the body down. Yu Ting sees this next case, homeopathy, two people dragged the boy out of the water and up onto the shore.

“When Yu Ting and I hauled the boy when the boy holding my hand tightly, I took great effort to put his hand broke. “Talk about the scene at that time, Zhu Liyan still haunt.

Search is saved the boy’s mother’s friends crowding the screen saver

After the little boy rescued, sees the boy had families to look after, but Yu Ting Zhu Liyan of pulling up soaked went quietly home to change clothes, nor to family members and outsiders about their saving process.

While waiting for the little boy’s parents knew, had gone “little Heroes” traces, “who saved my child? Where is the rescue heroes? ”

Fortunately, the passers-by take a picture, the boy’s parents quickly to the circle of friends: “this afternoon, the Erwa of my house fell into the Mang River and is the hair of the girl regardless of danger to save him. Seeking beautiful sister contacts, and you forward! “A game of looking for” small hero “message in Jingyan a lot of online friends to warm up.

Ultimately, we find the two good Samaritans, “little hero” both Jingyan middle school (14) students in class, a woman named Zhu Liyan, a woman named Yu Ting. “Thank you desperate to save my child, if you are rescued in a timely manner, I can’t imagine consequences……” the boy’s mother kept thanks to two people.

Like local calls for young people to learn from both

It is understood that the past few days temperatures plunge Mang river water freezing and channel depth of two or three meters, two female students regardless of personal safety saved a drowning child behavior, not only across the circle of friends is praise, more streets in Jingyan was told.

However, asked about water at the eleventh hour rescue Act, Zhu Liyan very calmly stated, “we were also no adults around, saw children dying in the water, plus they will swim, without thinking too much, immediately jumped down. ”

That Jingyan middle school after two students saved drowning children stories, January 19, at noon, Jingyan County Party Secretary Zhou huarong, came to Jingyan County magistrate Liu Yong high school visit condolence two “little hero”, and Zhu Liyan and Yu Ting on the flowers, a cordial conversation with them, ask things through, their life situation.

Zhou huarong said two students in others in distress, serious life threatening emergency without hesitation to come forward and its heroic, sacrificing himself to the heroic feat worth learning, it is “Jingyan positive energy”, Jingyan’s pride, the county school system, the Communist Youth League Party urged the teenagers to Zhu Liyan and Yu Ting two students learn.

(Originally entitled the little boy rescued from drowning mother friends crowding the screen looking for benefactors)

Story behind the documentary Xiang Nan a bold reformer and his time


For many people in Fujian, Xiang Nan was a generations respect provincial party Secretary, his commitment to reform and impartiality, it is the reform and opening up has laid a solid foundation.

On January 16 this year in the Southeast TV broadcast five documentary–of the Xiang Nan, tries to make people relive the years.

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In 1981, Xiang Nan research contract responsibility system at the grassroots level. This picture came from the Xiang Nan, crew provides

“The people of Fujian Xiang Nan is very emotional, although he has been away so long, old people died, also he is feeling. In this historical period to launch his documentary, first wanted to learn from him the courage to reform and opening up and, secondly, he being a dare to play, while Communist model of impartiality, I believe there may be a lot of officers, this broadcast is another purpose of the documentary. “On January 11, Southeast TV Director Chen Jiawei surging journal (www.thepaper.CN), said in an interview.

According to the journalists about the surging, reflecting contemporary political figures of this documentary is not directly by the team at Southeast TV record, but by the local folk culture Institute nine-year filming in Fujian.

Why a private enterprise’s shot with a nine-year period of the Xiang Nan?

“In 1997 when filmed documentary of Tan Kah Kee’s Jimei middle school, and had the privilege to interview Secretary of Xiang Nan, he inscribed the title awarded. His straightforward, speech, vision, left me a very deep impression. 2008 Southern weekend published article titled reform the eight wise, Xiang Nan as ‘ the hen ‘, one of the touches I filmed the documentary heart of Xiang Nan. “Xiamen chengyi culture dissemination limited company General Manager Lin Zhiyuan said during a surging news, he is also the General Director of the documentary, the General wrote.

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In January 1981, Xiang Nan (left) in the Longxi prefectural when Liu Bingren (third from left), when he was party policy Director Ye Lu (second from left), visits of ZhangPu County, accompanied by shrimp farming base. Right it’s either ZhangPu County party Committee Secretary Huang Buxiang. Gansu working 4 years cancer Radiology doctors

In Fujian, Xiang Nan’s story spread widely. In the hetian Township, changting County of Fujian province, the people in the Millennium Min Temple was built next to a temple, which stand statues of Xiang Nan, to Miss Xiang Nan.

“‘ Political people ‘, as a government official in the people’s reputation. As a writer, documentary producer, I am obliged to Xiang Nan old Secretary of innovation and integrity corruption, the image devolves. “Lin Zhiyuan said.

Xiang Nan during the “cultural revolution” was put in the bullpen in 1972 was “liberated”, the first Ministry of machinery industry agricultural Secretary, first Vice Minister of machine-building industry and other staff in early 1979 he was appointed Deputy Minister for agricultural machinery.

In 1976, Xiang Nan had led a delegation to the United States, Europe and Australia study advanced agricultural technologies and management experience. After returning home, he faithfully reported to the Central highest decision-making level in developed countries is how to work.

The winter of 1980, the CPC Central Committee decided to Xiang Nan served as Executive Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee. On January 14, 1981, Xiang Nan Office.

In May or June 1981, he held in the State Council in Beijing, Guangdong and Fujian provinces and some bold reform advocates to the Conference on the special economic zone, leaving central firm of the highest trust and rely on.

On the eve of the reform and opening up, such insights, ideas, and perspective is essential. Soon after, as the Chief Architect of China’s reform Deng Xiaoping’s decision: Xiang Nan was appointed first Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, was hemmed in by his reform and the construction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

When she first enters, Fujian, province is ready to arrange several key leaders to the station to meet him, but official scene in the South don’t like yinglaisongwang. In order to avoid embarrassment, he had played a “gimmick”, in Fujian before the arrival, he asked his Secretary to Lu Enqi was a call to the provincial Office of the reception staff in advance, “lied” would one day late, Secretary.

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In November 1982, Xiang Nan (right), accompanied by then-Communist Party Chief Hu Yaobang (third from right) visits to Xiamen.

As a result, several provincial leaders there would be no arrangements to the Fuzhou railway station to meet.

7:30 A.M. January 14, 1981, Xiang Nan take 45 times from Beijing train station on time. The Fuzhou railway station waiting for the provincial reception staff-British Group was surprised to find that, Xiang Nan came.

“He (Lu Enqi) said, ‘ Comrade Xiang Nan came. ‘ Oh, I was startled, ‘ come! ‘ (He) did not explain, and then I walk up to the car window. Ah, I see a bald head on the window. He went out, I waved at me a smile. Oh, I think this may be the South. “Ying Xiang Nan, a group in the documentary recalls at the beginning in the first episode of this detail, let him remember this thing.

As a farmer who came out from the mountains of Fujian province, Fujian kids, Xiang Nan declined so people lined up to meet the way back has left the home of 43 years, ushering in reforms in Fujian.


As the 80 ‘s of the last century when reformers in Fujian, Xiang Nan urged “reforms to be allowed to make mistakes, but not without reform” bold courage to push through reforms, Fujian became the forefront of China’s reform and opening up. The media refer to him as “ambitious”.

“Gives me the impression that the Secretary was too timid. Silence reigned when listening to the report in the presence of provincial government officials, was stunned, New Party Secretary, give us a new feeling, a new understanding. “Then, Fujian branch of Xinhua News Agency reporter encased in Xiang Nan, in the documentary about the impact of Xiang Nan was on his mind.

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In 1983, Xiang Nan in Fuzhou, the Prince met with Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk and his wife, Princess Monique.

At that time, although the Fujian and Guangdong are central to defining the deepening of provinces, but conservative ideology in Fujian Xiang Nan struggling to reform work.

When Xiang Nan used to say: “don’t use radio’s leadership, is the craft type leadership. ”

According to statistics, over five years, Xiang Nan total of 25 papers were written for the Fujian daily reviews, editorials, and seven of the economic commentary.

When he pushed in Fujian agricultural production responsibility system, it fully borrowed the influence of newspapers. He knows that a provincial newspaper, for work and all the people in the province, have a significant role in organizing, encouraging and facilitating.

In order to solve some of the cadres and the masses to “fixing” the dubious question, he called the Fujian daily production as a key to promote implementation of and often wrote commentaries, boldly and clearly.

Relatively conservative in Fujian province at the time, his pen pointed articles often cause “rebound”, let the newspaper under a lot of pressure, finally is Xiang Nan they ate “reassured”.

In April 1981, the Fujian Provincial Government released five times by the province’s legislature approved the regulations on agricultural production in a number of specific policy issues, apparently, production contracted to households and other forms of accountability, be regulated through legislative means, the successful implementation of the “fixing”.

The effect is obvious. That same year, Fujian, suffered years of rare natural disasters, grain output increased rather than decreased in the province with a total capacity of 150 million pounds increase over 1980. Key moments, people saw a real change.

For the historical legacy of injustice vindication is South Fujian most gratitude for another thing.

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In February 1983, Xiang Nan accompanied XI Zhongxun (second from right) visit Fuzhou taijiang County farmers ‘ market.

During the agrarian revolution, is an important part of Central Soviet area of Fujian province, Fujian. After the long March of the Red Army, red armed and lurking behind enemy lines in Fujian province, left the Communist Party, launched a bitter guerrilla war and underground struggle. But for a long time, due to the Soviet Union “sufan” movement and the “left” thought of, plus some complicated historical and practical reasons, Fujian minzhong occurred underground “405 project”, the Fujian “red party” case, Zeng Jingbing “suspected spy case” and other “big three”, many of the people involved were arrested and suffered unjustly.

“Comrade Xiang Nan after 1981 to Fujian, he faced the most difficult issue is to implement a policy of chaos, how to arouse the enthusiasm of cadres. “Fujian-Guangdong-Jiangxi border region, President of the revolutionary history of the original in the Xiang Nan, Yang Tao recalls in the documentary.

For righting the rehabilitation is not easy, Xiang Nan to break through various resistance and lasted for several years, a lot of injustice be rehabilitated, in Fujian have had a positive response.

According to statistics, from the Office to the 1986 left Fujian Xiang Nan, head for six years, Fujian underground historical issues were resolved. Over more than 6,000 miscarriage vindicated corrected, solve the problem of more than more than 4,000 former underground member of the party, improving the wages of more than more than 3,600 underground cadres.

Xiang Nan always concluded that “rehabilitating the miscarriage problem was the ability to open a key issue in the reform and opening up in Fujian. “It turned out, because of his historical issues properly, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the reform, reform creates a good pattern of Fujian.

Most noteworthy is that he is in the process of construction of the Xiamen Special economic zone, creating a number of national “first.”

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In February 1984, Xiang Nan, accompanied by Deng Xiaoping inspected Xiamen’s dongdu port terminals.

Xiamen becomes China’s first fully foreign-funded construction of the airport, is also China’s first decentralized international airport managed by the local government. Meanwhile, Xiamen airlines and became China’s first local co-organised with the Civil Aviation Administration and the airlines operating according to the modern enterprise system.

In 1984, China’s reform and opening at the crossroads. Xiang Nan did not stop the pace of reform. He was in the opposition insisted on promoting the construction of the Xiamen Special economic zone, Xiamen Special economic zone and hopes the Central Government will extend to the entire island, and proposed the construction of a “free port” … … In April that year, Fuzhou, capital of Fujian province, including 14 coastal port cities, open to the public. In early 1985, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou as southern Fujian Delta region by the Central as a coastal economic open zone. Fujian became the forefront of China’s reform and opening up areas.

In June 1981, Xiang Nan just shortly after, Fujian will announce Japan Hitachi joint venture Fujian Hitachi TV co production, which was settled in the first Sino-foreign joint venture company in China.

When the reform and opening up, from the central to the local have different views for the project, some leaders even characterizing it as “colonial nature of factory”. And these questions are different, Xiang Nan strong support without hesitation. Not only is Furi Company, Fujian to introduce each of the projects have run into similar opposition and Xiang Nan always come out and talk.

Thorns under the wheels of reform. In pushing the process of reform and opening up, Fujian province, most of the time, Xiang Nan is doing things commonly said holding in the hand. Regardless of his study “Shan Hai Jing” strategy; or he propose and execute the construction of the Xiamen International Airport and Shuikou hydropower; or to support and encourage State-owned enterprises “managed decentralization”; and he is implementing the policy to overseas Chinese to support township enterprises … … Almost everything back, he has to contend with old-fashioned thoughts.

The spring of 1985, has been rumored to intercede with the South “to make”, the province he was dissatisfied with the reforms, saying he “doing things right”. That same year, Jinjiang, Fujian, counterfeit drugs, while Xiang Nan reflected in a timely manner, called for decisive measures to strictly deal with and reviewed 5 times, but he was eventually sentenced to “warning within the party.”

In Spring 1986, Xiang Nan left the post of party Secretary of Fujian province.

On whether to dispose of South, Central had a different opinion, but disagree with the offender’s views were not accepted.

After his return to Beijing, Xiang Nan founded the first nationwide private anti-poverty groups–the China Foundation for poverty alleviation.

On November 10, 1997, Xiang Nan passed away in Beijing.

After the political people to

Xiang Nan’s political career also seems agitated, the Xiang Nan documentary fully reflects the glory of a reformer and hard.

“The political people to go after, monument in the world. “People who have dealt with Xiang Nan, all deeply attracted to the personality charm of Xiang Nan.

Xiang Nan as the documentary’s articles in total, Lin Zhiyuan is a person deeply infected by Xiang Nan. In 1990, he was writer Lu Xun literature Institute classes, from Cui Daoyi, former Deputy Editor of people’s literature, has written of the beast, wind waves and other novels, has planned and written for a number of Telefilm.

He filmed the Tan Kah Kee’s Jimei middle school interviewed Xiang Nan, for his nine-year documentary the foreshadowing of Xiang Nan.

2008 Southern weekend published article titled reform the eight wise,, ye Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang, XI Zhongxun, Gu Mu, Wan Li, Ren Zhongyi, Xiang Nan within columns, this story touched Lin Zhiyuan filmed the documentary idea of Xiang Nan.

Due South special political opportunity, the documentary filming process very difficult.

Inauguration of the documentary of the Xiang Nan, don’t trust the eye everywhere.

“Went out to photograph furtively, to shoot a unit, the camera is stopped by a security chest not shoot; has often been misunderstood as a liar, just connect to the telephone instructions to interview ‘ snap ‘ a hanging off. We can start from the end of 2008 was also spreading false news that we are borrowing money in the name of the Xiang Nan, trying to stop other people supporting us. “Lin Zhiyuan said.

Story behind the documentary, Xiang Nan: a bold reformer and his time

In February 1984, and Deng Xiang Nan (left), Wang (right) shakes rocks in front of the building talking to Gulang island in Xiamen.

Over the years, family time and time again against his documentary, friends counsel not to do again and again. Anxiety, insomnia, and made a. An understanding he presented him with a picture of a calligrapher word “temper”.

“Yes, I am a person who does not give up. “Lindsay said.

This is the spirit of a long exercise. No information, lack of funding, interviews, articles, information, film, monkey, relatives and friends against, many employees had no hope left, Lin Zhiyuan was “obstinate”.

The most difficult time, Fujian and old underground member, former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Wang Yilin, Xiamen, and will inform the CPPCC Vice Chairman Xu Jimei. Xu Jimei lead Fujian Provincial Association for development of old district four agencies jointly support film, General Counsel, formed a prominent veteran advisers, and Zheng Yizheng, Director of the Organizing Committee, former Secretary of Putian municipal Committee, help.

Successful completion of the Xiang Nan shot without the veteran support. One morning in early 2015, one company of the old leader went to Lin Zhiyuan, he donated tens of thousands of Yuan.

Original, the old led and wife at their own expense to Japan to visit one hospital of friends, out Hou two bit friends please he dinner, the old led on said: “dinner on from has, we Xiamen has a media company do documentary Xiang Nan do have very good, has do has seven or eight years, most difficult of is funding, you on put please I dinner of money donated to they’s. “Later, the two friends donated a total of fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan, former leader of himself plus 20,000 for Lin Zhiyuan.

The old leadership and said to him, “you are a great soul to the world. ”

Lin Zhiyuan, and filming the team for nine years, spectacular visit 258 people, read about 200 books associated with Xiang Nan, 8 months in the library, repeatedly revised Polish commentary, finally made the film to show affection to a flesh-and-blood, love and hatred, rooted in the problems plaguing the reform pioneer model, moral characters.

Remember hardships of shooting course, surging Lin Zhiyuan told the news, his greatest motivation is the audience applauding of the Xiang Nan. He road, Jimei while watching the fifth letter, saying that “this is textbook reform and opening up, this is the party spirit will read, this is a good mannered Diamond Sutra”. Xiamen daily, former Vice Chief Editor of Yan Zhiqiang said, “this is the spirit of the Chinese dream of the atomic bomb, not broadcast would be wasted. ”

The Xiang Nan Zheng Yizheng, Director of the Organizing Committee is very concerned about the documentary process. He constantly sending text messages to crews tracking, guidance, but also to the Fujian Provincial Party Committee leaders wrote, won the leadership of the provincial party Committee support. Fujian Provincial Committee, relevant departments have organized experts and scholars to review six times, to Xiang Nan, broadcast of the documentary have offered many valuable suggestions and decided to allow Fujian Provincial radio, film and television group sent troops forced to intervene to modify, so that films can be greatly enhanced, smooth broadcast of the final.

“Today’s China is in urgent need of South old Secretary that innovation, the spirit of upright integrity. I also hope that with the introduction of documentary, Xiang Nan can lead to good response, for the community the positive spiritual energy. “Lin Zhiyuan said.

Boy drive a Lexus road next to parents in the video Chongqing Fuling police


On January 13, surging in Fuling district, Chongqing City, members of the public to information (www.thepaper.CN) reflects, on January 12, a little boy driving a Lexus sedan on the road alone, their parents sit in the co-pilot seat shoot video. 13th, surging in Fuling district, Chongqing City, traffic police told the news, after the incident police have received reports of the incident, currently under investigation, have informed the results.

Boy drive a Lexus road next to parents in the video? Chongqing Fuling police investigation

Small boy driving a Lexus sedan in Fuling district, Zhongshan Road. Screenshot

These public, Fuling district, when the little boy drove a Lexus luxury sedan in Fuling district, Zhongshan Road, next to suspected human boy shooting video of the boys parents. Streaming video shows a boy in a yellow jacket wearing glasses sat in the driver’s seat, dual holding the steering wheel, eyes straight ahead the road. Video shows vehicles at vehicle speeds, for shooting of boy driving on the edge. Five questions death of female college students

Boy drive a Lexus road next to parents in the video? Chongqing Fuling police investigation

Fuling district traffic police detachment said on January 12, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, police received report are under investigation and will be dealt with according to law, survey results will be granted to a surging news inform.

The provisions of the road traffic regulations, apply for a motor vehicle driving license must be at least 18 years of age, no motor vehicle driving license to drive motor vehicles and the motor vehicle to the no motor vehicle driving license driving, driving without a license, violation of road traffic regulations.

Shanghai Shen LUN law firm lawyer Ma Wenbin, Director, Visual assessment of the boy in the video is under 18 years of age, under the protection of Minors Act and the People’s Republic of China relevant provisions of the General principles of civil law, it belongs to the person with person with limited or no, his guardian shall bear corresponding legal responsibility.

Yunnan cracked the first fake QR parking tickets involved men detained


“Contrary to the Park informed”

“QR code fake parking tickets” fake Scam continues. On January 9, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Kunming municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police confirmed, the detachment consisting of vehicle-related crime investigation Brigade task force uncovered in Yunnan province, the first parody “illegal parking ticket” case, currently suspect Yang has been detained.

The end of 2016, Guandu district, Kunming city parked on the side of the vehicle, posted a photo of “Kunming municipal public security traffic management Bureau, illegal parking is informed”, “inform” also attached below is used to pay “fines” QR code, and the “fines” for 200 Yuan, 0 points. Surging after the news of micro-scanning the QR code, display “traffic COP” transfer of information. Worth noting is that “traffic COP” account is displayed as “individual users”.

Who forged seal of the Police Brigade. Guizhou Zunyi Deputy District Attorneys General

On January 9, the Kunming municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police through the official public release of the Yunnan the first parody “parking violation inform the single” cracked the case, suspects detained in connection with reported that Yunnan province, the team uncovered the first parody “illegal parking ticket” cases, arrested and detained suspects in connection with Dr.

Informed the show after the Kunming municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police vehicle-related crime investigation Brigade project in conjunction with the municipal Public Security Bureau made up of anti-fraud centers as well as the network security team to investigate the case. January 5, 2017, at 15 o’clock, astonished police suspect Yang captured in Anning city and seized in their homes “Kunming municipal traffic police detachment of four company” seal, mobile phone, identity card, bank card for fraud, and secretly forged the “Kunming municipal public security traffic management Bureau, illegal parking informed” USB memory stick.

Police to examine suspect vehicles involved.

Suspects Dr XXX for said, its Yu December 25, 2016 with its office computer and the printer, print “Kunming City police traffic authority illegal parking told single” more than 50 copies, stamped its in online purchase of “Kunming city traffic police detachment four Brigade” seal Hou, driving its name of “Jetta” car, Yu day 22 o’clock to 23 o’clock channeling to I city Qian Wei Zhen people WINS village disc longjiang side, on along road Shang not by provides Park of vehicles implementation paste “Kunming City police traffic authority illegal parking told single” of behavior, Which amounted to paste more than 30 copies, remaining of forged documents were destroyed.

Inform reminded, properly informed are informed of the illegal parking of such legal instruments, does not have the function of the penalty decision, do not appear by sweeping yards, transfers and demanded to be told in the form of pay or pay the fine.

A school in Hunan Province issued a red gift gold renewal officials say trade


Surging for news (www.thepaper.CN) reports “issued a document called a school of Hunan funeral gifts of gold or withholding hundred”, a January 5 at 15 o’clock xiangyin County Education Bureau responded that school has sent a note to the Council, saying the unions own the school, and never introduced, it has been revoked.

According to this note, on December 30, 2016, the letter from the micro at school the school Trade Union group in the form of notice to the Union announcement, said after school study decided that requirements for teacher funerals in full participation, without the participation of the Union-withholding favors cost 100 Yuan. This announcement caused some teachers dissatisfied.

Statement said, this announcement did not come to any meetings discussed, much less a decision purely trade union presumption; school officials know when an immediate end to the wrong practices of trade unions, and has subsequently cancelled notice. Meanwhile, trade unions have never implemented the notification content.

Xiangjiang River surging school a teacher surnamed Xu told the news, soon founded the school, primary school and junior high school of more than more than 90 teachers from different places, is not too close relationship, this announcement is to increase contact and exchange between the faculty. On January 4 between the staff of the school to get a new replacement notice, cancel the original circular plan. Guizhou Zunyi Deputy District Attorneys General