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A few days after new year. In 2017, a number of new rules of the new law will be implemented, take a look at how they will change our lives.

–Let go of all the salt price decline in prices of common table salt or

The salt industry reform program, announced by the State Council will be implemented on January 1, 2017. Programme requirements, let go of all the salt product prices, eliminate salt transportation permit, allowing existing salt production enterprises to enter the marketing field, salt wholesale enterprises to carry out cross-regional business.

Salt price after unlocking, whether there will be rising? Several studies report found that prices of common table salt is expected to be due to a market decline. Meanwhile, with the separation of salt production and marketing situation of broken, salt industry is expected to share the salt sale profits, salt brand diversification development.

–Credit card breach instead of late fees, daily up to 10,000 yuan

People’s Bank of China credit card promulgated by the people’s Bank of China issued the notice on business related matters will enter into force on January 1, 2017.

According to new rules, Bank canceled existing Unified provides of credit card overdraft interest rate standard, implemented overdraft interest rate ceiling, and lower interval management; canceled overdraft consumption from card repayment period most long term, and minimum also amount standard and the additional conditions existing provides; canceled late fees, by issuing institutions and holding card people agreed penalty; ATM pre take cash mention now limit from original of each card daily cumulative take now 2000 Yuan improve to 10,000 yuan.

–On the train, outbound, lost ticket report before a replacement

Iron General news, since January 1, 2017, the railway sector will further improve the real-name ticket loss a replacement approach, passengers on the train, the station lost the real-name train ticket before the ticket, can find the conductor or to the station the station loss completing the formalities.

Go through the real-name train ticket lost the ticket before the deadline for completing the formalities by the station 20 minutes before stopping to check the stamp, before the adjustment for the train ticket sales end. Meanwhile, shall provide information related to ticket and valid ID card, by check to buy tickets, and the original ticket has not been used, available on the train, the station loss completing the formalities.

–Flight delays new rules: three cases visitors to enjoy free food and accommodation services

Ministry of transport flights normal published regulations will come into effect on January 1, 2017.

According to the regulations, due to weather, emergencies, air traffic control, security checks and passenger non-carriers, such as reason, causing delay or cancellation of flights at the port of departure, the carrier shall assist guests in arranging meals and accommodation, costs were by themselves. Visitors can enjoy free accommodation services three of the following: flights due to maintenance, deployment, unit carrier itself, causing delay or cancellation of flights at the port of origin; stopped domestic flights delayed or cancelled; alternate domestic flight.

By next June–network security implementation

12 session of the national people’s Congress Standing Committee 24th meeting adoption of the People’s Republic of China Network Security Act will come into effect on June 1, 2017.

Principles of network security method defines cyberspace sovereignty, defined the network security obligations of the providers of products and services, clear the security obligations of the network operator, to further improve the personal information protection rules, establish critical information infrastructure protection systems, establish cross-border transmission of critical information infrastructures important data rules.

–The traditional Chinese medicine act next year

China’s first comprehensive law of traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine Act will be implemented on July 1, 2017. Legal system lags of traditional Chinese medicine and medicine healthy and sustainable, steady growth has brought a great deal of uncertainty. The traditional Chinese medicine act as the first comprehensive, comprehensive legal systems embody the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine industry development milestones.

According to folk medicine practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine mainly teachers, family and other cultivating mode of practice, based on full consideration of safety risks, to study Chinese medicine and after years of practicing medicine the way the teacher does have expertise in personnel, opened up by practical skills and effect evaluation in order to obtain the qualifications of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in new ways. Law of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM clinic management from administrative approval to record management, record by the clinic record shall not be carried out outside the scope of diagnosis and treatment of medical activity. Meanwhile, in order to prevent and control health and safety risks, strengthening supervision of Chinese medicine service.

–Air purifiers with “environmental standards”, technology will become the core competitiveness

Environment and development center of the Ministry of environmental protection issued China’s first air purifier China environmental labeling standards will be implemented on January 1, 2017. Land management law amendments to rural land is

Set up the standard of the Air Purifier (GB/T18801-2015) based on national quality standards, but stricter: Air Purifier to remove fine particulate matter (PM2.5) purifying efficiency of not less than 5 cubic metres per watt hour, removal of formaldehyde or toluene purified energy efficiency not less than 1 m per watt hours. After the implementation of standards, consumers can filter products are properly labeled on China environmental label as an important basis of purchased product.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Original title: in 2017, “the new rules” will affect our lives

Last updated: 12/28 09:30

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