The new rules will be implemented credit card breach instead of late fees per


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A few days after new year. In 2017, a number of new rules of the new law will be implemented, take a look at how they will change our lives.

–Let go of all the salt price decline in prices of common table salt or

The salt industry reform program, announced by the State Council will be implemented on January 1, 2017. Programme requirements, let go of all the salt product prices, eliminate salt transportation permit, allowing existing salt production enterprises to enter the marketing field, salt wholesale enterprises to carry out cross-regional business.

Salt price after unlocking, whether there will be rising? Several studies report found that prices of common table salt is expected to be due to a market decline. Meanwhile, with the separation of salt production and marketing situation of broken, salt industry is expected to share the salt sale profits, salt brand diversification development.

–Credit card breach instead of late fees, daily up to 10,000 yuan

People’s Bank of China credit card promulgated by the people’s Bank of China issued the notice on business related matters will enter into force on January 1, 2017.

According to new rules, Bank canceled existing Unified provides of credit card overdraft interest rate standard, implemented overdraft interest rate ceiling, and lower interval management; canceled overdraft consumption from card repayment period most long term, and minimum also amount standard and the additional conditions existing provides; canceled late fees, by issuing institutions and holding card people agreed penalty; ATM pre take cash mention now limit from original of each card daily cumulative take now 2000 Yuan improve to 10,000 yuan.

–On the train, outbound, lost ticket report before a replacement

Iron General news, since January 1, 2017, the railway sector will further improve the real-name ticket loss a replacement approach, passengers on the train, the station lost the real-name train ticket before the ticket, can find the conductor or to the station the station loss completing the formalities.

Go through the real-name train ticket lost the ticket before the deadline for completing the formalities by the station 20 minutes before stopping to check the stamp, before the adjustment for the train ticket sales end. Meanwhile, shall provide information related to ticket and valid ID card, by check to buy tickets, and the original ticket has not been used, available on the train, the station loss completing the formalities.

–Flight delays new rules: three cases visitors to enjoy free food and accommodation services

Ministry of transport flights normal published regulations will come into effect on January 1, 2017.

According to the regulations, due to weather, emergencies, air traffic control, security checks and passenger non-carriers, such as reason, causing delay or cancellation of flights at the port of departure, the carrier shall assist guests in arranging meals and accommodation, costs were by themselves. Visitors can enjoy free accommodation services three of the following: flights due to maintenance, deployment, unit carrier itself, causing delay or cancellation of flights at the port of origin; stopped domestic flights delayed or cancelled; alternate domestic flight.

By next June–network security implementation

12 session of the national people’s Congress Standing Committee 24th meeting adoption of the People’s Republic of China Network Security Act will come into effect on June 1, 2017.

Principles of network security method defines cyberspace sovereignty, defined the network security obligations of the providers of products and services, clear the security obligations of the network operator, to further improve the personal information protection rules, establish critical information infrastructure protection systems, establish cross-border transmission of critical information infrastructures important data rules.

–The traditional Chinese medicine act next year

China’s first comprehensive law of traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine Act will be implemented on July 1, 2017. Legal system lags of traditional Chinese medicine and medicine healthy and sustainable, steady growth has brought a great deal of uncertainty. The traditional Chinese medicine act as the first comprehensive, comprehensive legal systems embody the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine industry development milestones.

According to folk medicine practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine mainly teachers, family and other cultivating mode of practice, based on full consideration of safety risks, to study Chinese medicine and after years of practicing medicine the way the teacher does have expertise in personnel, opened up by practical skills and effect evaluation in order to obtain the qualifications of doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in new ways. Law of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM clinic management from administrative approval to record management, record by the clinic record shall not be carried out outside the scope of diagnosis and treatment of medical activity. Meanwhile, in order to prevent and control health and safety risks, strengthening supervision of Chinese medicine service.

–Air purifiers with “environmental standards”, technology will become the core competitiveness

Environment and development center of the Ministry of environmental protection issued China’s first air purifier China environmental labeling standards will be implemented on January 1, 2017. Land management law amendments to rural land is

Set up the standard of the Air Purifier (GB/T18801-2015) based on national quality standards, but stricter: Air Purifier to remove fine particulate matter (PM2.5) purifying efficiency of not less than 5 cubic metres per watt hour, removal of formaldehyde or toluene purified energy efficiency not less than 1 m per watt hours. After the implementation of standards, consumers can filter products are properly labeled on China environmental label as an important basis of purchased product.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Original title: in 2017, “the new rules” will affect our lives

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Zhejiang 75


2017 the examination war began in earnest, in the grind again a white-haired old man in the army, this was his fourth time to grind, this old man named Zou Weimin. Thailand national mourning period of white clothing

Zhejiang 75

On December 24, 2016, Haining city, Zhejiang province. 2017 the examination war began in earnest, in the grind again a white-haired old man in the army, this was his fourth time to grind. This old man named Zou Weimin from Haining. In 2003, he participated for the first time the University entrance exam, become a college student. He then upgraded exams, jiaxing environmental engineering undergraduates.

Zhejiang 75

Grandpa candidates Zou Weimin on December 21, is wrote in his diary: on December 21, the rain. Yesterday (Tuesday) over physical chemistry tutorials, there are three days, coincided with the West’s “silent night”, postgraduate entrance exams will begin in 2017, the test three times have ended in failure, mood natural open up, because the same students can graduate next year. However, due to specific circumstances or following a single pattern. Despite the unforeseen future, but given the chance, there must always be a gamble. December 12, Zou Weimin examination review.

Zhejiang 75

December 22 Zou Weimin articles by reviewing draft filled a big bag.

Zhejiang 75

Zou Weimin Grandpa candidates with confidence and never-say-die, he once again his target high impact, March on to his ideals. On December 24, Zou Weimin fourth attend Postgraduate exam.

Students at the cliff top photographs show MOM accidentally fall


The afternoon of December 18, plane crash accident in dantu district, Zhenjiang city, one boys enrolled at the Zhenjiang in the photo at the top of the cliff to see my mother, teenage from the top down, unable to move. After the accident, local fire fighters rushed to the scene and rescued him.

Students at the cliff-top photographs show MOM accidentally fall

The afternoon of December 18, plane crash accident in dantu district, Zhenjiang city, one boys enrolled at the Zhenjiang in the photo at the top of the cliff to see my mother, teenage from the top down, unable to move. After the accident, local fire fighters rushed to the scene and rescued him.

Students at the cliff-top photographs show MOM accidentally fall

Modern Express Reporter learned from Zhenjiang city fire brigade and 18th around 1:30 P.M., located near Zhenjiang communication technician College, received the alarm, Fire Department deployed Guyang area fire fighting team to the scene to dispose of.

Students at the cliff-top photographs show MOM accidentally fall

Firefighters found a huge pit on site, the maximum drop is about more than 50 meters; is a pool of water at the bottom of the pit, one of the wounded lying on the stones near the bottom, a paramedic was next to see his injuries.

Students at the cliff-top photographs show MOM accidentally fall

As far as I understand, the injured male, 20-something, his head, lower back and right arm are subject to varying degrees of damage, fortunately there is consciousness. After asking medical staff determines whether you can move the injured rescue workers lifted him onto a stretcher, use of fire belts and safety harnesses should be fixed, then stretchered from the steep lift him out of the Lake, and 120 ambulances safely.

Students at the cliff-top photographs show MOM accidentally fall

According to injured companion introduction, injured Zhenjiang communication technician college freshman, 3 peer play, he wants to stand in the picture at the top of the cliff to his mom, so don’t listen to peers to dissuade came to the cliff’s edge, and accidentally slipped, falling from the cliff top near the rocks at the bottom of the heap. Jiujiang has Han burst fire fire emergency

Turkey bus bomb blast at a bus full of soldiers was attacked


Local time on December 17, Turkey near the central city of Kayseri, a University 17th bomb explosion, killing 13 soldiers on a bus next to death, 48 people were killed.

Turkey bus bomb blast at a bus full of soldiers was attacked

Local time on December 17, Turkey near the central city of Kayseri, a University 17th bomb explosion, killing 13 soldiers on a bus next to death, 48 people were killed.

Turkey bus bomb blast at a bus full of soldiers was attacked

According to the Reuters news agency quoted security sources as saying, the explosion caused many casualties, and ambulances have rushed to the scene. It is reported that the target of the car bomb attack was a bus full of soldiers.

Turkey bus bomb blast at a bus full of soldiers was attacked

Agence France-Presse citing Turkey, military sources said the car bomb explosion on a bus near the 13 soldiers killed and 48 people were injured. Figure to attack the bus.

Turkey bus bomb blast at a bus full of soldiers was attacked

The scene of the accident. A week ago, Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul, a series of suicide bomb attacks, which left 44 people dead, while more than 100 others injured. Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for the attack. Old man shovel ad 15 accumulated over more than

Hunan and a woman doctor was hit on retinal contusion the hospital issued a


On December 12, the Hunan provincial people’s Hospital’s official website issued a Declaration on women doctors in respiratory medical of our hospital patients ‘ family violence incident statement, restored December 9 there’s a female doctor was at the hospital the patient mother injury incident, and publicly condemned the intentional injury medical atrocities. Release news Park Geun Hye was suspended may not

Hunan and a woman doctor was hit on retinal contusion, the hospital issued a document to urge police to punish perpetrators

Twitter @ Hunan public security 

According to the Hunan provincial public security official Twitter @ Hunan public security about 13th, at 10 o’clock in the morning reported December 9 17:45, King of Seremban police station police station police stationed in Hunan province people’s Hospital received the hospital police said: the respiratory medical doctor Yang were violent attacks by patients ‘ families. Police police on duty immediately lead 4 Scouts rushed to the scene, tracing the suspect left the scene Zhong Moujie (female, 39 years old, leiyang), records information collection related to victims and witnesses, and to initiate an investigation in accordance with law.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) learned from the Declaration, involved patients Liu Mouqin 17:02 on October 31, due to “chest tightness, chest pain for 1 day” staying in the respiratory Division, late on the day for the left and closed drainage of pleural cavity.

November 1 morning, patients in rounds in the was found drainage tube little dark red liquid, combined body check consider for blood chest, Hou by consultation Hou into chest surgical line surgical chest mirror surgery, operation in the found left first ribs Shang margin wall layer pleural visible a tear adhesion with, continued drops blood, stick joint about 1cm rough (has surgery video information can card), Hou Yu November 7 discharged.

According to the statement, said families insisted patients in postoperative patients with closed drainage of pleural cavity puncture caused by hemopneumothorax hospital many times in respiratory medicine, Director of entanglement, pipe bed and the chief resident, interference with normal order, and verbal threats against medical personnel.

On December 4, 2016, chest distress and promote emergency again, on December 5, again on the left of the hospital closed thoracic drainage, December 9 successfully extubation, on December 10.

According to statement, injury medical event occurred Yu December 9 afternoon, patients mother Zhong Moujie came to breathing a section doctor Office, 17:00 around see Dr doctor (female, breathing medical attending, on-the-job Dr graduate) from surgical consultation back, Zhong Moujie again entanglement Dr doctor, language extremely bad, Dr doctor still and she patience explained, told its medical Shang spontaneous pneumothorax is easy recurrence, recurrence rate up to 40%. But Zhong Moujie emotion, and listen to Dr Yeoh explained.

17:30, Dr Yeoh received applications for consultations in the Emergency Department, and the Zhong Moujie said: “I now need to urgent consultations in the Emergency Department, you reflect, we report to the branch Director and hospital authorities any further communication”.

Said to get up and go to the Emergency Department consultation, Zhong Moujie hands suddenly, from behind and attacked Dr, led to the right side of his face scratch, bleeding, and glasses were broken.

Other medical personnel at the scene the Bell after a clean pull, its attitude is very arrogant, continues to remain a threat: “I will destroy your capacity, tear tear your face and get you hacked! I have the ability to bear the consequences. ”

Hunan and a woman doctor was hit on retinal contusion, the hospital issued a document to urge police to punish perpetrators

Injured Dr

Surging News noted that Dr Yeoh admitted diagnosed: retinal contusion to his right eye? Right eyelid injury, concussion.

The statement finally said: I strongly condemn the deliberate injury medical atrocities, the hospital will cooperate with the investigation, urged public security departments to punish the perpetrators of violent beatings the doctor and hospital for regular consultations in order to ensure personal safety of medical staff.

With regard to women doctors in respiratory medical of our hospital patients ‘ family violence incident and the full text of the statement (figure):

Nude credit girls said buy buy buy three year shortfall of 30 000 money and


“Beijing time survey” app, news on December 8, in November 2016, outgoing online “lending Bao-bare” package, borrow hundreds of women as security for a topless video leaked on the Internet, Feng Xiao is one of them. She used to borrow the treasure after the loan fully repaid, but the information was leaked, was in “naked credit.”

Feng Xiao, 20, a junior, read art discipline in Beijing. She has three years of net loan experience, by borrowing the treasure, staging, ants through platforms such as borrowing, up to a total of more than 30,000 yuan in arrears, “why money is every eyes.”

Feng Xiao family is not rich, one for arrears before, her naked through the QQ chat credits, but take away the video did not give money.

Time for her, is bleak, headache. “I pay, I don’t owe money lending treasure”, Feng Xiao “GMT” (micro signal: btime007) to talk, understand why their information will not be leaked, she cannot understand his “self-deception” bitterly regretted “sell themselves”.

“From iPad starts on the road to net loans”

Feng Xiao is not tall, 1.6-meter, black long down jacket wrapped her up, Black Hat covering half her face, face is plain, without a trace of makeup, don’t see the brand of black shoulder bag she put aside, looks to be a very naive girl.

“Time” (micro signal: btime007) and Feng Xiaoyue at a restaurant, “the last time my friends and I passed here, wanted to eat this”, Feng Xiao sat flipping through recipes, “seem to want to eat”, with light eyes, with a 20 year old girl, cheerful and childish.

Conversation between Feng Xiao from the bag and took out her iPad and cell phones, “my cell phone is not so good, I usually use the iPad.” Pink cartoon iPad case and red cell phone, add a little color to the Feng Xiao, from buying the iPad begins, Feng Xiao took the road of net loans.

Feng Xiao loan for the simple reason, just to buy buy buy.

“My first loan is starting from staging” big one time, Feng Xiao here purchase the iPad, then apply for more than 5,000 more lines, buy iPad spent more than more than 4,000.

Feng Xiao, “Sgt” introduces her school every year when the new school, staging and music will have a special person in school to make the promotion, “the student stage electronics, very normal.” Smooth, repayment of loans for the first time, Feng Xiao not only buy a few things, made her believe that they have the ability to repay.

“See something you love, always tempted to buy”

Feng Xiao from the County, by his mother, grew up in single parent families. Feng Xiao after his mother remarried and has a child, MOM and the burden of raising her two children on a man’s shoulders.

Feng Xiao enrolled in art college, annual tuition and living expenses need forty thousand or fifty thousand, despite the General family, mother to Feng Xiao 2500 a month living expenses, in their small town in the not-so-little.

“My dad basically whatever I, my mom just over more than 2000 per month salary, and three-year old brother”. Less well-off families, Feng Xiao is not willing to ask my mother for money.

“I usually spend too recklessly, see something you love, always tempted to buy” home each month for living expenses is not enough to support spending on Feng Xiao, her average monthly cost of living in the school 4000-5000.

“I do like to buy some good quality stuff, but seldom go to parties, bars, night club. Loans can really make life better, you can eat dinner, shopping, no longer have to put money into petal flower “. Government knowledge Council 7 leaders instructions

In all spending, buying clothes becomes her biggest expense, roughly one-third per cent of total expenditure. “Art girl dress flower more. Now is to see the face of age, everybody looks, if they are too dirty, will miss a lot of opportunities. ”

In addition, Feng Xiao still have daily interactions of spending, “classes frequently met and hundreds of each party, plus a classmate’s birthday, unknowingly spent the money.”

“Almost every day, live in the repayment”

When I first started, Feng Xiao never easy loans only when it is needed, will choose to microcredit.

Although saddled with loans, but Feng Xiao says that some of the money “when the flowers and still want to spend.” Increase in spending coupled with the lack of a spending plan, Feng Xiao again and again into a “loan-repayment-loans” circles.

“Lenders have told me a lot of real-life case from ten thousand or twenty thousand in the end owed millions of loans, but I still think that we’re not to that point.”

Feng Xiao knows that personal credibility is very important, therefore, before each loan, only lenders clearly inform, “as long as repayments on time, will not leak personal information” she will dare to loan.

Feng Xiao came back and forth on the platform of more than 10 loans and loan, Bao, stages, including lending, Ant take bus, Cao Cao the loan, cash and so on, each platform take the amount ranges from 1000 to 5000 Yuan.

Feng Xiao told “GMT” (micro signal: btime007), when she is up more than 30,000 yuan in arrears, in almost every day, live in the repayment, “stage before the tenth, silver Flash before the 14th, credit cards before the 24th … … Money day feels very long. “

“Loan money other platforms, select lending treasure”

In July of this year, due to Feng Xiao in major lending platform has several loans or overdue records, has been unable to borrow. In some corners of the Web site, she saw a QQ Group of loans information, “added after the discovery, QQ a lot of such groups”, in these groups, Feng Xiao touched on borrowed treasure.

Feng Xiao Bao platform, with QQ lenders in the loan transaction process.

Feng Xiao says most of the loan she borrowed treasure by QQ on lenders to operate. Loan period is typically a week, maximum of ten days, and has borrowed more than 10 times, and each time is around 1000.

“Before I did borrow treasure, someone told me, students do not borrow the treasure, compound interest, it is terrible. “Feng Xiao a bill if lenders borrow from QQ treasure borrowed 1000 Yuan, for a week at a time, loan interest is 300-500 Yuan, but lenders when loans, often for 200 Yuan, largely of 800 Yuan, but also after expiration of 1300-1500 Yuan.

Bao platform claimed to main acquaintance loans, lending, loan amount, payment date, interest rate defined by borrowers, treasure in lending platform, clearly defined annual interest rates between 0-24%. However, Feng Xiao loan experience, its lending real lending rates are already far exceeds the treasure platform 24%. In addition, Feng Xiao and their creditors never knew, this credit-Po propaganda of the so-called “acquaintances loans” contrary to and do it.

Feng Xiao Bao platform, borrowing loans, loans are the only House. Because of loan overdue compound interest, beyond the repayment ability of Feng Xiao, has been outstanding, arrears of 4000 Yuan.

In September this year, DUN directly to Feng Xiao’s mother on the phone, when his mother asked about the loan because, Feng Xiao says, “pay the rent without so much money”. Eventually, the mother she has the money, gave her this trouble.

“Want to take a big, still before the first”

“Borrowed more than 10 online lending platform, and is really annoying, everyday we waken is also money, wanted to take a big, put on before, I then slowly. ”

In August this year, Feng Xiao for many other online lending platform, and attempted to Tencent QQ to private lending. She is very clear, and this time she is using his own body as collateral, naked credit.

Feng Xiao knows that honor is very important, “but there is no way, is anxious for money”. Although the inner contradictions, she will use all kinds of excuses for yourself, “for example, the community is not as conservative as before, kissing, sex scenes are a lot; it’s like talking about a love, body being seen by others.”

Feng Xiao QQ Group in various lending close attention to naked credit advertising. She contacted a few lenders, particularly high interest rates, some communication problems. “There was a woman, I send her information, she was back the next day.”

By comparing different lenders identify the wording and attitude, Feng Xiao Liu Fenghua was ultimately selected, “a loan of 20,000 yuan 1000 Yuan a month interest on principal six months later in a lump sum, acceptable.”

Then, Feng Xiao Liu Fenghua requirements take naked photos, video, video 1-3-minute, Feng Xiao told “GMT” (micro signal: btime007), as required, in the video not only read the loan agreement to make masturbation clips.

“The contents of the agreement are, I was XX, now borrowing from XX 20000 Yuan, 6000 Yuan interest rates, repayment period for six months, expire even paid with interest, or face the consequences.”

As to the consequences of non-payment, lenders or politely or bluntly explained to Feng Xiao. “Meat service, prostitution, I know, for example, they would say, ‘ if not money, we will find you, and what to do next, you have to listen to us.”

However, Feng Xiao thinks he has the ability to repay, but may also slowly. She was already in practice to make money, if it is not, mother will help, “only to be beaten up.”

“He took my video got away”

Feng Xiao refused requests for masturbation videos, she has repeatedly stressed to the other party, their repayment ability, not running,

“I’m sure I can’t, I’m still a Virgin, I have never done such a thing. ”

After undergoing numerous voice calls, Liu Fenghua agreed to Feng Xiao asked. However, Feng Xiao after the credit agreement of the photos and videos sent to Liu Fenghua, they disappeared. Regardless of Feng Xiao QQ messaging, video, voice, and received no response.

“He took my video got away”, Feng Xiao had been tricked, all your personal information, topless, video, “” go. Two exchanges has been online, in addition to their QQ number, Feng Xiao is no other clues to recover your information.

“I would question whether he is a liar, but he would say, ‘ If you don’t believe, we don’t trade ‘, and also send me the screenshot he had loan”, Feng Xiao on this “had chosen to believe, only believe.”

“Every day dozens of friend requests to help I money”

So far, Feng Xiao did not know, that who is betrayed by his own information. She had doubted, Liu Fenghua sold packaged with her photos, video.

Liu Fenghua and run the next day, Feng Xiao is more people added to QQ friends, “did you borrow, I can help you, we have a chat”, similar to the friend request, she receives every day, sometimes more than 10, she just ignored.

In November, hundreds of women for loans as collateral in nude photos and the video leaked on the Internet.

But from the end of November, “Bao nude leaked, borrowing” event occurs, that is gonna change everything.

Feng Xiao micro-blogging, micro-applications received dozens of friends or followers every day, “someone help I money, of course he must be malicious”.

She once was a friend, family member’s phone has been ringing. “My mother received a lot of calls every minute, someone is on the phone at all times, I can only tell family, friends, and don’t cut”.

The morning of December 6, have people claiming to be police went to Feng Xiao, mother asked, “mainly about my income, spending habits, etc.”

Feng Xiao Bao nude, never borrow loans, but it does provide detailed personal information. When she found her after mass leak information, first contact their lenders lending treasure at the time, the other party denies leaking information.

“If (pass) borrowing Bao (loan) leaks, you pay off the loan lending treasure. Why on Earth, and disclosure of personal information? ”

“And it was goodbye forever”

In August this year, naked photos, videos to own after Liu Fenghua, Feng Xiao has been disturbed, “but that time is OK, as long as I do not care, it will slowly go out.”

However experience “borrowing Po nude leaked” after the incident, Feng Xiao unprecedented increase in anxiety and fear, remember once persuaded themselves, are felt to be in “self-deception”. “Betrayed by myself, really sorry.”

“It’s like a time bomb, this is a risk, like the Edison Chen scandal at that time, as long as someone wants to, will be able to find. After all, many people already know all of my information, and the type of information. “Feng Xiao head tone revealed frustration.

20, Feng Xiao’s life is full of worries for the future, this lingering in her heart a heart.

Feng Xiao told “GMT” (micro signal: btime007), I won’t let it get loans, even to buy homes and cars in the future should be to loan, “I also will be very, very careful consideration.”

Nude girls playing by some loan “vanity, not serious” label, Feng Xiao says, “I borrowed twenty thousand or thirty thousand, already for a student. The more serious, thought it was (their) they have a problem. “

After you pay off the arrears by borrowing treasure, Feng Xiao began efforts out of net loans. She said that currently there are more than 10,000 yuan in arrears, would work through internships pay up as soon as possible, “every time I finish a platform, I will immediately delete APP, and it will never see”.

(This Feng Xiao, Liu Fenghua is not his real name)

(Formerly titled Readme | Nude credit girls: “buy buy buy” three years after a shortfall of 30,000 photos have leaked)