Chongqing hawkers placards called for understanding urban management curator


Recently, fengjie County, Chongqing City into such a unique group of hawkers, they pulled in front of booth “Chengguan brothers, you have worked hard” and other slogans.

Fengjie County, Chongqing City in recent days a group of unique vendors, they pulled in front of booth “Chengguan brothers, you have worked hard” and other slogans, holding “stop calling city, they will not be easy,” sign in “my brother is a city” t-shirts bearing the words, Chengguan site were moved to tears. Photos can then be sent online, triggered heated discussion, some netizens said “urban management and vendors call” this scene was amazing, suspect photos posed hype.

In this regard, taking pictures of Zhu Wenxiang (not his real name) acknowledged that this was a planned event, the purpose is for urban management name.

Participating vendors accept surging News (www.thepaper.CN), said in an interview, understanding urban management, in order to live, it is not easy, knowing that the show was not exclusive. Witness people say, seeing the presence of part of the city tears up.


“Comrade do the Chengguan said she was wronged, old man selling vegetables will besiege him”

Surging News: planning what is the purpose of this activity?

Zhu Wenxiang: one of our comrades from the army back to now, after 19 years of urban management, municipal gardens, fengjie is now a member of the law enforcement supervision team. At first I told him pretty much misunderstood, he did city also received my aunt’s scale. With the passage of time, and saw he had a lot of disappointments. Once we are comrades at lunch, of what urban said, when the city of the comrades feel very aggrieved, said even the roadside selling vegetables, usually old people besieged him. We discuss several comrades can stand in an objective position on organizing an event for him, called for, to find a suitable time and place, he is your name. Jinan eating cotton wool someone to take care

Surging News: the aim is to give old name? What name?

Zhu Wenxiang: Yes, it is the name. Or that to his surprise, he received after the balance of my aunt, is still pretty much misunderstood him, it now appears that still owe him an apology, so several of us comrades organized spontaneously, just wanted to give him your name, voice, called on the community to be able to objectively and understand them.

Surging News: planning this thing, do city old know?

Zhu Wenxiang: no, we haven’t, he said.

Surging News: he later learned those planning and on-site photo feel?

Zhu Wenxiang: on that day (November 3) that he had been away, others in the field recently, should know this thing, but I don’t know what his reaction would be.

Surging News: site really have a city management moved to tears?

Zhu Wenxiang: at the scene of several urban management, they are quite touching. Expected to think because there are people in our society to understand them, they work hard.

Surging News: the vendors who support your activities?

Zhu Wenxiang: we give them (vendors) made before the clothes, guapaizi, ask their opinion, they speak well of urban management, urban management also said bad, but understanding is also supported by the majority.

Surging News: did anyone question your show?

Zhu Wenxiang: sure, harsh words, and no less, but to say our show, or say we took the city’s money, and so on.

Surging News: what kind of person in question?

Zhu Wenxiang: should all be watching passers-by.

Surging News: being face to face show, ideas?

Zhu Wenxiang: standing on the point of view of social justice is to appeal, no idea what normal, normal.

Surging News: expected this would raise public attention through the media?

Zhu Wenxiang: I did not expect (for now) that can attract public attention.


Marketing harassing phone calls repeatedly refused to absolutely the Xinhua


Xinhua Beijing November 4, midnight, the phone suddenly rang, sleepy-eyed picked up the phone, heard of electronic speech advertisements; NAP was going on, pick up the phone and heard “do you need insurance? “” Garden need? “In the face of harassing phone calls, it was disturbing but helpless. Harassing phone calls come from? Who should monitor harassing phone calls? In addition to black, the shutdown, what else are we gonna do?

Marketing-harassing phone calls “repeatedly refused to absolutely”

In recent years, telephone harassment as “pollution”, all kinds of troublesome phone harassment information, number of selling rooms, decoration and mortgage telemarketing team. “China” reporters recently, we have received a sales call from a sales office of Jinan, repeatedly refused, still received. People of Jinan Wang Huanhuan had similar experiences, she said, “I received more than 10 sales calls in a week, are being bored to death. Work is busy every day, only half an hour lunch break, the other a call came in and woke me up, is full of grievances. “And more and more marketing calls is the phone number, it is difficult to identify is the calls are harassing phone calls.

We used to have this kind of experience, just left in a sales office phone soon, there will be other real estate sales office or real estate agent to sell the phone just booked the ticket to somewhere, you will get push advertising destination hotels; just paid off a mortgage, receives the decoration company telemarketing … … Small Shenyang streets to stop stealing tendon

Who lives in Xian, Wang JI bought houses, starting from the notification submitted to the day, almost every day has a decoration company people call “decoration” “free shuttle model”, “time is more than 10 such calls a day.” In addition to selling, selling air conditioners the floor, selling … … Dig up their rejection. “I have never worked with them, but my name and room number, type area, they knew, how do they know that? ”

According to the investigation report on the protection of Internet users ‘ rights 2016 shows over the past half year, Internet users received harassing phone calls, 21.3 in spam messages per week on average 20.6. “Crank call” is the most objectionable source of harassment of Internet users, “the computer advertisement popups” and “APP push messages,” followed.

Harassing phone calls “precise release” who is calling?

Reporters found that unwanted phone calls is generally divided into two categories: first, select the business phone number, mass dials “-universal marketing”; second, because personal information is illegal trading and transfer of accurate call.

Reporters back in their public capacity above a sales office of Jinan phone, ask for other ways to get information. Said that, the staff is under the phone randomly allocated. Against refusal to remain in place after receiving a phone call, said current business is large, which belongs to the “universal marketing”, and the back end over more than 100 staff members responsible for telemarketing, telephone marketers in selecting different overlap on.

Students on the Agency site-Ting find a telemarketer and part-time work, daily work is in accordance with the list provided by the company called net marketing. Ting said that she should have a phone number to call on the specified list, in accordance with the sales department to sell text ads can work 7 hours a day, one day more than 300 telephone calls.

Different from the previous years, “mass” text messaging harassment, harassing phone calls put on more and more “accurate”, because it is the illicit trade and transfer of personal information. Police described to reporters in Jinan, real estate agents, developers often have information to Exchange. Online QQ Group with a lot of trade information, hundreds of dollars you can buy tens of thousands of records. Jinan police have smashed a criminal gangs that sell personal information, they found all kinds of personal information 210duowantiao on the PC. Cui an account, according to the suspect, spent 300 bucks bought huge amounts of personal information from the Internet, is to sell the property and make a profit.

Data displayed in 2016, after the national day, 360 phone guardian for user identification block estate agents harassing phone calls a day on average approximately 7.435 million. 54% of Internet users believe that disclosure of personal information seriously, and 84% of Internet users experienced adverse effects due to disclosure of personal information. For nearly a year, Chinese Internet users from spam, fraud information, personal information leaks caused estimated economic losses of more than 90 billion yuan.

Harassing phone calls who manages?

Advertising phone harassment, reporters call 110 complaints, the staff said it would take forward 12345 hotline for municipal services, then 12345 operator that also can’t be solved. Reporters then called Telecom customer service complaints, customer service, if the Internet phone is 1065 opening can be shielded, but harassed by mobile phone number and the telephone number to call can do. Customer service, telecom operators, including their own, also frequently receives advertising sales calls, some even call many times, repeatedly refused to break. “Using a mobile phone number to call and send text messages belonging to individual behavior, operators cannot block. ”

Communications expert Xiang believes that telecom operators is a service provider, and no rights mask a number of communications services, unless police and other Justice Department requests to shield a number before they can. In theory, telecommunication operators through long-term follow-up a number, technical software, can identify the modified, the modified telephone, but the face of the flood of calls a day, is also difficult.

A number of experts suggested that regulators, operations can be linked with the users, absorption of harassment by blocking software tag numbers of the users, improving telephone harassment, data collection and analysis of information, restrictions on Mark reaches a certain number of harassing phone calls out.

In addition, the current law is not perfect, it should first of all clarify the “harassing phone calls” and “telephone marketing” the legal boundaries. Sino China Law lawyer Xing Yu believes that harassing phone calls is not a legal term, but names in the industry, consumers feel they have been harassed, software tags or think they are harassing phone calls, but the concept of law and have no.

(Originally entitled the unbearable harassment calls its helplessness marketing who manages? 》)