Shaanxi oil field because of pipeline corrosion cracking of oil spill pollution


On August 31, the Shaanxi oil spill polluted woodlands in Changqing oilfield, Changqing oilfield surging four Han ping, head of operations of the news (www.thepaper.CN) said the outflow caused by pipeline corrosion cracking of oil-water mixture about 1.9, has finished processing, production is gradually recovering, rehabilitation consultative process is under way. Deaf students driving problem DMV request open

On August 31, the Shaanxi Yanan several Twitter users post, August 30, at 17 o’clock, located in ansai County, Shaanxi Province town of Changqing oilfield four Ping operation of crude oil leaked, contaminating dozens of acres of forest land, oil spill at least 5 tons. In this regard, the Changqing oil field oil production plant of Zi ping head of operations responded that the outflow of oil and water mixture is about 300 m long, width rules, place about 3 meters wide, most of the narrow channel width is 0.5 metres below, the overall area of less than 1 acre. In ansai County, under the authority of town Governments, production team has reached agreement with the villagers, deal with the aftermath.

31st, the Changqing oil field oil production plant of Zi ping surging operation area, told the press, August 30, at 17 o’clock, ansai oil Ping operation area of four plant ruptured a pipeline corrosion, resulting in a small amount of oil outflows, rapid disposal, effectively preventing the danger further.

Four oil production factory technicians Peng Ping operation area of introduction, a single pipeline rupture is site is located in the town of SI DAO Gou Cun on a hillside. After the finding of danger, linesman will be immediately reported to the operations control centre, followed by operation emergency boot emergency plans, organizing emergency rescue. Also, ansai County Environmental Protection Bureau made a report on the situation.

Four oil production plant of ping, head of operations, said work on entire site took about 4 hours, mainly the outflow of oil-water mixture to clean up bag recycling, environmental protection departments in site supervision and cleanup the whole process. As of August 31 at 2 o’clock in the morning, staff members have already done to corrosion damage to the pipeline welding, production has gradually recovered.

Four oil production plant of Zi ping surging operation area, told the press, has reached agreement with the contaminated forest villagers. Although most have been cleared of pollutants, but also will arrange its staff to continue spot checks again, ensure the clean up thoroughly.


Editorial crack the big central fiscal relations


Recently, the State Council issued the Declaration on advancement of the Central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities reform guidelines (hereafter referred to as the views). Central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities an important step in the reform, central fiscal relations normalization process is accelerating.

Opinion stressed the central fiscal authority, Central and disputed by the Central and local fiscal authority decision. This is consistent with the actual situation of a unitary State. Views require “incentive initiative.” Central decision or determination cannot be arbitrary, must fully take into account the local situation. In the grading system (that is, taxes, rent and splitting the profits with a combination of financial management system), all levels of government finances are relatively independent, Central regulation through transfer payments to local, safeguard national unity, promoting equal access to public services. Local voices and demands should be fully reflected in the formulation of laws and regulations, should have reasonably reflected in the Central ruling. Museum to catch elves is a tool or a blow to the

More common fiscal authority in China than in developed countries, but the Central subdivision of the common fiscal authority is very difficult. How much fiscal authority is appropriate? Central do much? No right or wrong answer, but requires a uniform system to coordinate. Even the appropriate concentrated financial power, it is impossible to do not so far into the Central, because it will only damage the Government’s credibility. It needs to finance ever-running with the central system of intensive professional design.

Financial responsibilities to fulfil the need to rely on the financial sector and other sectors of cooperation. Financial and other professional sectors is the Division of labor relations. Financial sector cannot be “forced” in other sectors. Reform is clear, various departments in accordance with the direction would be nice. Reform need not “forced”, but also needed is initiative as a follow-up and reform in various sectors. How to motivate the departments must also consider.

Division of the central fiscal authority also need to deal with uncertainty. The opinion calls “dynamic adjustment mechanism” in order to adapt to the changing demands on public services. In particular, dynamic adjustment of not only what is needed to be clear, and how adjustments must be clear, these are not very easy to do. Law cannot make specific provision, which can only be a matter of principle, this Division of fiscal powers for the future there is still a lot of challenges.

Central financial crack not only on the spending side of the relationship. Determination of the Division of income and transfer payments, are to be combined with the Division of expenditure discussed. Now, government revenue system reform has not been completed, standardization of income also needs some time before. No income first, determination of the transfer payment system is transitional.

Men s 5 km by taxi to the last drop is a 1728 drops driver error


The Beijing Morning Post reported on August 24, Beijing public Mr Wen yesterday expressed, he used the previous night drops of software by taxi cab, less than 5 km away were deducted 1728, “I was only 13 Yuan from normal, this is too much.” From Mr Wen in order to see, drivers only a single record at a time the parties, order originally started at 9 o’clock in the evening until the next day at 5 o’clock in the morning until the end. Drops of company staff said investigation by the driver following a strange result in an exception, will refund passengers the extra amount collected.

5 km 1728

Mr Wen told the Beijing morning news reporter, 9 o’clock in the evening the day before yesterday he came from the company, because it was getting late drop software called the car, surnamed Wang, Shifu orders. “We often work overtime, so the company drops and there is cooperation, overtime is call a cab to pay fares directly from company accounts button. “A daily home but was not General.

Mr Wen recalled that night when he saw the driver was a young man, talking that this is a driver’s first single. “By sea from Tongzhou Tongzhou district, near a metro station to the founding of the first wind and beautiful district, took more than 10 minutes, is going smoothly all the way. But I got out, he found he did not operate ‘ ends ‘, billing is on the rise, I hastened to call him, but the phone never answered. “Reporters see from Mr Wen provided phone records, he gave the driver 3 times before and after are not connected. Sichuan girl as a result of the clamping tongue

“I thought that the master may also drive, so didn’t notice, I didn’t care. Didn’t think the next day woke up to see orders, freaked me out, this one spent more than 1700. “Reporters see from Mr Wen’s trip records provided, in the same time period, the same starting point, on August 12 and August 16 orders in 13, while orders for the evening of August 22 costs are 1728.1” super price “. View order details, your correspondent found “super price” order of time from August 22, at 9 o’clock in the evening the next day at 5 o’clock in the morning, normal distance cost up to 916 Yuan, in addition to charging height ranges far, night, fast lane often,. Master Wang publicly available information suggests that he completed only 1 order.

Investigations to the last drop: the driver is out of practice to blame

Then, Beijing morning news reporter on thing call drops drops company, staff said, received passengers reflect this after, customer service sector contact has driver and passengers both, original is due to the driver on system rusty, and operation errors led to exception, currently this pen payments has was freeze, beyond pre valuation of costs drops drops company will all returned to user account in the, while also will on parties driver for punishment and ban seal account.

“In fact the order of payments have been frozen, because we have automatic order exception system in the background, once order exception is found, the system will end charging automatically after 5 minutes in order to freeze. “Drops the company staff told reporters that they will launch more measures and features in the future, further restricting and regulating driver behavior. Subsequently, contacted Mr Wen, he endorsed the result.

(Original title: 5 km by taxi right to the last drop of the charge of 1728)

Review of night 20 meters go Twice saved match point This is reversed in the


Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

In the 14th game of the Olympic Games, the Chinese team has now scored two gold, two silver and one bronze.

In the Badminton men’s doubles final, Fu Haifeng/zhangnan combination staged a dramatic turnaround, for this year’s Olympics down the Chinese badminton team took the first gold medal.

Another gold medal, Liu Hong from the 20 kilometers walking race, she staged in the last 20 meters, “fighting back” last-minute success ahead of the competition, while Lv Xiuzhi of China also made a third.

Two silver medals were obtained by women boxers Yin Junhua and synchronized swimming teams.

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

Win Fu Haifeng and thinking of the moment.

Gold Medal, relief

Both missed the first three women’s singles, women’s doubles project, Lin was eliminated in the semi-final and failed to mate chenlong final, this session of the Rio games, suffered the biggest challenge the Chinese badminton team. But fortunately, the first gold medal here.

In Beijing in the early hours of August 20 for the Badminton men’s doubles final, Chinese pair Fu Haifeng/zhangnan staged a thrilling reversal of the war at lost a case last saved two match points, had the last laugh by 2:1 score.

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

Holding the national flag.

For Fu Haifeng who is 33 years old, this gold medal is the best reward for your persistence. Four years ago in London, where he and partner CAI Yun won the men’s doubles title today, the defending gold medal results gave him a huge relief.

“For so many years in the team under a lot of pressure, especially my own request, I always wanted to be perfect, always reminding myself, hoping to do the best. “After the game, he said.

In the eyes of 26 year old Zhang nan, he had targeted Tokyo after 4 years.

“I feel very happy, the regret of the men’s doubles gold medal made up for the mixed doubles, have a lot they need to sum up the place. “He said,” I hope that in 4 years after Rio harder, a good performance in Tokyo. ”

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

Liu Hong raised both hands to celebrate.

20-metre runaway “winner”

Breathtaking reversal after winning the Badminton men’s doubles final, Liu Hong’s 20 km race walking competition lets the audience feel the kind of excitement. Last place until about 20 meters before the finish line, she finally force than its rivals, “winning” grabbed the title.

In addition, another Chinese player Lv Xiuzhi to third-place finish in the competition smoothly finished, added a bronze for the Chinese delegation.

In the previous two Olympics, Liu Hong regrets and pass the Medal, twice won the fourth place.

This time in Rio, she came with indomitable will-power beyond the opponent above his, won the precious gold medal.

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

Liu Hong finally fighting back.

After the game, Liu Hong also said the gold medals hard won, “today’s match was very difficult, because the weather is not too good. I can do is keep going, try to play my own level. ”

In fact, years of training and competition, and Liu Hong is in fact plagued by injury, which makes it sweat for gold medals is precious.

“More than 10 years high-intensity games training, had so many injuries, the next stage I might need some time off. As for when he resurfaces, depends on the recovery situation. “Liu Hong said after the game.

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

China’s synchronized swimming team.

Silver Medal, still beautiful

Synchronized swimming team final at the Beijing time on August 19, China once again success, won a silver medal.

Beijing Olympic Games and the Olympic Games in London, the Chinese synchronized swimming team has won bronze and silver medals respectively on the project, this time, the girls continued outstanding performance.

In the game, the traditional team Russia team to gain the upper hand in the competition without accidents, won the final title, but is also perfectly tracks filled with Chinese characteristics of the searching Dragon, conquered the spectators and the pitch referee.

In the final scoring in the Chinese team from the stronger Russia team just sent 3.1598.

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

Girls on the podium.

However, although only took second place, but since the Beijing Olympic Games medal after a historic breakthrough, rising strength of China’s synchronized swimming team are obvious.

After the game, coach rattan blesses the child on this team is full of confidence in the future, meaning that if a team capable of ending Russia’s dominance, it must be China.

And that’s the goal of the team. After the game, the player Sun Wenyan, said, “we are from the beginning of the seventh eighth place by 2008 to get medals, 2012 silver medal, we, like all teams, the ultimate goal is to overtake Russia and hoped to achieve on this day. ”

Review of night |20 meters go! Twice saved match point! This is reversed in the night

Yin Jun flower shed tears after the match.

Next, call back

Chinese boxing team became a big medal in Rio.

In Beijing in the women’s 60 kg class competition of the 20th China Yin Jun disadvantage of flowers narrowly lost to France player Shane Mosley, won a silver medal.

Although it failed to win gold, Yin Junhua, participating in the Olympic Games for the first time, it is worth the satisfaction of achievement. After the game, cry because of the defeat, she said she would call back. Game notes The bad in life how many leave

“Although very disappointed about the result, but I can accept failure. Very sorry not to achieve a historic breakthrough, but I won’t give up, after returning home to continue my boxing career towards hold, prepare for the next session. ”

At the current session of the Rio games, China won a total of four players into the top four, but the ultimate final Yin Junhua was the only one, any of the three players are the rays, Hu Jian Guan, Li Qian first.

Because of the rules of boxing in the Olympics, did not score the final two players tied for third, three Chinese gymnasts won a bronze. China’s boxing team in the Olympic medal count stopped at four.

Olympic medal standings (as of August 20, at 7 o’clock Beijing time)

Emergency workers dealt with police in Shaanxi Province the hospital beating


On August 8, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reported in Yulin first medical and nursing personnel to the train station when meeting patients clashed with police at the station. Man dies during imprisonment in Shaanxi large

On August 11, the hospital released reported that Xian railway Public Security Bureau officials to apologize to the medical staff and hospital injury. Previously, hospitals said publicly that conflict on-site medical staff, hitting police officers have significant alcohol and detention imposed on ambulance drivers and nurses. 12th, XI ‘ an railway Public Security Bureau propaganda Department staff, suide investigation investigation team is now can be temporarily subject to the informed the first hospital of Yulin city, 11th. Yan ‘ an Railway Police Department declared the classroom staff, Xian railway Public Security Bureau officials visited wounded medical staff, but it was not clear whether the police apologized, and police are investigating, and results will be announced soon.

Emergency workers dealt with police in Shaanxi Province, the hospital beating police alcohol lead to apologize

Conflict live video screenshots

August 8, for “suide railway station police and medical personnel occurred conflict” a thing, Xian railway Public Security Bureau West extended police at (currently has changed its name for Yanan railway police at) official micro-Bo @ Yanan iron police response said, August 7, 2016 4 o’clock in the morning Xu, County, Yulin city, first hospital ambulance came to suide railway station, in police station duty personnel not informed of situation Xia, unauthorized moved set in out station mouth of counter-terrorism anti-collision isolation Pier, will ambulance drove into station square and stopped in out station mouth at. Health care workers entering the station, to be a passenger on the train T8 implemented treatment (for the visitors after his condition improved, did not get off for medical treatment). Meanwhile, suide station auxiliaries on duty ambulance drivers are also reminded of the police station, parking place affect the passenger station, urged them to leave the location. Driver fails to cooperate, a physical confrontation between the two sides.

The response also said the Yan ‘ an Railway Police Department has dispatched inspectors and other related personnel for further investigation, as do police and auxiliary police responsibilities will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions and will not tolerate.

However, just after police responded the next day, the first hospital of Yulin city, by official letter number responded: suide Hospital Department of emergency medicine at the hospital before the incident in suide station emergency requests, suide station reception rush to patients with severe disease, suide station arrived, the practice of docking in the appropriate place, station staff guide platform presenting patients and medical staff. However, the railway station police staff came to influence the security block ambulance dock.

“Medical personnel taking into account patients ‘ lives and time delay status, instructions to patients as the first, racing against time to rescue the patient’s need, requiring station staff to understand. “The first hospital of Yulin city, said that in this connection, medical personnel and personnel of the police station there is a dispute, then hit police station for medical staff involved (according to the medical staff on site: police officers have clear liquor), and first aid drivers, detained the visiting nurses.

On August 11, the first hospital of Yulin city official website published an article by Yan ‘ an Railway Police Department, visited the Xian railway Public Security Bureau “8·7” incident wounded medical staff article and apologize. Said on August 10, the Xian Railway Administration Mission and Xian railway Public Security Bureau suide in Yan ‘ an railway police officials came to the hospital lobby visits, condolences “8·7” incident injured medical workers, and expressed a sincere apology. Often said: after the incident, leaders of the police station of the West Rail and the extension of railway public security department concerned, is currently organizing forces to carry out extensive surveys, survey results will be announced as soon as possible, on the relevant person liable according to law and according to the rules seriously.

As the surging News went to press, Xian railway Public Security Bureau survey results are not yet available on this matter.

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department on the negative actions of party members


Recently, on the role of party members and cadres to remind “pocket book” caused heated discussion on the Internet.

“71” eve of Ningbo issued the comic discussed in honest interpretation, General Secretary XI Jinping and the party members and cadres of the negative words to remind the (hereinafter “reminded”) two “Pocket Books”, issued a “negative words to remind” system boot warning party members and cadres at all levels, “said the right words, to do the right thing.” “Pocket book” illustrated novel form.

According to the Beijing Youth daily reporter, this is not the constraint members first in Zhejiang Province, from 2015, jiashan, jiaxing, Shaoxing, Zhoushan and PuTuo Pingyang, Wenzhou and other places, have issued similar “negative list”, but not as the Ningbo City promotion in the city “negative words remind” institutional attention.

Origin of experience by then-provincial town instructions

“Negative words remind” system in Ningbo city’s promotion, from small-town experience.

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department Organization official told North Green newspaper reporter, in last year’s “three Suns” in special education, mazhu town, yuyao city, introduced the village (community) cadre of negative words to remind the, when he was party Secretary of Ningbo, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Liu Qi was approved. Ningbo Municipal Organization Department believes that the reminder of this very meaningful, joint municipal Commission for discipline inspection, Working Committee of organs directly under the production of the organs of the Organization of negative words to remind the party members and cadres.

Mazhu, the appearance of reminded, are receiving visits from the town leadership.

Mazhu town, yuyao, Party Committee member Yuan Wenqing told the journal introduced early 2015 to work the next day, MA Cao, Zhen reception of letters and calls to several villagers, the leader on duty when asked how they came to town to appeal, one villager said: “village cadres say this is something they can’t control, to address itself to the town. “It was later solved. But “into the town to appeal to solve the problem” of this statement, on March 2, the Secretary of the town Office (enlarged) meeting of thematic studies, in village, and make a (community) cadres to “show good manners and discipline” education to further regulate the words and deeds of the law. Then, led by a Deputy, the village (community) gathering cadres of negative behavior, after two months of collecting, collating, and ultimately into the village (community) cadre of negative words to remind the.

That included 108 negative perceptions of negative behavior, 36 booklets, concentration and control is village (community) cadres not as “capricious”, to avoid is similar to “into the town to petition the problem can be solved” events happen again.

Finalize the city collected more than 1200 pieces of negative words and deeds

Following the instructions when he was party Secretary Liu Qi to Ningbo, Ningbo Municipal Committee urged local party committees and discipline inspection, the Organization Department and other departments, grasp the spirit of instructions in a timely manner, mazhu town seriously learning and promotion practices.

Above North Green told reporters in October last year, Ningbo Municipal Organization Department set up a working group to conduct special research, in-depth understanding of mazhu, the implementation of village (community) cadre of negative words to remind the main practices, repercussions of the grass-roots party members and cadres and the masses.

In early November 2015, Ningbo city, issued the call for party members and cadres in writing notice of negative words and deeds around the “political custom, style of work, the mass discipline, living, studying,”, 5, to 11 counties (cities) and districts and the municipal departments collect organs of party members and cadres in negative behavior, collected a total of more than 1200 articles. Zhihou, Ningbo has held 4 seminars, invited some veteran comrades, to filter the collection to the negative, political rule, working style, mass rule, living, studying, and 5 aspects, and concludes with some universal and tendentious article 44 of the negative perceptions and 24 negative behavior.

Qian said head said, negative words and deeds finalized Hou, get has Ningbo daily newspaper group of support, arrangements has one art edit creation comic, on 68 article negative words and deeds of content for unified painting, lasted two months, from comic of draft to last finalized, after times discussion, and consultations and modified, purpose is to let comic can more vivid image to reflect 68 article negative words and deeds of content.

Dialog Ningbo Municipal leading group

One of this reminded

Issued by the authorities in Ningbo city party members and cadres of the negative words to remind the North Green newspaper reporter recently linked to related departments in Ningbo city, asked the relevant circumstances. Eventually, the official of the Ningbo Municipal Organization Department Organization Department, in the form of a written reply, North Green newspaper reporter’s questions are answered.

Collection of negative words and deeds by the municipal party Committee leadership assessment

Bei Qing: it is known, has enrolled a total of more than 1200 pieces of negative behavior, but ultimately a collection of 68, what are the selection criteria?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: on collection up of negative words and deeds, we for has one by one than on filter and antibody Combs, standard main is 3 points: first, merged “similar terms”, on similar content for integration; second, excluded “repeat items”, by deleting to legal regulations or discipline party rules has clear of content; third, delete “special items”, by deleting to in organ members cadres in the not has typical or representative of content.

North Green: Please when filtering organ and old comrades to check, they mainly do work?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: before they retire, mainly in City Commission for discipline inspection, municipal, municipal organization Department and party patrol group unit work, work experience, knowledge of relevant laws and party discipline, party rules. Old comrade the negative words and deeds came mainly to see the collection does have a certain universality in the organ cadres, cadres and the masses at the grassroots level if there are adverse effects and so on.

North Green: old comrades but also with other leaders involved in the checks?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: negative antibody in the combing process, the Municipal Commission for discipline inspection, organizational Department of the municipal party Committee, Working Committee of organs directly under the leadership involved, finally submitted to the municipal party Committee leaders of the validation.

Professional file requires party members with him, always learning

Bei Qing: now the reminded issued? 510,000 network reports true? Whether the free?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: at the moment, reminding the total printing of the more than 45,000 volumes, payable to party staff members of its party members. 510,000 copies of network reports, including an electronic version. In many ways, was reminded by 510,000 members are able to learn in the city. The reminded this is issued free of charge to members.

Bei Qing: the remind this pocket book form, requires party members to carry? Control at any time?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: release “Pocket Books” in the process, we issued a document, asked the members to “pocket book” often with you check, always learning, always on the watch. Meanwhile, in “two” study and education activities, require grass-roots party organizations with “three lessons” fixed and grass-roots organization, organizational learning discussion on party members, according to one reading, article-by-article control, actively guide party members and cadres “saying the right things, do the right thing.”

Bei Qing: Ningbo is one of the leading group of municipal party Committee of this reminded?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: the reminded also to members of the party leadership. Find adverse actions of party members and cadres is, in itself, party leaders put forward.

There were two negative actions or who interviewed remind

Bei Qing: it is understood that the mazhu town, has already interviewed nearly 20 grass-roots party members and cadres, these interviewees cadres were mainly relates to what are the negative words and deeds? Ning Zetao advertising for private or out of Olympics

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: being interviewed the negative actions of party members and cadres are mainly concentrated in terms of reaching people at the service, such as “this is not me, I don’t know”, “you have the ability to directly reflect well, I can’t.” There are few working style, for example, individual party members and cadres lack a big picture, just own an acre of three points, the lack of team spirit.

North Green: how to find these cadres who violate the ban?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: these negative actions, one is through the heart, talk with people found in the heart. ER is reflected directly in the working process of the masses. Yuyao launched the negative words to remind such as monitoring mechanisms, making the opposite side of the monitor to remind book, people looking for grass-roots cadres work during found cadres have negative words and deeds, directly reflect the registration. Third, based on the real state of party members and cadres work, spirit, found signs of procrastination, sloth, talking reminder.

North Green: If someone reports on negative words and actions of others, whether he is required to give evidence?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department: these negative actions because laws and regulations or party discipline, party rules cannot be used to determine, so strictly speaking are not “report”. When the negative actions of individual party members, and currently has three types of measures: one is the monitor to remind. Is to allow supervision by the masses, the party record. Second, interviews to improve. Party negative actions twice or more, by the Secretary of the party organization or team members talk reminder, ordered corrective action in a timely manner. Third, quantitative assessment. Negative records linked to assessment assessment, promote the use of party members, job adaptation, end of the assessment of cadres and party members, and “how to” mechanisms to integrate, improve the degree of binding and warning to party members.

What are negative words and deeds?

Ningbo Municipal Organization Department Department works Conference members, and organization at Director mamiaojinceng introduced, reminded this lists of negative words and deeds, has such several features: a is facts exists, some members cadres body occurred, often inadvertently between on appeared in daily life in the; II is not up outline line, is rate violation legal regulations and discipline party rules, between qualified members and committed law Zhijian of a “grey zone”; three is does have against, has must “lethality”, will in masses in the caused negative effect, Or even harm the party’s image.

The reminded lists which negative behavior?

Can’t say

1. “the Chinese new year holiday was not sent, on new year’s Eve don’t have anything to eat, make of the human touch is gone. ”

2. “what the fight against corruption, said the rules, are held for so many years, is not the wind, through a two-year, Thunder over the good. ”

3. “just wages, what class, tomorrow, will never get the job finished. ”

4. “or less can do this thankless task is wonderful, good leaders do not say I am good, fail or be scolded, can push or push away get on with it. ”

5. “said leader did not tell me about it, I’m not sure, and other leaders demanded. ”

6. “people now becoming harder to get, do not contact or contactless good. ”

7. “heart, also a form of, well, we don’t have the ability to really help to solve the problem. ”

8. “this is better for you to reflect, will pay attention to the above, tell us useless, we are a business. ”

9. “how to say talk to you is not clear, well, don’t tell you the things we already know, a message will inform you. ”

Things not to do

1. don’t trust Marty believe in ghosts, do not believe in science of Feng Shui.

2. do not say face to face, behind the nonsense, to deploy superior decision-making yingkang dare not, soft top.

3. forwarded jokes on the network does not distinguish between casual and keen to spread unproven so-called “inside information”, “significant Insider.”

4. people to call, said Buddy loyalty, subordinate to the superior does not say “gay” is called “the boss”, “boss”, between peer says “brothers”, superior to subordinate known as “brothers”, “guys”.

5. keen to show leadership visible work done, leaders don’t see too little.

6. door into face looks, things do not.

7. don’t enlighten people, accustomed to contradictions turned over, and even worked the crowd appeal.

8. Miss wine Board, meals, games, do not pay attention to the life section.

9. do not pay attention to their own image, violation of traffic rules, smoking in public places.

Shaanxi died after a deaf school boarders have a fever hospital officials say


Shaanxi died after a deaf school boarders have a fever hospital, officials say their own physical reasons

Hengshan language training for deaf schools.

Huashang news, in February this year, Yuyang district, Yulin city, who lives in the small town of Ji Han Chiang for children to live, Xiaoyu to Hengshan son language training for deaf schools. Didn’t expect, children less than six months, calls to the parents say school kids mild coma due to fever, however, sent to the hospital and found that the child was dying, died, died of multiple organ failure. In this regard, Yokoyama language training for deaf school principal Ma Xiaoqin said before the child’s body everything is normal, the cause of death is the body itself.


Children into the school died after 4 months

In February this year, Yuyang district, Yulin city, who lives in the small town of Ji Han JI master Khan village Chiang for his usual busy, unable to take care of children for a long time, and children who have language barriers, in order for your child to live on campus, he will be 11 years old son to Hengshan language training for deaf schools. “We are going to visit or take the kids home once a week, children will go home every few weeks. “Master Jiang told China business news journalists, children’s physical condition has been very healthy, does not have any symptoms.

June 14 10:30, master Chiang Ching-kuo’s oldest son Xiao feng got relatives call said, Cao teacher called Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu’s school teacher fevers above 39 c, and teachers to the 6 kinds of drugs and local clinics had bottle, Yulin, is being sent to the hospital on the way. Three counties in Guangxi lending difficult to

After learning of the news, Ms Baker’s wife, Wei Jiang hurriedly rushed to Yulin-jingbian express pick son. “Along with 3 teachers said children be cold fever, mild coma. “Ms Wei Xiaoyu to see the situation, decided to take their children to the local hospital, the result is not a fever a cold, but in critical condition, need treatment right away.

14th 14 o’clock, Wei, Yulin city, Ms emergency send their children to hospital for emergency rescue, at this point, the child has been in a State of shock after one day and one night the doctor had not interrupted the rescue ultimately died, died of multiple organ failure on June 15 about 14 o’clock, Xiao Yu left the world forever.

Xiaoyu’s sudden departure, for the whole family is in blue. Apart from pain, master Jiang’s family wondered what Xiaoyu in school what had happened. On June 16, the master before the family decided to go to school to understand Xiaoyu Jiang’s physical condition as well as activities within the school. “We request the review, school monitor failure cannot be viewed. “Master Chiang said angrily,” school surveillance video around 14th are not a problem, why only the 14th video fails? ”


Shaanxi died after a deaf school boarders have a fever hospital, officials say their own physical reasons

Xiaoyu’s sudden departure, for the whole family is in blue.

Children due to their cause of death

The morning of August 3, China business news reporters came to the Hengshan language training for deaf school, locked the door of the school. Phone calls to President Ma Xiaoqin, Xiaoyu in her normal diet, and there are no fights with other students. “The morning of June 14, found that children are not feeling well, not as lively as usual, initially thought the child was suffering from heat exhaustion, and give parents a call did not get through. “Ma Xiaoqin, discovered this after sending their children to a nearby clinic, the clinic said heat stroke, gave children a bottle, took the child to the school after the missed stitch in the Middle, while continuing to contact parents.

According to Ma Xiaoqin said, children, after seeing her mother Ms Wei also let out a cry of “mother”, later on, the parents took their children home. 14th Ms Wei County, Yulin city, the second child to hospital and doctors said was acute pneumonia, festering and lungs.

School and went to the hospital to doctors about the child’s condition, Ma Xiaoqin told Chinese business reporters, children pulmonary infections, school No. 890 people eat nothing, so there is no food-borne infection, child death is its own physical causes. Surveillance video of the families questioned, Ma Xiaoqin said: “because the school monitoring has been paralysed, is not a problem with the video of the day, after the accident, family members repeatedly came to the school to make trouble, to prevent similar situations in the future, we have to repair the surveillance video. ”

Second Hospital of Yulin city, hospital diagnosis proof shows, children belong to the septic shock (Decompensated), Lobar pneumonia, 21-trisomy syndrome (generally refers to children with down’s syndrome) as well as left over from surgery for congenital heart disease. After the death of Xiao Yu, residents fill a medical certificate of death cause of death was multiple organ failure.

Currently, public security, Hengshan Group has been involved in the investigation, the security group captain Dong Qingfeng said: “the case had just transferred from Xisha station, it is currently the case for further investigation. ”