Secrets of a petrol station transfer of the mediation agreement was forged by


Secrets of a petrol station: transfer of the mediation agreement was forged by the Court of the land, land and resources Bureau of Fuling report

Gas stations near residential areas concerned. Journalists surging Qi Zhou

A fake court civil mediation, “trick” review of Fuling district, Chongqing City Bureau of land and resources, avoiding land bid, auction process and let the reeducation-through-labor to rehab, Fuling district (Fuling education correction) to convert the land to RMB 60,000/acre price, transfer to Zou opened a gas station.

Recently, the oil Association President Li Fachang, Fuling, Chongqing will be the real name to the local territory and Business Bureau and other relevant departments to report and said this concerning the petrol station closed for 13 years suddenly opened. He believes that some of these illegal operations.

On June 20, in Fuling district Bureau of land and resources surging land use section tells news (www.thepaper.CN), verified, original, Fuling district rehabilitation Rehab with Zou of the civil mediation signed a forged this land after assignment of the bid, auction procedures, Bureau of land and resources has been reported to the police. On April 22 this year, the Council has to restore the land to its original state, to the land law enforcement agency for investigation.

In addition, surging News investigation found that the gas station also alleged there is insufficient space, approving a subordinate transfer and so on. As of press time, responsible for the approval and supervision of Fuling District News the surging Business Bureau did not respond to interview requests.

Fuling district, a dense network of gas stations and a group of corrupt officials

On June 20, next to drug addiction treatment of reeducation through labor, Fuling district in the neighborhood, “day for oil” high stone gas station (hereafter “Gao Shi station”) has been open for business.

This station was founded in 2003, until June this year open. GAO Shi gas station halted 13 years suddenly opened, Fuling oil Association President Li Fachang feels strange.

June 18, Li Fachang to surging news reflect, Gao Shi gas station built in original Fuling district reeducation-through-labor drug by of allocated with to on, Department Shi any Director Mr Albert CHAN, through Fuling District Planning Council original Secretary summer details paper, and business Board original Deputy Director Liu Xiyao illegal approval and built, built Hou prepared by China petrochemical sales limited chuan Yu Fuling branch (Sinopec Fuling company) of original head Xu a is responsible for acquisition, but for procedures not full, has been stopped with.

A related firms, September 19, 2010 the first financial daily carried reports of Fuling and the “most intensive gas station” event to investigate five corrupt officials, said at that time, Fuling district, near the West bus station, around the concentration of PFSs in the unusual–less than a kilometer there are 4 gas stations, two kilometres with 10 seats. Private intensive gas station with the intention of filling stations and petrol stations “permits” hands down to CNPC, Sinopec, from which you can profit up to millions of Yuan. Fuling district total 7 people suspected and this thing has associated, contains Liu Xiyao (was court to bribery crime, a trial sentenced to shall be sentenced to 10 years 06 months, recovered illegal proceeds 132,000 yuan), and summer details paper (has double rules), and Fuling district land resources Council assets section Lee surname Chief, and Fuling jiangdong drug by original Director Mr Albert CHAN, and local land auction Center Shaw a, and summer details paper of brother Xia Xiangquan, and Mr Albert CHAN of brother, 7 people. Besides Liu Xiyao, summer long text, the other 5 are dealt with.

Another according to Chongqing Court network October 17, 2005 published of Chongqing three in the hospital public trial original China petrochemical sales limited chuan Yu Fuling Branch Manager Xu a bribery case, prosecution organ allegations, July 2003 to March 2005, Xu a in served as China petrochemical chuan Yu Fuling Branch Manager during, using positions of will, in built double GUI Depot, and for built gas station by let land right and the acquisition gas station equity process in the, for others seek interests, received property amounted to 1.02 million Yuan.

Li Fachang, since these officers at Lok Ma, resulting in high rock stations due to incomplete failed to open, Fuling company of Sinopec gas stations are not acquired.

The end of 2014, Li Fachang was informed that the original, Fuling district rehabilitation Rehab Zou Gao Shi gas stations have been transferred to the locals. “The State allocated to the drug addiction treatment centres, how to build gas stations for commercial purposes? Transfer prices are ridiculously low. “Li Fachang said that as he understood it, the transfer price of only 92 Yuan/square meter, converted to MU about 60,000 yuan/MU.

When the end of, Li Fachang began to report irregularities to the relevant authorities of a petrol station.

Forge Court mediation completed land transfer

On April 5, 2016, real name several times to report against Li Fachang, Fuling district Bureau of land and resources issued by the GAO Shi for gas stations to it to reply.

Reply on the gas station of property situation for has introduced, said the land of right people for (original) Fuling district reeducation-through-labor drug by, card contains land uses for special with to, right type for allocated, card contains area for 1420.5 square meters, cases ground exists part frame building no handle property, by Fuling District Planning Council construction with to license (number 2004-62#), and construction engineering planning license (number 2005-7#), and planning acceptance certificate (Numbering planning and construction inspection Fu word “2005”, 50th), approved the planned land use for commercial (gas stations).

The reply also confirm that report mentioned in the letter the station handling the project, planning and facilitation of illegal parties, was the judiciary investigate the relevant responsibility.

Li Fachang believes that since the illegal handling, you should cancel this gas station project planning procedures. Anhui man thoracic surgery right after missing

Fuling district land resources Council in reply in the told Li Fachang, August 20, 2013, by “Fuling District Court civil mediation book (” 2013 “Fu method people early word No. 0763,)” mediation, original Fuling district reeducation-through-labor drug by and Zou a (GAO Shi gas station head) both reached agreement, by original Fuling district reeducation-through-labor drug by will the cases land Shang by built gas station of housing right and the facilities all handed Zou a, as mortgage arrears Zou a of engineering paragraph and interest. After the joint application, the land use rights transfer to Zou.

Li Fachang questioning the land prices are too low, the Fuling district Bureau of land and resources said in the reply, according to, Fuling district, Chongqing, Fuling District Government announced on State-owned land use right of the land premium notice and publicity (Fu Fu “2008”, 59th), as stipulated in the land level is level 11, floor leasing standards of commercial 92 Yuan/square meter. In accordance with the judicial mediation, both status purposes according to business (gas station) to pay the price, for a transfer of registration.

Surging news query the notification found that standard in Fuling district, State-owned land-price commercial grade 11 at 980 Yuan/square meter, 10-11 floor price of the land transfer standard for 112-92 Yuan/square meter.

Li Fachang believes that land land land should apply, rather than the application of floor price to sell gold standard. Li Fachang was informed, upon enquiry, is also built gas station, just one month before the land transaction, lidu town, Fuling district neighborhood of a large goose, sold 3.15 million yuan per MU, the land price difference of more than 50 times, and the lot has not been this good.

“Zou some drug addiction treatment of reeducation through labor, Fuling district never tried the original works how Rehab will owe him money? “Li Fachang suspicion, hence, Fuling district attorneys to court investigations, found” 2013 “Fu law No. 0763 at the beginning of the civil mediation client, reeducation through labor to rehab and Zou, Fuling district is not one.

This means that someone forged the “mediation agreement”.

Secrets of a petrol station: transfer of the mediation agreement was forged by the Court of the land, land and resources Bureau of Fuling report

Attorney’s investigation found that No. 0763 of the civil mediation, the parties are not original, Fuling district rehabilitation rehab and Zou.

On June 20, the land use section surging to Fuling district Bureau of land and resources news confirmed that after receiving a complaint of Li Fachang, they also had to court investigation, found in Fuling district rehabilitation rehab and Zou in a submission to the authority of the civil mediation is forged, the Council has made a report to police, the police have been accepted. On April 22 this year, the Council has been the transfer of administrative license revocation, to restore the land to its original state, and to the land law enforcement agency for investigation.

As for land prices are too low, the staff member said the transfer was allocated land-use right transfer into the secondary market, so the price is low. According to the rules, should withdraw after land auction procedures.

Hubei leigang neutral lawyer said, is not known for the fake seal on the book of the civil mediation is real or fake, forgery of the civil mediation the parties suspected of forging State documents, in accordance with the criminal code, punishable by 3 years ‘ imprisonment. Because of damage to the authority of the Court, result in land and resource Bureau made an error in the administrative licensing, if it is the more serious cases can be sentenced to 3 to 10 years ‘ imprisonment.

Secrets of a petrol station: transfer of the mediation agreement was forged by the Court of the land, land and resources Bureau of Fuling report

Jiang Mingjiu’s wife Pan Renlan and Sinopec Fuling branch jiangdong machinery for oil removal, signed the compensation agreement.

Gas station space battles and “files not found”

Surging News investigation found Gao Shi stations subject to approval procedures are not legitimate, but also suspected there exists the problem of insufficient space.

Jiang Mingjiu Pan Renlan River in Fuling and his wife operated a farm machinery for oil.

Jiang Mingjiu surging told the news, he and his wife, farm machinery for oil than the GAO Shi stations built before, from high rock gas station is only 300 meters due to lack of space on both sides, Gao Shi gas stations in order to let the feed spot removal, Gao Shi compensated 52,000 yuan to gas stations. On November 18, 2005, Pan Renlan and Sinopec Fuling branch jiangdong machinery for oil removal, signed the compensation agreement.

In the compensation agreement, party a to Fuling branch of Sinopec Gao Shi station, party b to Fuling jiangdong machinery for oil.

Secrets of a petrol station: transfer of the mediation agreement was forged by the Court of the land, land and resources Bureau of Fuling report

Fuling district undertaking issued by the Council.

Jiang Mingjiu also presented in Fuling District Council to the Jiang Dong machinery for points issued by the deed of commitment, District Council promises oil supply perform the removal compensation agreement, according to the procedure for their approval at a gas station. Jiang Mingjiu said, but the District Council Vice Director Liu Xiyao later Lok Ma, more than 10 years, this commitment has not been able to deliver.

In June 2016, Gao Shi gas stations suddenly opened.

On June 19, the surging news visits found starting from the high stone gas station, about 1.2 km from the CNPC Jiang Dong gas station.

“This distance must be standard, if there is no space requirement that’s not messed up? “PetroChina East station a staff member also expressed doubts, do not know how to get the approval of Gao Shi gas station is.

According to Li Fachang introduced, according to state economic and Trade Commission and the Ministry of construction jointly issued the opinion on improving gas station industry development plan (economy and trade trade [2003]147), Chongqing gas station industry documents, such as the platform for development planning, urban area not less than 0.9 km radius of station service. That is, the linear distance between two gas stations should reach 1.8 km, Gao Shi station distance from the CNPC Jiang dong station is far from standard.

According to the procuratorial daily newspaper dated September 7, 2010 published the former Vice Director Liu Xiyao violation of Fuling district, Chongqing City Council approval to build gas stations enrichment sentenced article says, in October 2005, due to the high mountains, Fuling Bay petrol filling station with nearby gas station spacing does not meet standard gas station spacing, in a State of suspension. No way, summer had received mountains Liu Xiyao Bay petrol filling station construction site, Liu Xiyao stand can resume building on the spot. In order to build this station, a before and after a total of three times in summer to Liu Xiyao 25,000 yuan. After Liu Xiyao Lok Ma, Alpine Gulf gas stations and other gas station spacing was removed.

“Alpine Bay petrol filling station were demolished, Gao Shi petrol stations why build it? “Li Fachang said after receiving his report, business had gone to the scene to stop the construction of gas stations, Fuling district, but in the end a 180-degree turn in attitudes of the Business Council.

On May 5, 2015, Fuling district Bureau of Commerce to make the requirements of Gao Shi Li Fachang gas station stop relevant formalities reflected back, said municipal commercial Commission licensed construction of the gas station was established, on the basis that “Yu” 2002 “51st” file, the file has no gas station spacing requirements.

According to the reply, according to the People’s Republic of China city planning law, reeducation-through-labor, Fuling district construction Commission of Fuling district on October 11, 2004 Rehab Fuling branch of Sinopec and the issuance of the planning permit for construction. In accordance with the Chinese legal system and legal effects, People’s Republic of China Law on city planning law prevailed over the oil product market regulations, the gas station, Chongqing approved management approach and the gas station industry development plan, Chongqing. Therefore, Gao Shi-station location meets the requirements.

However, Li Fachang News did not query the surging and “Yu” 2002 “51st” file. Surging news verification to the Department interviews, no fruit.

Gas station approvals approvals can transfer

News query the national credit information publicity system showed the surging city gas station for limited Gao Shi on February 6, 2015, registered and established in Chongqing, Fuling district trade and industry branch, approval date of November 4, 2015, head of Zou. Days for oil company limited on March 28, 2012 in Fuling, Chongqing Bureau of industry and Commerce registered shareholders and Zou Yuan.

In Fuling district municipal Bureau of Commerce said in the reply to Li Fachang, Chongqing Municipal Council on November 17, 2003 by the Sinopec Sichuan and Chongqing Fuling branch in Jiang Dong Gao Shi Fu Jiao road, Fuling district approval of the new service station (Chongqing shangte “2003” 183th) license, agreed to its construction. The Sinopec Fuling branch signed the Chartered gas station rehabilitation rehab, Fuling district building agreement, reeducation through labor to rehab, Fuling district are authorized to use “Sinopec” trademark. Fuling district of reeducation through labor to rehab on the high stone gas station construction project in line with the provisions, the procedure legal.

The reply said, Gao Shi station engineering construction completed in 2005, got mine inspection, fire inspection, such as planning acceptance, acceptance of documents. Gas station before the construction land is not standard, there are several forms of, sell, transfer, rent, later gradually developed as sold. Because they have been building, City Council and relevant government departments have not been canceled the station’s administrative permission, so the gas station acquisition of hazardous chemicals management licensing and retail management certificate of approval and operating procedures, can be put into operation.

Li Fachang said, according to Chongqing gas station approval management approach nine article fourth paragraph provides, bid units or personal holding city business Board approved file from issued a of day up calculation, in six months validity within handle planning, and land, and fire, related sector approval procedures, and in project starts construction Qian will above approval procedures reported city business Board record, validity within not get planning, and land, and fire, sector through and starts construction of, except special situation outside, Sentinel approved file natural void.

Let Li Fachang doubt is that high stone gas station construction began in 2003, 2005 approving the plans for the commercial (gas stations), and relevant waivers are granted to Sinopec Fuling branch and drug addiction treatment of reeducation through labor, Fuling district. Fuling district rehabilitation Rehab can you operate gas stations? GAO Shi gas station to take the original approval of the applicant’s bid for hazardous chemicals business and retail business approval certificates? Now, Gao Shi of the land station has been restored to its original state, gas stations can continue opening it?

Lawyer leigang believes that if the new company took over the station, should use the new declaration in the name of the new company, transfer of relevant documents was illegal.

The morning of June 20, news with related questions to the surging, Fuling, Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Director of the Council, one of Liu after reviewing the documents as a reporter, to consult the Deputy Director Yang how to deal with.

Did not expect is that the Deputy Director Yang shouted: “what investigations we? ”


Northwest Normal University seniors employment Department of Gansu province


 On June 22, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) College of Northwest Normal University, the disclosure of knowledge (hereinafter “School of knowledge”) nearly 500 seniors hit the “employment” event, there are new developments. Hotel yellow card survey involved chaos why difficult

On 24th, Gansu Province Department of education by official letter in response, true, has instructed the error information for the correct employment status of graduates of the school, and 6 persons responsible were given administrative demerits and administrative warning.

Gansu Provincial Department of Education issued by the College of Northwest Normal University, knowledge and employment situation of graduates of 2016 bulletin said on June 20, knowledge and graduates of College and some have signed a contract in small and micro businesses worried about their not eligible for the examination focused on Academy of knowledge to solve test problems. After receiving the report of the Institute of knowledge, Department of Gansu province high attention to College on college graduates ‘ employment work requires knowledge and practice in-depth self-examination, detailed problems in combed, article-by-article analysis of the reasons, serious corrective action. According to the students ‘ aspiration, knowledge and Institute a total of 551 people who intended to apply for “three help” exam graduates change the relevant information.

Reported that after receiving the knowledge campus, Department of Gansu province and Gansu province in the first Office of social communication, eventually agreed to allow the already small and micro businesses signed up graduates taking the exam.

At present, the knowledge Institute 2016 graduates have been sent has direct management responsibility in the work unit criticized the Department of Chinese language and literature, for 6 persons responsible were given administrative demerits and an administrative warning.

Mountain road collapsed 20 meters off a cliff Guangdong stopped a car on a rainy


Mountain road collapsed 20 meters off a cliff, Guangdong stopped a car on a rainy night after the couple saved more than 10 people

Road gap at that time of the incident. (Respondents)

Shaoguan, Guangzhou daily news, night of rain and hills surrounding La Ridge Road, national highway 323 milk all of a sudden collapse of large area, the road forms a cliff about 20 meters deep! Passing through a pair of Shaoguan city, Guangdong Province couple does not leave in a hurry after the escape, but risk warnings to the rear of the vehicle in the rain. In the couple’s efforts, more than 10 vehicles occur on the edge of the cliff for emergency braking, collision avoidance, avoiding the occurrence of a serious accident.

Yesterday, the reporter found the Save couple after several twists, let this scene completely emerged full of positive energy.

Travel insurance on a rainy night off cliff

Yesterday, the reporter Ruyuan County in the distance of about 10 km of a farm to find a rescue hero–Chen Peng. As “after the” Chen Peng, very shy, and remembering that night still haunt thrilling: “the night of June 12, my mother from County home farm, the wife on the same bus. “At the time, Ruyuan County coincided with a prolonged up to 3 hours after the storm, 23:40, Chen Peng, driving the car in the rain to enter la Ridge Road. This road is a winding road, when reporters drove through here yesterday, found that during the day, but because of the winding road, the road ahead is hard to see.

Chen Peng, passing through here late at night at that time felt her eyes: “everywhere is pitch black, and there has been a motorcycle driving in front of me. “Chen Peng, slowly walk behind the motorcycle. “After you turned a corner, I suddenly found the motorcycle travelling in front is missing! “Chen Peng said. Friendship boats comic author after 85 of nerd

When doubts just floating in his mind, he suddenly found that the lights shine, rain dance suddenly appeared in front of a piece as if the beast’s jaws-like crack! Almost instinctual reaction, Chen Peng, wrench steering wheel, car roared into the left lane quickly jump out. That instinctive action, so the couple escaped.

Chen Peng, parked the car view, the road so that he could not help but draw breath: there are approximately more than 10 meters long cement road surface have completely collapsed, on the right lane form a cliff some more than 20 meters deep. If there is no timely change lanes, then seconds later under the cart into the cliff. At this point, continue coming around moving of the mountain collapsed, jushi bang. “I was scared and feet are soft. ”

Mountain road collapsed 20 meters off a cliff, Guangdong stopped a car on a rainy night after the couple saved more than 10 people

Chen Peng, is a shy “90”.

Out barricades after a reminder

Chen Peng, looked around and pitch in the mountains, only his car flashing a faint light. “I was lucky to avoid, others may not be able to find. “Chen Peng, something must be done! Can’t let the tragedy happen.

Chen Peng, immediately called the police, and then drive to turn around and carefully drive back to bluff more than 10 meters in front of the road, the car and all the lights were turned on, and then open two flashing emergency lights. “I want to set up an artificial barrier, the drivers behind the alert. ”

Subsequently, he and his wife Xie Xiyue off, broke off a large number of branches from the hillside in the rain around the black hole edges put a warning sign. In the process of doing stuff, he suddenly found the edge of the cliff there is a figure of the motorcycle in front of his old man, after falling off a cliff into the yellow mud, and fortunately there is no big deal, then climbed up the hard way.

Open the phone torch wielding car

Chen Peng and his wife came to the cliff road across from the rear, open the phone’s flashlight, indicating to the lane the vehicle carefully after dozens of meters of cliffs. The storm, cell phone lights and their loud chanting is very weak, a truck loaded with goods coming from the rain and failed to find their warning, drove to the edge of the driveway!

Like “jam” as the truck roared, a rushed toward the cliff. Chen Peng, this nasty, later into the opposite lane and ran a few steps, and shout themselves hoarse shouting, holding hands desperately waved lighted cell phone. At this point before the driver finally got, a brake, big trucks with shrill cries finally slowly came to a stop a few meters from the cliff.

In this way, had rain as “wet” Chen Peng and his wife stopped in the dark, including large trucks, small vans, cars more than 10 vehicles, including a passing vehicle.

When police arrived at the scene, Chen Peng and his wife breathed a sigh of relief, quietly explained to police the circumstances drove away. Couple in the group, circle of friends issued reminders, by forwarding, news soon spread of the road collapsed.

Xie Xiyue said: “when we knew no one and the next day the car again in difficulties, very pleased. We not only thankful he escaped, fortunately we small Act can help so many people. ”

Jinan Street allegedly hacked into unknown police investigating


On June 17, surging to a person familiar with news (www.thepaper.CN) reflect, Garden village, Huashan town, licheng district, Jinan City, Shandong province, on the morning of a villager’s house demolitions, villagers armed with knives will house unidentified men stabbed to death. Licheng surging Public Security Bureau told the press, the police are investigating, researched after unification by the details of the case to be published.

Jinan Street allegedly hacked into unknown, police: investigating

Demolition site.

Garden village to the surging number of villagers-news, 17th, around 9 o’clock, a mining car the villager Yang Yubo wall destroyed, followed by two men in civilian clothes entered the room, was waiting at the home of Yang Yubo slashed with a knife. “1 man cut his arm, we’re fine. Another knife in the neck, people to die on the spot. ” 8 years between the national 360 city water logging

According to Yang Yubo was accompanied by the villagers surrendered to Hua Shan police station to be interviewed, was cut in the neck by Yang Yubo man is a “face”, and before the administrative enforcement agency as well as with the demolition crew came to Yang Yubo door. However, this claim has yet to be officially confirmed.

The evening of 17th, surging licheng Huashan, Public Security Bureau police station told the news, the case has been handed over to the overlooking Public Security Bureau. Licheng Public Security Bureau said Yang Yubo allegedly hacked to death house by unidentified personnel, a branch was investigating, released for research through unity.

100 000 sold baby boys Fuzhou public security women postpartum mood joke lesson


100,000 sold baby boys? Fuzhou public security: women postpartum mood joke, lesson

Police education and admonition, the woman has recognized the error, deeply sorry for his misconduct, and to ensure that the caution is published online in the future. A teacher assaulted girls in Gansu province official

Recently, an online shopping platform, information of the seller release 100,000 healthy baby boy. On June 15, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau was informed that the seller of a Fuzhou woman, a postpartum discomfort, bad jokes on the Internet have to sell their babies, there is no actual resale motives. Police education and admonition, woman has recognized errors.

At present, the news has been unable to release the surging sales of baby information shopping related information have been found on the platform.

Screenshot shows that ID as “Moonlight jeweler 007” sellers, register information display from the Hongshan Town, Fuzhou City, Fujian province. Sale information call: sell a healthy baby boy, 2 months old, and sleeps at night, MOM and Dad can’t take it anymore, decided to sell to good people, “price watch, ask away.” However, mark price, “100,000” and use PayPal to guarantee the deal.

News to see the surging, trading information has for sale boys photos still look very healthy. In the trading post, and sellers shout interactive, asking price, and so on.

In this regard, some netizens questioned is a spoof or speculation, said whatever the motivation, open sale of baby boys have been committed. For this reason, many netizens to the Fuzhou municipal public security authorities.

On June 13, the Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog of the public information network security supervision detachment, said friends broke the news of the case, the police have been involved in the investigation.

The night of 14th, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau informed through the official Micro-Blog said, after investigation, the post sold baby boys one woman surnamed Zheng in Fuzhou, a postpartum discomfort, bad jokes on the Internet have to sell their babies, there is no actual resale motives. Police education and admonition, the woman has recognized the error, deeply sorry for his misconduct, and to ensure that the caution is published online in the future.

Inform reminder, networking is not outside the law, the public security authorities will crack down on all activities of illegal exploitation of network crime.

Guangdong live murder video network the police rumor less of a shot to the head


12th, users on Twitter, micro-spread a piece of text and video information on the letter, saying “what happened last night in xuwen County, Zhanjiang city at the splendor hotel, live murder video, shot to the head”. Zhangbei officials as impoverished area protect

Zhanjiang police denial, after verification, xuwen County did not take place at the splendor hotel in recent days to kill malignant cases, such information as false information. Internet rumors, xuwen County at the splendor hotel “shot to the head” live video to kill comes from outside the social networking platform “Twitter” on popular old video.

The truth is: the morning of June 10, xuwen County, Zhanjiang city splendor Hotel lights car crash escape events occurred, the perpetrators were public scuffle. Scene shooting, no casualties. After the traffic accident scene video released to the public on the Internet.

At present, the police are on the up, spreading a false alarm stern of the wrongful act.

Yunnan ninger primary fights free black evil phenomena involved family reconciliation


Beijing, Kunming, June 9, ninger County party Committee propaganda Department, Yunnan province 9th “description of counties directly under the assault of primary school students” says after looking up, beat the cause of quarrel caused disputes, free black, evil-related phenomenon, directs solicitation to participate in conduct of community idle-free. Currently, students have returned to normal life and study the parties, families on both sides have reached an understanding.

Recently, Internet media, forwarded, reproduced ninger County students from feeder primary schools in beating video. After the County party Committee and Government, attaches, timely arrangements for education, public security and other departments to investigate.

Identify, network video in the near future, the parties involved for minor students at school, students had no significant injuries. Beat the cause of quarrel caused disputes, free black, evil-related phenomenon, directs solicitation to participate in conduct of community idle-free. Currently, students have returned to normal life and study the parties, families on both sides have reached an understanding. North Green Phoenix suspended the siege the ticket

For further purification campus around environment, maintenance school security order, ninger County, and Government Organization education, and safety, and police, and judicial, and workers letter, and market supervision management, and traffic, and fire, and style broadcasting tourism, and Wei Ji, sector carried out County campus contradictions disputes troubleshooting and the Security special regulation, carried out minor people thought moral education, and youth activist, and minor protection nursing, and prevention minor people crime, legal regulations of publicity, enhanced minor people of legal consciousness, through family, and school and social of common efforts, Providing a healthy environment for minors.

“Information note”, said student parties are minors, from the point of view of protection of minors ‘ lawful rights and interests, appeals to individuals or organizations deleted posts and no longer forwarding related videos, create a good learning environment for the children.