Villagers to save another 3 000 Yuan or 14 years ago medical expenses hospital


“Even the patients admission information is hard to find, never thought he’d be back Active money do doctors for decades, is the first time I encounter such patients. “In recent days, the media who interviewed, zengcheng district people’s Hospital in Guangzhou, Vice President, Director of the General Surgery Department Huang Yannian was moved to repeated the same sentence.

A month ago, 44-guangfeng dongtang village-yellow water, take a motorcycle to the town in the morning, transfer to the county seat, take the shuttle bus to the Shangrao city, then sit for more than 10 hours of hard seat train, traveled to Guangzhou zengcheng district people’s Hospital. “I’m here to make money. “Standing in front of the medical section, yellow water with sweat, one language was confused by staff.

It turns out that in late December 2002, zengcheng-yellow water alone to work, unable to find a job, and no money to eat, cause gastric perforation after several days, sent by well-wishers to the city people’s Hospital, 3000 Yuan owed to the House of Commons after medical expenses. When they are discharged from yellow water promises, the money will come back.

Time speeds up for 14 years. Meanwhile, he’s doing odd jobs around, each time you save a little money, are sent back home before the emergency. “I always wanted to get, there are some workers suggested that I don’t, say for so many years, hospitals have long forgotten by others, but in my heart, zengcheng is a warm city forever, let alone owe it a lifeline, where conscience OK? ”

Today, the “city people’s Hospital” with the adjustment of administrative division changed its name to “zengcheng district people’s Hospital”, a lot of information is difficult to find. According to the field staff, spoke at the hearing-yellow water after a ballpark, they immediately turn on the system, but has in the past more than 10 years, the hospital information system has also been updated several times, can’t find yellow-water access to hospital records and specific tuition information.

“This money, I must. “Yellow water from close in his pocket and pulled out a big stack of carefully finishing Yuan, on the staff on the desk, turned around and ran out.

Staff ran out and pulled him, give the money back to him, but he put the money back on the desk. Time after time, yellow water turned to find hospital finance section. There, he finally found his overdue records.

About half an hour later, yellow water back in the medical section, receipt in hand, he said: “I finally finished the long cherished wish. ”

For now, Huang chose to stay at Shi Tan town, zengcheng district-water Green Lake City site to do small jobs, shaved a necessary expense for a month, can earn two thousand or three thousand dollars. He told reporters that his biggest wish is to marry your home building, take good care of the elderly.

Saying: hospitals that year to selfless heart sick, yellow water concept now on yellow water is as good as gold or debt, more people moved. “Owe it to save money, conscience where decent”, behind this statement is honest, play. CCTV surveys 5 minutes to buy thousands of bank