No share press you to death privileged second generation forcibly extort post


Unwilling to be a threat, rice area network technology (Shanghai) co founder of Feng Yintao on April 1 at 18 o’clock in the micro-company letter, published on the public, entitled “outrageous: entrepreneurs was forcibly occupied by privileged II extortion of startups” post report shareholders Wang Meng Xia Heng and his wife “powerful forces” intent to take his personal 59% equity.

Feng Yintao posted two hours later, the posts referred to in the Wang Meng Xia Heng to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau-SEC team, claiming national leader, brother’s daughter, and Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Bai Shaokang greeted the Secretary, demanded that public security organs immediately deleted posts, sealed, public, posters.

But their tricks were quickly seen through by the police. Surging News survey found that behind this post is to seize illegal benefits, fake identity cards, posing as relatives of national leaders with the intention of enticing or coercing Feng Yintao free transfer of stock fraud.

The afternoon of April 8, news from the Shanghai police that surging, Wang Meng, Xia Heng on suspicion of fraud, has been arrested according to law on April 2, at present the case is still under further investigation.

Entrepreneurial returnees threatened: not to stake, press you to death

Feng Yintao to return to business for just over a year at a time when company is entering a start, suffered a “Thunderbolt”.

The night of March 29, several partners agreed to convene a meeting of the company, determine the company’s financing structure and shares a couple of days ago, shares 20% shareholders Xia Heng suddenly interviewed him, called him to a room.

Xia Heng claimed “he of wife is national leaders of immediate family, power Babel, in Shanghai can cross with go”, “see which people not pleasing, see which company not pleasing, wants to how on how, casually press died”, “they and Shanghai City led familiar, Friday also to with dinner”, “can wants to Ann what charges on Ann what charges, put he lane ‘ in ‘”.

Tao Xia Heng Feng printing an ultimatum to him before April 1 agreed to his request for inter vivos transfer of shares. Otherwise, he will press the “button”, “unpredictable” consequences borne by the Honourable Frederick FUNG.

Heard this threat, first encounters the Feng Yintao fooled.

“Xia Heng with whom I worked for one year, I he claimed that his wife was dubious about the relatives of national leaders, but was also scared. “Feng Yintao said, leaving him with only two choices: either keep the original company, but his stake reduced from 60% to 1%; or setting up a new company, no shares, all assets split, new companies continued to hold the rest of the shell of the company 70%.

“I think he is all very leisurely arrogance, that made me prefer to believe them, not free. “Feng Yintao said he tossed and turned thinking about two nights later, on the ultimatum date, decided to publicly posted online to seek public support. Meanwhile, he immediately reported the case to the Shanghai police for help.

Reported: I am the relatives of national leaders, I deleted posts

Feng Yintao Internet post issued two hours later, the dramatic scene happened.

Around 20 o’clock, Xia Heng and his wife made a report to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau-SEC team, said von due to ownership disputes and summer, von post malicious slander attacks on two of them, demanding police immediately removed the post and seized tiny letters, public, investigation and handling of the poster.

“Two people coming, entry-level trend. “The police said, reported the woman claiming to be relatives of national leaders first, have lived here for a long time, in order to prove her identity, she also took out an ID card. Police see namesake’s last name and a national leader on identity cards, the number is 110102199109040520, and address for the West Changan Street, Xicheng District, the 174th.

Is the occasion of civilian police suspicious, reported Shanghai Public Security Bureau Bai Shaokang, woman claimed that she had greeted the Secretary, request urging police as long as she can, man, made a report and accompanying her, aside from time to time agreed.

As a precautionary, the police report was then made to the women’s identity card held by the Ministry of public security information system of the population query, discover is no information. Subsequently, the police in detaining the two of them, and for conducting the review and investigation.

A carefully packaged lie to reveal!

Female suspect package into the “daughter”, even the husbands were kept in the dark

After preliminary interrogation, claiming to be relatives of national leaders called the Wang Meng, Dandong, Liaoning people, 25 years old, unemployed. Another informant Xia Heng was from Shanghai, 34 years old, rice fields shareholder.

In January 2015, Wang covered by rental in Beijing, Chaoyang District, a man surnamed Dong has forged an identity card and a name for CHOWONG MAGIC YIMEG fake United States green card. One day in August, Wang Meng to the card “Magic” name to join a start-up micro-letter groups and found Xia Heng group, plus friends.

Meanwhile, Wang Meng to Magic as a package in the United States to study, in the Sydney seaside life “white Phu”. Magic and Xia Heng through frequent interaction, Xia Heng beauty full of the good life in the circle of friends was attracted.

After months of talk, Kings, summer and the two men thought the time was right, then meet meet in Shanghai in mid-January this year. Since then two people living together, a few days later, their Magic lied about pregnancy, the two men got married in Shanghai. But wait until April 2 when police took King to the hospital to check, but no King has found signs of pregnancy.

Police said after the wedding, Wang Meng Xia Heng said many times, she is in fact a national leader, brother’s daughter, summer and fall. Since March of this year, King, summer through the meter controls shareholders to introduce 5 million investment in an attempt to dilute Feng Yintao stake, until it is out of the company, embezzled shares.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the couple staged a farce m shares in a domain of extortion.

Police said Wang Meng Xia Heng on the grounds of the first relatives of national leaders to put pressure on Mr FUNG, forced von concession shares. Let the two of them doesn’t expect to be, after von is subjected to pressure, not only furuan also condemned two people posting.

See Feng Yintao claimed that relatives of national leaders of it seriously, and publicly available on the Internet, Wang Meng in fear, fear of things, and desperate, rushed to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau-SEC reporting Corps, again posing as relatives of national leaders, claiming that the main leaders familiar with public Security Bureau, he spoke angrily asked the public security organs to deleting, and posters.

Xia Heng is also surprisingly, his wife calling the relatives of national leaders identity, United States study abroad experience, Australia life, with United States green card, even pregnant, is the big lie.

Scammers posting apologize for previously unverified hastily posted

The afternoon of April 8, Feng Yintao company micro-letter out of the shadow of fraud on the public release of “venture extortion seized the latest developments” article.

He first had no verified cases in the network hastily posted apologize adversely affected. “It was nasty under the indignation, reckless, through public posting, inappropriate wording, which led to misunderstanding, for which I apologize for. ”

Feng Yintao Shanghai police promptly thanks efficient, rigorous and careful handling. “Report issued recently, I made a report to police, police overnight that night to be interviewed, verification, investigation and evidence collection, and reassuring me that if there is a criminal case must be dealt with according to law, must be the truth. ”

Feng Yintao said that through this event, he recognized national building society, high pressure against corruption now, anyone, including relatives of senior cadres, no attempt to pass power to gain unfair advantage. “If we face similar situations, should be reported to the police or to the relevant departments in the first report. ”

In the article, Feng Yintao also said he believes that Shanghai police and Government to safeguard society, determination and ability to rule of law, entrepreneurial environment, believe that as the country’s construction of the rule of law, business environment will be better and better.

Police are also surging news that online information cohabitation, the public is important to improve the ability to identify, not incorrectly relay erroneous messages. Relatives met with leaders or staff identity trickster activities, should be payed to alarm.

“Report: extortion micro-latest articles about fiction, public enterprise”

Venture extortion invasion event news 

The year 2016-04-08 

Dear m domain community partners and concerned, caring meter field of dear friends,

M domains from being blackmailed by events last week have a certain impact on the normal operation of the community, communities have since returned to normal operations this week, our young team also sought to refocus attention back to do our job well.

On Friday about a King and his wife, a (Magic) claiming to be relatives of national leaders to blackmail the m domain report post, attracted the interest and concern of everyone, when the urgency of the situation, under the indignation, reckless, I m micro-public domain post, improperly phrased, which led to misunderstanding, caused some social impacts. I am sorry about that.

After the post reported, Shanghai police reacted quickly, scanning the survey. We also cooperate with the police investigation, police enforcement process is very rigorous and meticulous, I deeply feel the country’s great progress in the construction of the rule of law, on display in the Shanghai Police professionalism, engagement is very appreciated.

We know that some, given all the attention, we also wish to share fiction and latest developments.

I came back to China to start a business in early 2015.

Graduated from the National University, after studying overseas for 8 years. Although the work has made some achievement, enjoying stable high income, but always think back to the motherland is of belonging, fight in the national tide of entrepreneurship and innovation to realize the value of life. Shanghai surging tree mother and Ali 20 000 reward

February 2015 after returning to the country, and in March 2015, and was founded in July “a meter better” space all the chips and “rice field” space management brands.

Rice fields have four co-founders, me 40% unit’s total, three other shareholders, including Xia Heng shares 20% shareholders.

After the team’s unremitting efforts, to early 2016, Mi Yu in Shanghai urban core operations of the site, and in the Joint Office of the increasingly heated competition cases, momentum is getting better.

When it comes to March 2016, Mi Yu started the angel round of funding. Have multiple intentions soon, valuations are high. Team are looking forward to meter can be solved through the angel round of financing shortage faced by domain, operation, problems such as a lack of investment in the market, will also discuss the share structure after determining financing, better incentives for the Executive team.

However, on March 29, 20% Xia Heng shares all of a sudden talking about me, called me into a room, saying:

 His wife is Magic is the central leadership’s immediate family, rights of Babel in sideways in Shanghai;

 • See which personal dislike to see which company is thin, just do whatever you like, whatever “press die”;

 • Me and my team, you can press anything counts just on what charge, “”;

 • Shanghai city leaders, and they are familiar with, will be Friday for dinner

 • To me an ultimatum, to requests for shares before Friday, I agree with him; or Friday will press the “button”, what are the consequences, we have to bear;

I heard this threat, Meng was forced, for the first time in this situation, worked nearly a year of Xia Henghui claimed that his wife was a central leader of the relatives, though doubtful, but I was also afraid.

Last choice is,

1. keep meter controls: but my shares from major shareholder reduced to 1%, not price

2. the establishment of the new company: not my shares of the new company, transferring all assets split, the new company continued to hold the rest of the m domain shell 70%

For several days I have to communicate with him, seek leeway, also trying to verify the identity of his wife.

However during the Xia Heng had begun to take over the team, telling his wife Magic team members and forcibly expelled a member of the team, awed by the other identity we are skating on thin ice with alarms.

Until Friday, when the deadline, but did not find a solution.

At the last minute, I once again found Xia Heng, hopes it can maneuver, however, but was told “not to give it a try.” Although I more likely he or she is a liar, but worked for a year to establish confidence and arrogance of the other’s all very leisurely, I prefer to believe them, not free. Anger decided to fight desperatedly, stand erect, and to seek public opinion support by publicly posting and immediately reported the case to the Shanghai police that night, asking for help.

Report, Shanghai police attaches that night overnight transcripts, verification, investigation and evidence collection, more seriously. Professional but also reassure my fellow police officers attitude, must be the truth, if there is a criminal case will be dealt with according to law. The next few days, the police investigation to verify, active and collecting evidence.

Now as far as we know, this is all a scam, Xia Heng’s wife wasn’t a relative of the leaders of the Central Government, is totally fake identity, through racketeering to extortion.

In front of high-energy, plot owners.

Original Magic real name is Wang Meng Xia Heng wife from Liaoning, studying in Beijing. Father works in the railway system, and his mother is a teacher. Magic gave his English name.

One day in August 2015, circle of Magic to join a start-up micro-letter groups. And Xia Heng was found in the cluster, and make friends.

Wang Meng turned the Magic into a sweet, tall white Phu. In United States schools NYU study abroad, in the Sydney seaside life. Magic’s dad quit and went into business and immigration officials, the mother is Beijing’s key middle school teacher.

The Magic show of Wang Meng Xia Heng is a popular beauty, being hard in pursuit, and obtain a United States green card.

Magic and Xia Heng through frequent interaction. After months of talking, Xia Heng on the circle is filled with a variety of beauty Magic took a liking of the acting life.

Wang Meng may have felt it was time, and let the Magic tells Xia Heng, interview in Shanghai.

Magic from Liaoning came to Shanghai in early 2016, fabled to meet them.

Xia Heng anticipation for fume Blanc netizens, however, WTF, reality was different from before the photos how?!

(Father didn’t tell you, did netizens are death at first sight? )

Wang Meng Xia Heng very disappointed with your true self, and decided to sent out another identity “Emma”.

“Emma” is the girlfriends of Magic. Emma with Xia Heng whom deeply be fooled by Internet users, with good intentions, and tells Xia Heng Central leaders of the Magic that is relative, offi cials, due to too much pressure before suffering from depression, medication leads to build completely out of shape, shrinking in height; mainly to see the temperament …

Even Magic staged a depression “explosion” to jump off a farce.

Xia Heng back, let the Magic has been living in his home in Shanghai.

But unexpectedly, the cool-headed officer a few days Magic claims that she was pregnant; “relatives of leaders” pregnant, must be married! So Xia Heng and Magic Declaration were married.

But Xia Heng did not know Magic “relatives of leaders” of identity, United States study, Australian life, United States green card even pregnant, but Wang Meng’s fiction.

Married “relatives of national leaders,” Xia Heng may think they can no longer be bound by the law, can immerse themselves in outside the law, he thought that life there is a shortcut, twisted, began to swell, began to use their “my son-in-law is” role trying to Obtain improper benefits.

Thus, a domain shares the couple directing extortion meters farce,

Eventually, being forced to similarly deluded I sent the post reported on Friday.

Fortunately, rapid and timely intervention by the police, Wang Meng’s lies were soon exposed. In the case is still under further investigation, believes Wang Meng’s lies and Xia Heng extortion will be punished under the law.

Shortly before vaccination, and my personal experience, let us feel the height of Shanghai urban management and rule of law, make us feel justice and professionalism of the police. Praise for the Shanghai police point again!

Through this event, we also recognize that in today’s national building society, high pressure under the anti-corruption situation, anyone, including relatives of senior cadres, no attempt to pass power to gain unfair advantage. If you encounter a similar situation, should be reported to the police or to report to the relevant departments in the first, believe in the rule of law, the Shanghai police and Government to maintain social, determination and ability to rule of law, entrepreneurial environment.

The entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurs need a good social environment and the rule of law, with the construction of the rule of law, business environment will be better and better.

Friends care m domain, this time for the unity of our team is more mature and experienced, also won the support of many friends, and we will work harder, strive, achieve our dream of China. Through the efforts of each of us, and make our country more beautiful.

Democracy, the rule of law, equality, freedom, openness, dreams, creativity, unafraid.


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