Guilin Xinhua asked sky high priced fish why the market rules often run


Nanning Xinhua News on April 23, catty giant price of 1500 Yuan, a 3.3-catty giant price 5000 Yuan. Recently, tourists in Guilin city, a normal restaurant experience “through the baby fish”, under the mediation of the police, paying visitors to a 1500 Yuan price “”, which triggered heated discussion.

From “38 a Qingdao prawns” Harbin “398 Yuan a kilo of sturgeon fish”, then the “sky-high giant” event, “astronomical” phenomenon, lower limit lower people’s expectations at the same time, some consumer problems and even fear. Behind the dispute, the prices of “high priced”, “list price” is it against? Market rules why frequent a runaway? Reporters investigated.

A nearly 5000 “price fish”

Recently, Wang arrived in Guilin from Guangdong to play with friends, visit the district, Guilin city, a day after the night of April 18, at the recommendation of a taxi driver, they came to binjiang Road restaurant “the river gourmet” meal.

“The waiter recommended ‘ beer giant ‘ for this dish, but no prices on the menu, friends had previously worked in other places to eat the baby fish or asking price. Before we recognize the clerk put the fish to death. “The King said.

“The fish are falling after death, the waiter told us, this giant invoicing catty 1600 Yuan, not invoice catty 1500 Yuan, a total of 3 kg 32 total of nearly 5000. “Ms Wang said, friends used to eat the most expensive doll in Guilin was seven hundred or eight hundred Yuan per kg of fish,” slaughter “, after a consult with the shop prices to no avail, you can only select alarm.

Restaurant staff told Xinhua News Agency reporters in an interview, is completely different: “the restaurant is clearly marked, not only on the menu, and mark price at the fish pond. Customers want to eat special food, we recommend beer fish, after customers came to the fish pond and asked is there a better fish, I recommend the baby fish. Fish weight and price, I signed them. ”

Reporters saw in the documents from the restaurant manager app, beer giant price is 1500 catty, weighs 3 pounds, customer signature writing easy to read. “32 fish weighing 3 pounds, said customers can be cheaper, we just under 3 pounds. “Waiters said.

Police night after receiving the police, arrived at the scene within 2 minutes of mediation, the two sides agreed on a lump settlement 1500 Yuan, except the baby fish, but there is also 1 River shrimp and 2 dish of vegetables and 1 bamboo rice. After you open the account, Ms Wang and friends didn’t eat food left.

“During the police, there was no physical confrontation on both sides. After the end of mediation, customer voluntarily. “Police Tang Zhiyong said.

“Through fish” after the incident was exposed, Guilin Municipal Government organized the prices, business and other related departments, Xiufeng district and set up a joint investigation team to investigate. At present, the joint investigation team investigating the “recommended interest relationship to taxi drivers and restaurant dining” restaurant “is clearly” “restaurant is suspected to hard sell or unfair competition”, and so on.

Guilin municipal price Bureau Liu Hongguang told reporters that although when surveillance video of the incident, but no sound, the current investigation to verify the work continues.

“High priced”, “list price” why the behavior is difficult to check?

Commerce Department data show that restaurant for individual businesses concerned, registration of a name as “River gourmet, Xiufeng district”, dated July 3, 2015 approved by the management. Reporters found that on August 10, 2015 restaurant concerned had been charged media exposure “sky-high meals” restaurant is the name “Riverside gourmet”, the restaurant was renamed “River gourmet.”

Restaurant Manager, told reporters that its sales of baby fish is purchased from a market in downtown Guilin, are farmed, priced between 300 to 400 Yuan catty. Worth noting is that the sales price per kg in the event the baby fish up to 1500 Yuan. Previous “super price” of goods, the operators claim to have “pricing power”. Then, “high priced”, “price” are there rules for constraint?

Liu Hongguang told reporters that the price law stipulates that operators price, shall not violate the laws and regulations of profiteering. Compatible with the clearly stated that the interim provisions on prohibition of exorbitant profits, the prices of goods and services fees shall conform to “a certain level of prices of goods or services is not over the same area, in the same period, in the same grade, the average market price of the same goods or services of reasonable range”.

In accordance with this provision, means that if the giant price restaurant, more than the average market price of the same grade in the area desirable range should be subject to appropriate constraints.

However, implementation of the regulations has been a reality “bottleneck”. “In the interim provisions on prohibition of exorbitant profits ‘ average market price of the desirable range ‘ no related implementing rules, with profiteering qualitative and difficult to operate. Current market price supervision of relevant laws and regulations lag behind the pace of the open market price. “Liu Hongguang told reporters.

Guilin Liu Jinbiao, Deputy Secretary for trade and industry said, in addition, consumer awareness of lack of evidence, evidence may be destroyed before some businesses surveyed, Department law enforcement evidence is very difficult.

How to ensure that market rules are no longer the “runaway”?

From the “sky-high priced shrimp” to “expensive fish”, various “super price” events continue to challenge public expectations lower, market rules why frequent “runaway”?

Chinese society for future studies tourism Vice President Liu Simin said, “super price” of events mostly in tourism consumption, and off-site consumption, because of costs and other concerns, consumers are often forced to endure, even conciliatory, causing similar incidents have occurred frequently. “High priced”, “list price” is a challenge for tourism environmental credibility, is also a challenge for the entire market.

Xia xueluan, a sociology professor at Peking University that “astronomical” events frequently display lack of credibility environment, some businesses try to rely on one or two times the sale of profiteering, harming the interests of consumers in the business activities.

Liu Hongguang told reporters that “sky-high priced fish” after the incident, Bureau staff contact Ms Wong several times, hoping to ask, but Wang refused to accept inquiry, expressed willingness to have given up. On April 23, staff of the price Bureau of the autonomous region have rushed to Guilin guide the work of investigation and evidence collection, pricing departments will investigate direction focusing on the analysis of video stores.

Liu Jinbiao said the business sector next to main survey involved restaurants associated with the taxi driver whether a benefit exists, if you find drivers there are kickbacks, will be handled in accordance with acts of unfair competition to the restaurant. Henan Zhengzhou express pull cart Shipping due

Liu Hongguang said, the key is to make the regulatory system implemented, strengthen market supervision to establish authority, law complete, perfect and implement a vigorous market supervision system.


Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people


On April 21, April 20, 14:23, xinpu town, Cixi city, Zhejiang Province, Qi Tang road and new road intersection to 1 km west of Zhang subgrade under a large truck rushed into village clinic, and one person was trapped, desperately needed. After Hangzhou Bay new zone alarm fire Squadron, immediately set out in 1 emergency rescue vehicle, 7 firefighters rushed to the scene and rescue, followed by bridge fire rescue vehicle to reinforce the squadron. Beijing, Wang Lei photography

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

On April 21, April 20, 14:23, xinpu town, Cixi city, Zhejiang Province, Qi Tang road and new road intersection to 1 km west of Zhang subgrade under a large truck rushed into village clinic, and one person was trapped, desperately needed. After Hangzhou Bay new zone alarm fire Squadron, immediately set out in 1 emergency rescue vehicle, 7 firefighters rushed to the scene and rescue, followed by bridge fire rescue vehicle to reinforce the squadron. Beijing, Wang Lei photography

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

14:40, after firefighters arrived at the scene, the traffic Police Department is now at hand, and has adjustable excavator aside, Hangzhou Bay area fire fighting Squadron commander to quickly view, revealed that already and the wall firmly glued together, break the wall and goods scattered in a car, CAB has been buried by mud on the car.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

Ascertain the location of trapped persons trapped, commanders ordered the relief troops cope with excavators to clean up debris, expanding the rescue space.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

Around 15 o’clock, bridge rescue vehicle reinforcements arrived at the scene, quickly joined the rescue. 16:30, cleaned up mud pressure in cab of excavator, in the perspective of trapped persons appear in the ranks of, the rescue personnel immediately divided into two groups, a group of soldiers to assist police departments responsible for the alert to evacuate crowds, another group of soldiers using hydraulic spreader, hydraulic ejector, toothless saw, shovel, crowbar, and other rescue equipment to rescue them.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

After a 30-minute continuous efforts, trapped was successfully rescued, but is the result of the medical examination, signs of trapped persons have lost their lives.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

According to alarm people memories said: at he are driving with vehicles driving in seven Tang Highway Shang by West to East open, due to at rain big speed in 40 code around, behind big truck over he of car, according to Visual at truck of speed in 70 code to 80 code Zhijian, in truck over he car Hou forward probably hundreds of meters of like, he on see truck rushed Xia subgrade Hou wall, he will car stopped immediately alarm.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

Relevant departments of the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

The rescue scene.

Zhejiang subgrade under a large truck rushed into the clinic by 1 people

The rescue scene. Indonesian Zoo were found using illegal means

Ministry of Civil Affairs and exposure 100 cottage communities multiple General


Photo: network

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Authority on civil society organizations for Chinese social networks “offshore societies” “cottage communities” exposure revealed three consecutive batches list, the community continues to provide the home with new lists and leads. 19th, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the fourth batch of 100 “offshore societies” “cottage communities” list.

The fourth instalment of “offshore societies” “cottage communities” include: Minister of Chinese General Hospital, the China painting and calligraphy artists Federation, the China Photography Association and Chinese Management Association, China Association of chefs, financial management association, the China Association of vocational education, China Association for investment in 100.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs said, cottage associations are mainly mainland residents on social organization registration and management system of inside and outside use, registered in countries with relaxed registration conditions and areas. Some cottage community through active, affiliate, branch organization in the form of deception to pocket money.

In early March this year, for Chinese social organizations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, civil authority network exposure first 203 “cottage communities” list, including “Chinese charity Association” China “Security Association”, “Chinese quality Association” prefix and a number of country club, relating to health, education, food and other industries. On March 25, the Ministry of Civil Affairs on its website after the verification of the second batch of 11 “offshore societies” “cottage communities” list to be published.

On April 6, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the third group of 15 “offshore societies” “cottage communities” list, and has logged “offshore societies” “cottage communities” list, “brand China industry Union” three organizations submitted such as proof of cancellation.

It is understood that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has got hold of “offshore societies” “cottage communities”, 328. Among them, the same name registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs Association of China international economic and technological cooperation Association, the urban rail transit Association, the China Association of higher education in China and the China investment Association.

Ministry of Civil Affairs said that the dynamic management of the exposure list, updated in a timely manner, and to monitor the logged out society. If these copycat organizations registered in foreign, unregistered or active licensing activities carried out by temporary, will be banned, confiscation of illicit proceeds of property, responsible person warnings, fines or detention.

The fourth instalment of “offshore societies” “cottage communities” list

1. Minister of Chinese General book gallery

2. General Chinese calligraphers Association

3. China’s Minister of General Academy

4. General Minister of Chinese painting and calligraphy Institute

5. the General Chinese calligraphers Association

6. the General Chinese painting and calligraphy Institute

7. the great wall of China, General book gallery

8. General cross-strait book gallery

9. Secretary General, China painting and calligraphy Association

10. China artists Association

11. International artist Association of China

12. International Association of calligraphers

13. the China Photography Association

14. China Photographers Association

15. art photographers Association Death of China s reform and opening up important

16. China Association for medical device management

17. China pharmaceutical industry association

18. China Association for measurement and testing technology exchange

19. China chefs Association

20. the Chinese Internet industry association

21. China Civil Engineering Consulting Association

22. the Confederation of construction enterprises in China

23. the China Youth Association for folk music

24. Chinese artists Association

25. China Association of young sea turtles

26. the National Association of planners

27. China Belly Dance Association

28. China Cultural Development Association

29. the development of China’s financial investment Association

30 Institute for financial management

31. China vocational education association

32. China Association for contemporary education

33. China Chinese culture research society

34. the Association of Chinese traditional culture

35. the Institute of traditional Chinese culture

36. the International Association of traditional culture

37. the China culture research society

38. the Chinese Confucius culture Association

39. the Association of the Chinese Confucius culture

40. International Association of chefs

41. China Association for art education

42. China Association for Standardization education

43. the promotion of education of China

44. China Association for international exchange

45. China guqin Association

46. the Chinese guqin Art Association

47. China’s piano art study

48. Art Institute

49. the Chinese research society for dance arts

50. the Chinese Association of film and television

51. the Federation of Chinese painters and calligraphers

52. China’s energy saving and environmental protection industry association

53. energy saving and environmental protection, China high-tech industry association

54. the promotion of national cultural industry development of China

55. the National Centre for international brand promotion

56. the Association of Internet finance in China

57. the promotion of economic development of China

58. new materials technology Association of China

59. the society of Chinese tea

60. the Association of the Chinese tea ceremony

61. China tea brand association

62. the Chinese tea culture International Exchange Association

63. China tea Association

64. the Association of Chinese tea culture

65. China’s enterprise reforms and Development Association

66. China National Association for international exchange

67. the promotion of private economy development of China

68. the China educational reform Association

69. China purchasing association

70. the Federation of Chinese entrepreneurs

71. China Association for medical devices

72. China’s city development strategy study

73. the international medical travel Association

74. the Association of Chinese painting and calligraphy artists across the Taiwan Straits

75. the Institute of Chinese painting between Mainland and Taiwan

76. peasant associations

77. the Chinese Arts Association

78. the Chinese calligraphers ‘ Association

79. China Federation of art

80. China contemporary calligraphy and painting society

81. the Federation of international sports dance in China

82. the Federation of international standard dance in China

83. International Dance sport Association of China

84. international dance artists Association of China

85. the International Federation of Arts and culture

86. the wine industry association of China

87. the wine society of China

88. China population Association

89. China Association for designers

90. International Association of architects

91 International Interior Design Association

92. International Association for arts

93. the Federation of Chinese designers

94. the displayed art industry association of China

95. China survey design Association

96. the China survey design Association

97. the China exploration and design trade associations

98. China Association of engineering investigation and design industry

99. the China survey design Association

100. “the investment Association of China” (registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs Association name)

7 hit by a truck with a car accident killed two pregnant women hearing the deceased


7 hit by a truck with a car accident killed two pregnant women, hearing the deceased husband and the perpetrators tried

Beam a court North of new Visual

Beijing evening news on April 17, a few days ago, in traffic accident Beijing, Tongzhou district people’s Court trial in criminal cases, unfortunately died in an accident in the pregnant woman’s husband emotional impulses, and perpetrators are tried. Sichuan Office of retirement services officer

Trial on the day when the judge called a recess, bailiffs are preparing to beam some of the accused out of court, sitting in the Gallery of Liu suddenly stood up, lose to beam some yell, rushed up to ask Leung, was eventually stopped by the marshals. Beam in front of some, in Mr LAU’s view is nothing short of a “murderer”, and his wife Wang Liang MOU was crushed to death in the womb the child of less than three months away from him. In this tragic accident, killing not only the King, there is another, a pregnant woman and a car driver.

Beam is 37 years old, in Inner Mongolia. Earlier work in the trucking, mining mining for their livelihood. On November 10, 2015, beam pulling a cart ready to return from the Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, large vehicles to six-ring road, Tongzhou district outside the loop, to align with the front of a (male, who died at 39 years old) driving the tail of the car crash. In the presence of inertia, large truck pushed the car forward, and the front of the car, small bus, truck collide in turn, causing seven cars and even hit.

Align the car driving serious deformation as a pile of scrap metal, he was inside the car with the two female passengers in the back, Wang (who died 30 years old), MA (died 25 years old) died on the spot.

The hearing, Leung admitted he overloaded, said when opening the one-day car, very tired, a bit of trance. Occurs when the van arrived at six traffic jams, he saw the car in front of more and more slowly, was very upset, and turned the car into two road, but the car in front suddenly brakes, he quickly stepped on the foot brake, but no brakes. “Cars, and close tightly. “Liang MOU said.

After the accident, Liang got off to align a woman seated in the passenger rescue, active alarm and waited at the scene. After traffic control detachment finds that beam a primary responsibility for the accident.

“I’m sorry family members of the deceased, I went out to positive compensation. “Liang MOU claims to be rural, family didn’t have much money, or borrowing money to buy large vehicles, he wants to pay for but it is difficult.

The Court found that the beam a violation of traffic regulations driving serious traffic accident resulted in three deaths, vehicle damage and other consequences, their behavior constituted the crime of causing traffic casualties. Liang MOU voluntarily surrendered, and truthfully the offence, surrender, may be given a lighter punishment according to law. Beam has no criminal record, and involved in the rescue operation after the accident, court confession, repentance, may, where appropriate, punishment according to law. Finally, the Court sentenced Liang MOU shall be sentenced to 4 years and 6 months.

Dead Wang and Ma were three months pregnant, “expectant mothers”. Ma’s husband, Mr White has been unable to accept the reality, “live well, and my wife is gone, children gone. “In the face of reporters ‘ questions, Mr White in tears.

Mr Liu and his wife, Wang sweetheart, a daughter of under one year of age. Before the accident, his wife pregnant with a second child, a family immersed in happiness. “Baby not mother, brings us so much pain. “Referred to his wife, Miss grief:” our suffering is for life, not for any price. ”

Shanghai gym owner from dog eat dog and man was arrested for 15 days The Court


67 year old man never thought his dog was killed by a sudden black dog live, were interrupted again after 4 ribs.

In recent days, after the case was reported by the associated press, attention on the Internet. Micro letter public, issued a document saying, “field residence of the two suspects was sentenced to prison, while Shanghai JI suspects because to cause trouble and was detained for 15 days. “In this regard, Shanghai Minhang district court official micro-blog says:” understand that case is still in the stage of examination and prosecution of procuratorial organs, network has been made ‘ 15 days ‘ sentences false information. ”

On April 13, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), journalists from the people’s Procuratorate of Minhang district Shanghai was informed that Yao Mou, a Lee, Huang gang crime suspects, beating another person, one person in two minor injuries, one minor injury, aggravated criminal facts are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient, shall be criminally on charges of affray, and common crime. A few days ago, Shanghai Minhang district people’s Procuratorate approved the arrest three suspects.

Shanghai gym owner from dog eat dog and man was arrested for 15 days? The Court: not yet sentenced

Three suspects the video screenshot.

Find dog theory was beaten

According to the Prosecutor’s Office introduced, money man and his wife who lives in Minhang district, Shanghai Ying Jia Yuan. In 2007, they used 6000 Yuan to buy a samoyed, who had no children, this samoyed has usually been treated as family.

6:30 A.M. November 20, 2015 or so, old man all alone walking the dogs in the community. When he walked to the district 39th floor door, a black dog without dog leashes all of a sudden came out from the man behind the money, direct samoyed of biting his neck.

“I’m worried about my dog being bitten, so then I went to the big dog. After the big dogs away, I turned around to see a big dog owners walk behind me, was a Shanghai man for more than 30 years. “Money man recalls, he asked Yao out of walking the dog, dog owners why don’t you hold the rope, Yao a lame argument, conversely man not dog leashes.

“Dog leashes to hold it in my hand, I told him that my dog is holding well, because after being bitten by his dog off my dog leashes. “Money man recalls, Yao claimed that money man beat his dog, both sides began to dispute pulled up. At this point, that black dog bite samoyed not let go, Yao look in the eyes is not stopped.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office introduced, a dog owner Yao Mou is the owner of a fitness club, live in the 82nd, inside the building, horse dog of his breed, temperament is a strong, often used in police or military dog. Fu expired raw material sentencing the company

Money man with Yao a push comes as two employees of Yao Huang and Lee saw the boss clashed with people, both black and white, rushed out from the 82nd floor, came directly to the money man kicked and punched, knocked to the ground.

“They beat me out when not wearing shoes. Later, a lady in the room reminded them of no shoes, they return to the House after you wear the shoe, ran out and continued to beat me. “The old man said.

After beating, two employees tow tug and money man to the 82nd floor of the room. At this point, the money man has ignored their Ma dogs bite, that’s being the samoyed. After being dragged into the room, the three men continued to beat it man, until a neighbor came out to dissuade three people just forget about it.

, Money man go home alone. Her husband was beaten, the money man’s wife hurried alarm, and send him to Minhang Central Hospital for treatment. Through identification, money man induced by traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, di3-7 on the left side of rib fractures, respectively, constitute a minor II; in traumatic fracture of the nasal bone on the right side, is slightly injured.

Is the samoyed bite is the kind people take home the money man on the day of the crime. According to the money man wife revealed, samoyed was brought home when the body is weak, can only lie on the ground. “I rush at the hospital with my husband the other day, did not take care of the dog, November 22 at 10 o’clock I went home and immediately call pet doctor’s visit, after doctors said the dogs were dying. “Samoyed who was sent to a Pet Hospital, but injuries killed. “Doctors said that dog died after being severely beaten, cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine seems to have been interrupted. “Money man said his wife.

Three suspects arrested by the approved

On November 20, 2015, Yao, Li, Wong was summoned to case by public security organs. Lee, yellow rear not initially for the basic facts of a case, after the police obtained evidence, further confessions after their interrogation the fact that two people beating the money man.

Meanwhile, Yao a case after refusing to confess to crimes. Prosecutors said Yao has always been argued did not participate in the beating or abetting the assault.

Prosecutorial organ said, even cannot finds Yao a implementation has any active of beat, and directed, and help behavior, also can according to not as common crime of theory, finds Yao a Department this case of accomplice, that Yao a in this case in the for its first behavior and has implementation corresponding Active behavior (discourage) of specific obligations, and its can implemented is not implemented, eventually common led damage results of occurred.

So, Shanghai City Road, Minhang district, people’s Procuratorate think, crime suspects Yao Mou, and Lee a, and yellow a partnership, free beat others, to a people two at sustained minor injuries, and a at minor injury, plot bad, its behavior has committed People’s Republic of China criminal No. 293 article first paragraph subsection (a) items, and 25th article first paragraph, crime facts clear, evidence does, and full, should to belligerent trouble crime held its criminal, and is common crime. Suspect Li Mou, Hwang truthfully their crimes, according to the People’s Republic of China Criminal Code article 67th of the provisions of the third paragraph may be given a lighter punishment.

A few days ago, Shanghai Minhang district people’s Procuratorate on suspicion of affray offences the three suspects approved the arrest.

Journalists surging from the prosecution was informed that the three suspects, besides Shanghai JI Yao outside a health club owner, JI Lee is the gym coach in Jiangsu Province, to be good at boxing. Anhui Huang as the health club employees, on August 10, 2007, for committing the crime of rape by the people’s Court of Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, sentenced to three years and six months.

In recent days, after the case was reported by the associated press, causing an uproar on the Internet, netizens have accused the three suspects of strong partnership cycle to beat unarmed old man, and for dog owners do not use the rope to restrict horse dog running, either by their crazy bite docile samoyed, expressed strong dissatisfaction.

Journalists noted the surging, even with light public issued a document saying, “field residence of the two suspects was sentenced to prison, while Shanghai JI suspects because to cause trouble and was detained for 15 days. “The message through your circle of friends is widely spread, many netizens on Twitter @ Shanghai Minhang District Court asked the relevant circumstances.

A few days ago, Shanghai Minhang district court official micro-blog post in response to users, saying that “to understand that case is still in the stage of examination and prosecution of procuratorial organs, network has been made ‘ 15 days ‘ sentences false information.”

Yunnan province the civil service exam candidates have entered for selling answers


Yunnan provincial exams just after the registration of the civil service, many candidates received a “supplementary information”. “Initially received text message says internal answers, there is contact. I think it is a lie, like to tease them, decisive and QQ. “Net friend Yang Yang said, he provided only a mobile phone number, result the other side of his name, identity card number, graduate school, apply for jobs all out. “How is my information leaked? So-called 100% questions answers are true? Is terrible! “Yang Yang said.

Even the candidates ‘ father received a text message

“Yunnan provincial civil service examination, providing test before the original questions and answers, ensure one-time easily passed, have zero rest assured, postpaid; online QQ:xxxxxxx, call Liao teacher: XXXXXX” it is Yangyang received on April 6, a number that starts with 106 sent text messages, information was last attached to the name of a well-known domestic exam training institutions.

The afternoon of April 7, little Zhang Ye received 3 of the same number in a row message. SMS can be received on April 23 (the provincial exam day) precision information each message with QQ numbers.

Yangyang upset is that he not only got the text message, and father received a text message, he suspects it is because when the application filled in the family’s contact information.

10 minutes to check the registration information

Ocean in accordance with the message content and the other QQ friends.

The other said, offers 100% topic and 85% the right answer is not all correct answers are provided in order to avoid points too high cause suspicion.

“I do not believe at first, but said as long as I provide phone number, you can find out my registration, my past, they really find out my name, ID, and even I apply for jobs found here. “Yang Yang said, they even searched until he graduated from the University, he was shocked.

Reporter borrowed a candidates, has added the “6th Burson-Marsteller to help test customer service” QQ number, reporter with the phone number after 10 minutes, accurate information on easy to identify the candidates. “We work with internal, who provided the information. “The customer said, the original question answers from” examination centre “,” cooperation for several years, we are just intermediary services. ”

Customer service call of conscience

Calls for further verification, the customer started to ridicule: “work more than 10 hours a day, I’m very tired, this at least six or seven candidates as you try to find this one, checks still don’t believe us. ”

Reporter claims to be poor student and had been deceived, the service said: “we are all born to parents, conscience, no need to lie to you that more than 2000 Yuan. 2000 constituted fraud, we are not to take the risk. ”

On another QQ number customer service says they are internal operations, and direct provision of the original question and answer, not yati, which is the guarantee of reservation might be for each candidate.

Journalist put forward meeting requests were refused: “benefit at the same time, we also need to protect their own security, and after all this is not to sell cabbage. ”

Another customer service also advised ocean: “you know it is illegal in itself is no guarantee, in collaboration with major is what you believe, if you don’t believe that, we say nothing. ”

Lump-sum payment of 70 percent

“Places are limited, a post only available to one person. “” Burson-Marsteller to help test customer service 6th “said that if the full entry, internal leadership will notice they are no longer accepting entries.

The customer said, paid in two ways, one is half the advance costs 2300 Yuan, after the exam to pay the other half another is a one-time lump sum, 70 percent off full price 3200 Yuan. Original content will be direct delivery a week before the exam. Hunan village woman was wrongly detained 186 days

“If we are lying, how dare face to face delivery. “The customer service to ask for contact addresses, then urged the journalists to pay,” do not handle deposit how do you know you will not cancel cooperation. “And say they have multiple operations, and to eat, completely trustworthy. Reporters pretended to agree, the other suggested reporters direct payment through ATM, and provided a 62284814392386907XX named “Sun Xiao” bank accounts.

“Reporters remind”

Don’t let it take a chance

China has strict requirements on the civil service exam, in order to prevent cheating and drain problems, very stringent security measures have been taken. In recent years, the media have reported candidates to buy the questions fall for example. Advise the candidate on his own strength test, do not have luck, wasted time and fraud. Meanwhile, we also want to ask candidates more information leaks out?

No share press you to death privileged second generation forcibly extort post


Unwilling to be a threat, rice area network technology (Shanghai) co founder of Feng Yintao on April 1 at 18 o’clock in the micro-company letter, published on the public, entitled “outrageous: entrepreneurs was forcibly occupied by privileged II extortion of startups” post report shareholders Wang Meng Xia Heng and his wife “powerful forces” intent to take his personal 59% equity.

Feng Yintao posted two hours later, the posts referred to in the Wang Meng Xia Heng to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau-SEC team, claiming national leader, brother’s daughter, and Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Bai Shaokang greeted the Secretary, demanded that public security organs immediately deleted posts, sealed, public, posters.

But their tricks were quickly seen through by the police. Surging News survey found that behind this post is to seize illegal benefits, fake identity cards, posing as relatives of national leaders with the intention of enticing or coercing Feng Yintao free transfer of stock fraud.

The afternoon of April 8, news from the Shanghai police that surging, Wang Meng, Xia Heng on suspicion of fraud, has been arrested according to law on April 2, at present the case is still under further investigation.

Entrepreneurial returnees threatened: not to stake, press you to death

Feng Yintao to return to business for just over a year at a time when company is entering a start, suffered a “Thunderbolt”.

The night of March 29, several partners agreed to convene a meeting of the company, determine the company’s financing structure and shares a couple of days ago, shares 20% shareholders Xia Heng suddenly interviewed him, called him to a room.

Xia Heng claimed “he of wife is national leaders of immediate family, power Babel, in Shanghai can cross with go”, “see which people not pleasing, see which company not pleasing, wants to how on how, casually press died”, “they and Shanghai City led familiar, Friday also to with dinner”, “can wants to Ann what charges on Ann what charges, put he lane ‘ in ‘”.

Tao Xia Heng Feng printing an ultimatum to him before April 1 agreed to his request for inter vivos transfer of shares. Otherwise, he will press the “button”, “unpredictable” consequences borne by the Honourable Frederick FUNG.

Heard this threat, first encounters the Feng Yintao fooled.

“Xia Heng with whom I worked for one year, I he claimed that his wife was dubious about the relatives of national leaders, but was also scared. “Feng Yintao said, leaving him with only two choices: either keep the original company, but his stake reduced from 60% to 1%; or setting up a new company, no shares, all assets split, new companies continued to hold the rest of the shell of the company 70%.

“I think he is all very leisurely arrogance, that made me prefer to believe them, not free. “Feng Yintao said he tossed and turned thinking about two nights later, on the ultimatum date, decided to publicly posted online to seek public support. Meanwhile, he immediately reported the case to the Shanghai police for help.

Reported: I am the relatives of national leaders, I deleted posts

Feng Yintao Internet post issued two hours later, the dramatic scene happened.

Around 20 o’clock, Xia Heng and his wife made a report to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau-SEC team, said von due to ownership disputes and summer, von post malicious slander attacks on two of them, demanding police immediately removed the post and seized tiny letters, public, investigation and handling of the poster.

“Two people coming, entry-level trend. “The police said, reported the woman claiming to be relatives of national leaders first, have lived here for a long time, in order to prove her identity, she also took out an ID card. Police see namesake’s last name and a national leader on identity cards, the number is 110102199109040520, and address for the West Changan Street, Xicheng District, the 174th.

Is the occasion of civilian police suspicious, reported Shanghai Public Security Bureau Bai Shaokang, woman claimed that she had greeted the Secretary, request urging police as long as she can, man, made a report and accompanying her, aside from time to time agreed.

As a precautionary, the police report was then made to the women’s identity card held by the Ministry of public security information system of the population query, discover is no information. Subsequently, the police in detaining the two of them, and for conducting the review and investigation.

A carefully packaged lie to reveal!

Female suspect package into the “daughter”, even the husbands were kept in the dark

After preliminary interrogation, claiming to be relatives of national leaders called the Wang Meng, Dandong, Liaoning people, 25 years old, unemployed. Another informant Xia Heng was from Shanghai, 34 years old, rice fields shareholder.

In January 2015, Wang covered by rental in Beijing, Chaoyang District, a man surnamed Dong has forged an identity card and a name for CHOWONG MAGIC YIMEG fake United States green card. One day in August, Wang Meng to the card “Magic” name to join a start-up micro-letter groups and found Xia Heng group, plus friends.

Meanwhile, Wang Meng to Magic as a package in the United States to study, in the Sydney seaside life “white Phu”. Magic and Xia Heng through frequent interaction, Xia Heng beauty full of the good life in the circle of friends was attracted.

After months of talk, Kings, summer and the two men thought the time was right, then meet meet in Shanghai in mid-January this year. Since then two people living together, a few days later, their Magic lied about pregnancy, the two men got married in Shanghai. But wait until April 2 when police took King to the hospital to check, but no King has found signs of pregnancy.

Police said after the wedding, Wang Meng Xia Heng said many times, she is in fact a national leader, brother’s daughter, summer and fall. Since March of this year, King, summer through the meter controls shareholders to introduce 5 million investment in an attempt to dilute Feng Yintao stake, until it is out of the company, embezzled shares.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the couple staged a farce m shares in a domain of extortion.

Police said Wang Meng Xia Heng on the grounds of the first relatives of national leaders to put pressure on Mr FUNG, forced von concession shares. Let the two of them doesn’t expect to be, after von is subjected to pressure, not only furuan also condemned two people posting.

See Feng Yintao claimed that relatives of national leaders of it seriously, and publicly available on the Internet, Wang Meng in fear, fear of things, and desperate, rushed to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau-SEC reporting Corps, again posing as relatives of national leaders, claiming that the main leaders familiar with public Security Bureau, he spoke angrily asked the public security organs to deleting, and posters.

Xia Heng is also surprisingly, his wife calling the relatives of national leaders identity, United States study abroad experience, Australia life, with United States green card, even pregnant, is the big lie.

Scammers posting apologize for previously unverified hastily posted

The afternoon of April 8, Feng Yintao company micro-letter out of the shadow of fraud on the public release of “venture extortion seized the latest developments” article.

He first had no verified cases in the network hastily posted apologize adversely affected. “It was nasty under the indignation, reckless, through public posting, inappropriate wording, which led to misunderstanding, for which I apologize for. ”

Feng Yintao Shanghai police promptly thanks efficient, rigorous and careful handling. “Report issued recently, I made a report to police, police overnight that night to be interviewed, verification, investigation and evidence collection, and reassuring me that if there is a criminal case must be dealt with according to law, must be the truth. ”

Feng Yintao said that through this event, he recognized national building society, high pressure against corruption now, anyone, including relatives of senior cadres, no attempt to pass power to gain unfair advantage. “If we face similar situations, should be reported to the police or to the relevant departments in the first report. ”

In the article, Feng Yintao also said he believes that Shanghai police and Government to safeguard society, determination and ability to rule of law, entrepreneurial environment, believe that as the country’s construction of the rule of law, business environment will be better and better.

Police are also surging news that online information cohabitation, the public is important to improve the ability to identify, not incorrectly relay erroneous messages. Relatives met with leaders or staff identity trickster activities, should be payed to alarm.

“Report: extortion micro-latest articles about fiction, public enterprise”

Venture extortion invasion event news 

The year 2016-04-08 

Dear m domain community partners and concerned, caring meter field of dear friends,

M domains from being blackmailed by events last week have a certain impact on the normal operation of the community, communities have since returned to normal operations this week, our young team also sought to refocus attention back to do our job well.

On Friday about a King and his wife, a (Magic) claiming to be relatives of national leaders to blackmail the m domain report post, attracted the interest and concern of everyone, when the urgency of the situation, under the indignation, reckless, I m micro-public domain post, improperly phrased, which led to misunderstanding, caused some social impacts. I am sorry about that.

After the post reported, Shanghai police reacted quickly, scanning the survey. We also cooperate with the police investigation, police enforcement process is very rigorous and meticulous, I deeply feel the country’s great progress in the construction of the rule of law, on display in the Shanghai Police professionalism, engagement is very appreciated.

We know that some, given all the attention, we also wish to share fiction and latest developments.

I came back to China to start a business in early 2015.

Graduated from the National University, after studying overseas for 8 years. Although the work has made some achievement, enjoying stable high income, but always think back to the motherland is of belonging, fight in the national tide of entrepreneurship and innovation to realize the value of life. Shanghai surging tree mother and Ali 20 000 reward

February 2015 after returning to the country, and in March 2015, and was founded in July “a meter better” space all the chips and “rice field” space management brands.

Rice fields have four co-founders, me 40% unit’s total, three other shareholders, including Xia Heng shares 20% shareholders.

After the team’s unremitting efforts, to early 2016, Mi Yu in Shanghai urban core operations of the site, and in the Joint Office of the increasingly heated competition cases, momentum is getting better.

When it comes to March 2016, Mi Yu started the angel round of funding. Have multiple intentions soon, valuations are high. Team are looking forward to meter can be solved through the angel round of financing shortage faced by domain, operation, problems such as a lack of investment in the market, will also discuss the share structure after determining financing, better incentives for the Executive team.

However, on March 29, 20% Xia Heng shares all of a sudden talking about me, called me into a room, saying:

 His wife is Magic is the central leadership’s immediate family, rights of Babel in sideways in Shanghai;

 • See which personal dislike to see which company is thin, just do whatever you like, whatever “press die”;

 • Me and my team, you can press anything counts just on what charge, “”;

 • Shanghai city leaders, and they are familiar with, will be Friday for dinner

 • To me an ultimatum, to requests for shares before Friday, I agree with him; or Friday will press the “button”, what are the consequences, we have to bear;

I heard this threat, Meng was forced, for the first time in this situation, worked nearly a year of Xia Henghui claimed that his wife was a central leader of the relatives, though doubtful, but I was also afraid.

Last choice is,

1. keep meter controls: but my shares from major shareholder reduced to 1%, not price

2. the establishment of the new company: not my shares of the new company, transferring all assets split, the new company continued to hold the rest of the m domain shell 70%

For several days I have to communicate with him, seek leeway, also trying to verify the identity of his wife.

However during the Xia Heng had begun to take over the team, telling his wife Magic team members and forcibly expelled a member of the team, awed by the other identity we are skating on thin ice with alarms.

Until Friday, when the deadline, but did not find a solution.

At the last minute, I once again found Xia Heng, hopes it can maneuver, however, but was told “not to give it a try.” Although I more likely he or she is a liar, but worked for a year to establish confidence and arrogance of the other’s all very leisurely, I prefer to believe them, not free. Anger decided to fight desperatedly, stand erect, and to seek public opinion support by publicly posting and immediately reported the case to the Shanghai police that night, asking for help.

Report, Shanghai police attaches that night overnight transcripts, verification, investigation and evidence collection, more seriously. Professional but also reassure my fellow police officers attitude, must be the truth, if there is a criminal case will be dealt with according to law. The next few days, the police investigation to verify, active and collecting evidence.

Now as far as we know, this is all a scam, Xia Heng’s wife wasn’t a relative of the leaders of the Central Government, is totally fake identity, through racketeering to extortion.

In front of high-energy, plot owners.

Original Magic real name is Wang Meng Xia Heng wife from Liaoning, studying in Beijing. Father works in the railway system, and his mother is a teacher. Magic gave his English name.

One day in August 2015, circle of Magic to join a start-up micro-letter groups. And Xia Heng was found in the cluster, and make friends.

Wang Meng turned the Magic into a sweet, tall white Phu. In United States schools NYU study abroad, in the Sydney seaside life. Magic’s dad quit and went into business and immigration officials, the mother is Beijing’s key middle school teacher.

The Magic show of Wang Meng Xia Heng is a popular beauty, being hard in pursuit, and obtain a United States green card.

Magic and Xia Heng through frequent interaction. After months of talking, Xia Heng on the circle is filled with a variety of beauty Magic took a liking of the acting life.

Wang Meng may have felt it was time, and let the Magic tells Xia Heng, interview in Shanghai.

Magic from Liaoning came to Shanghai in early 2016, fabled to meet them.

Xia Heng anticipation for fume Blanc netizens, however, WTF, reality was different from before the photos how?!

(Father didn’t tell you, did netizens are death at first sight? )

Wang Meng Xia Heng very disappointed with your true self, and decided to sent out another identity “Emma”.

“Emma” is the girlfriends of Magic. Emma with Xia Heng whom deeply be fooled by Internet users, with good intentions, and tells Xia Heng Central leaders of the Magic that is relative, offi cials, due to too much pressure before suffering from depression, medication leads to build completely out of shape, shrinking in height; mainly to see the temperament …

Even Magic staged a depression “explosion” to jump off a farce.

Xia Heng back, let the Magic has been living in his home in Shanghai.

But unexpectedly, the cool-headed officer a few days Magic claims that she was pregnant; “relatives of leaders” pregnant, must be married! So Xia Heng and Magic Declaration were married.

But Xia Heng did not know Magic “relatives of leaders” of identity, United States study, Australian life, United States green card even pregnant, but Wang Meng’s fiction.

Married “relatives of national leaders,” Xia Heng may think they can no longer be bound by the law, can immerse themselves in outside the law, he thought that life there is a shortcut, twisted, began to swell, began to use their “my son-in-law is” role trying to Obtain improper benefits.

Thus, a domain shares the couple directing extortion meters farce,

Eventually, being forced to similarly deluded I sent the post reported on Friday.

Fortunately, rapid and timely intervention by the police, Wang Meng’s lies were soon exposed. In the case is still under further investigation, believes Wang Meng’s lies and Xia Heng extortion will be punished under the law.

Shortly before vaccination, and my personal experience, let us feel the height of Shanghai urban management and rule of law, make us feel justice and professionalism of the police. Praise for the Shanghai police point again!

Through this event, we also recognize that in today’s national building society, high pressure under the anti-corruption situation, anyone, including relatives of senior cadres, no attempt to pass power to gain unfair advantage. If you encounter a similar situation, should be reported to the police or to report to the relevant departments in the first, believe in the rule of law, the Shanghai police and Government to maintain social, determination and ability to rule of law, entrepreneurial environment.

The entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurs need a good social environment and the rule of law, with the construction of the rule of law, business environment will be better and better.

Friends care m domain, this time for the unity of our team is more mature and experienced, also won the support of many friends, and we will work harder, strive, achieve our dream of China. Through the efforts of each of us, and make our country more beautiful.

Democracy, the rule of law, equality, freedom, openness, dreams, creativity, unafraid.