Shaanxi street side guardrail and killed a pregnant woman neck police have ruled


On March 28, the mizhi country, Shanxi a pregnant woman neck choked on street-side guardrail death. 29th, mizhi publicity Bureau, Public Security Bureau personnel to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that eliminate the possibility of homicide.

Live video display, pregnant woman neck stuck in the narrow railing, legs, knees, many members of the public tried to open railings on both sides, rescued by pregnant women, but without success. Meanwhile, stuck the pregnant woman has no signs of struggle.

Mizhi County, a witness told the word news, happened opposite the mizhi Fu Tai department store, estimate the young pregnant woman in street-side rails hold for some reason when accidentally stuck the head and neck. In front of the ambulance crew rushed to the scene, and women had died of suffocation. Shaanxi Relief Corps detachment hammer wounded

Mizhi County public security brigade staff confirmed to the news the surging, pregnant women after the incident were confirmed killed, the specific reasons are still under investigation.

Surging mizhi publicity Bureau, Public Security Bureau told the news, the time of the incident, the woman was pregnant, and sick in body, after investigation and eliminate the possibility of homicide, which is investigating.


MiniMonos linking children s virtual world and the real action on social games


MiniMonos: linking children's virtual world and the real action on social games

Recently reported a lot about Facebook allows children under the age of 13 to register Facebook accounts dispute, you may automatically think of perhaps no social networking site is child-oriented or kids want to go. That’s not true, there are a lot of social networking sites, gaming sites, virtual world is oriented towards children under 13 years old. In fact, last year, a report said that 1 billion registered users of virtual worlds for more than half of them children under the age of 15.

Recently, a children’s site is MiniMonos, a New Zealand startup, just six months and already has over 250,000 registered users. Of course, this popular and over 6 million active users per month compared to Disney’s Club Penguin, is certainly to shame. MiniMonos and virtual world of Club Penguin and other Web sites, has a lovely head, fun games and virtual goods. In addition, Minimonos in Spain language means “monkey”, but also has its own unique place. Michael Kors iPad Case

MiniMonos itself is not an educational site where everywhere puzzle games and content, but also learn how to better protect the ecological environment. In this website, children’s heads are monkeys, children can play and learn a lot of or in the course of the game. For example, they can play a game of recycling waste, keep their tree houses are neat and clean, you can also play a game of gathering clouds wind. If they are unable to accomplish these tasks, such as House a mess, that they’ll be cut off power supply, take this so that they understand the environmental consequences. In addition, they can also play a throwing game called TicTacPoo, because here they are monkeys, threw it would be very interesting.

MiniMonos: linking children's virtual world and the real action on social games

More boys than girls likes to throw a game. MiniMonos than those with the fashion-focused virtual world more human characteristics into account.

However, MiniMonos is different from other companies in its virtual world and the real world linked up. MiniMonos seems to be proved, not just in the virtual environment to maintain the sustainability of the world, in a virtual world may guide action in the real world. MiniMonos has many environmental protection organizations have carried out useful activities, for example: India water supply project, gorilla conservation projects, supported WWF tiger conservation programs in the world.

This is not a simple link and social games, it is common for the child and adult sites. MiniMonos has also launched a project called EcoMonkey, MiniMonos recycling program at the children’s schools, and real-world rewards action for environmental protection for their children.

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Although there are many other websites containing environmental science education or encourage their children to participate in society. MIniMonos eco-friendly throughout the entire game, kids virtual world and real-world actions together. These real-world actions mean a great deal for some startup founders, including CEO Melissa Clark-Reynolds, which has become the Ambassador Al Gore’s Climate project training. Michael Kors iPad Cases

Recently, MiniMonos announced that they have been formally incorporated into United Kingdom Cambridge Springboard Accelerator project.

Thunderbolt money treasure

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Thunderbolt money treasure

Is designed to help users share money treasure is a little idle bandwidth box, place it at home on the router, you can use to make money.
Itself does not have the router function, can be considered a micro server, users insert a storage device such as USB flash drive or an external hard drive, you can make this server a thunderbolt using idle bandwidth to the server part of the network. Contribution to Thunder Server network, the greater, it means digging “mines” more. Dig the minerals can be bound directly to the public, “Crystal mine” convertible into cash red packet, used to spend or bank card.

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Procuratorate investigations were conducted with coal mine accidents in Shanxi


Procuratorate investigations were conducted with coal mine accidents in Shanxi, and behind the malfeasance crime

According to Xinhua, March 24, March 23, 22:10, ping coal company, contemporaneous with the coal mine safety accident occurs, 129 people underground at the time of the incident, 110 of them up, killing 19 people.

Justice network in Taiyuan, March 24, from Shanxi province Prosecutor’s Office was informed that on the morning of the anti-infringe Office has deployed staff to the contemporaneous with the coal mine “3·23” the scene of the accident, involved in accident investigation.

March 23, 22:10, contemporaneous with the coal branch in Shanxi Anping accident of fully mechanized coal company, as of press, 19 miners have been identified.

After the accident, leader of Shanxi provincial procuratorate attached great importance to timely intervene in accident investigations, and investigate and punish incidents involving functionaries behind dereliction. At present, the accident is under investigation. 4 4 magnitude quake in yuncheng Shanxi Province

A star explosion was 1 2 billion light years from Earth how


Do you know what moment of exploding stars? When a star dies, usually generated by supernova explosion, light the galaxies within a short time. However, this spectacle was very difficult to capture, and now with this shortcoming is made up of the Kepler telescope. NASA captures moments of exploding stars for the first time, the entire space with white light.

United States NASA (NASA) Kepler snapping stars an instant explosion scene for the first time. One in 1.2 billion light-years of Red supergiants explode collapsed, just 20 minutes from the time. This star was named KSN 2011d, size is 500 times solar, 1.2 billion light-years away from us.

KSN 2011d bright the explosion shock wave visible light captured by the Kepler space telescope for the first time. It explodes the moment an extremely bright invisible light – short wave, light than an entire Galaxy, space light lasts for two weeks, then to Dim. From analog video when you can clearly feel the explosion in vision only a shock of bright scenes.

A star explosion was 1.2 billion light years from Earth how?

According to the United States NASA the news on March 21, responsible for Kepler’s observations of the Chief Researcher, United States, University of Notre Dame in Indiana (University of Notre Dame), Professor of Astrophysics bide·genaweiqi (Peter Garnavich) said in a statement, the stars are very great that it can be “inclusive of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.”

In fact, this is 2011 Kepler observes one of two exploding red supergiant stars. Because the data need to be analysed and processed, so results take a few years to confirm. Another exploding stars known as KSN 2011A, 300 times times the volume for the Sun, and the distance of 700 million light years away.

Where are most of the energy released by exploding stars? Up to 99% of the energy is taken away by neutrinos, and about 1% of energy carried away by a secondary missile. Although supernovae release most of the energy is not visible, they have a profound impact on the environment around supernova. Not only that, the exploding stars play a major role in enriching the chemical composition of the universe. In the process of stellar evolution, almost all elements heavier than helium are in the core or generated in the supernova, the explosion sprayed into space to these elements. Astronomers think such supernovas (exploding stars), though distant, but still affects our solar system.

Kepler project scientists sitti NG • Howell (Steve Howell) said: “all the heavier elements in the universe come from supernovae. For instance, on Earth, silver, nickel, copper, and even elements of our body, are derived from the death star. Life for death of a star is born. ” What about 2016 the world economy China

Observational stellar explosion is very important, astronomers can see these objects as standard lighthouses in the universe, they can accurately measure the distance other than galaxies billions of light years away, which measuring the expansion rate of the universe. Since Kepler’s launch into space, astronomers spent three years, 500 logged once every half hour the brightness of distant galaxies, observed a total of 50 trillion stars, looking for supernovae (exploding stars).

Xiyang Shanxi rewards good people have the do Fund established for three years


Taiyuan, Xinhua News on March 20, starting in 2013, Xiyang County, jinzhong city, Shanxi province, the Government took out 10 million Yuan, selected annually by the Fund Award “Xiyang good man.” After three years of hard work, “good guy” by points, good Act continue to emerge, fresh air into the heart of civilization.

Thousands fill “Folkways”

Xiyang County over the past several years of rapid economic development, urban and rural areas improve, but people are not satisfactory. Li Jia Zhuang Xiang, a County leader research found that an old man gave birth to four sons no one support. County Government installed hundreds of landscape light in Stadium investment, not too much was destroyed for a long time. Pine Creek Park has installed a few people can’t lift the stone stool, he is inexplicably thrown into the river.

“A place where there were Customs problems, first of all get the caning should be political. “Xiyang County Party Secretary Ding Xueqin said, not to advocate for political Folkways is dereliction of duty, is absent.

In 2013, the Xiyang County decided to take out 10 million Yuan to establish “Xiyang good guy” award fund set up society for the good cause. Association each year from helping others, courageous, honest and trustworthy, professional dedication, in the old and filial love and good deeds, top 10 “Xiyang good guys”, the reward of 30,000 yuan per person.

“Commentary on ‘ Xiyang good ‘ widely welcome by the masses. “Good cause, Xiyang, President of the Association for the original Guo Aisheng introduced, only 240,000 of Xiyang, first vote would reach 160,000 visitors, visible public support level of warm. At present, the “Xiyang good guy” comments on three. Top good charitable entrepreneur, civilian police, village, rural teachers, village doctors, sanitation workers, also has a son, a good wife, a good wife, and trustworthy brothers. Further optimization of administrative divisions

“Nice guy” phenomenon

Yuehua Wang sanitation workers busy at work this morning, came to her block of a fast-food restaurant, you can eat breakfast for free. Fast-food restaurant owner Mao Ruijun said, the County calls on good people doing good things, I think sanitation workers clean the door hard to me, tell them to come in and eat a hot meal.

“Xiyang good” effects of Xiyang “good guy” has increased. Vice President of the Association for the good cause, Xiyang Song Ruisheng introduced three years, Xiyang appeared between public, Pine Creek public, education welfare, Federation of public interest more than more than 10 NGOs, also has set up more than 20 volunteers, more than more than 500 volunteer group.

“Only two years ‘ time, our members from more than more than 20 shops, increasing to more than more than 180 now. “Convener of the Federation of industry and public interest organizations Yu Aiping said. Since its establishment, the Federation of public merchant Member advantages into full play, as sanitation workers donated dust masks, gloves, room donation of chess, Poker, purified water for the masses, the Township free pictures, repair of home appliances, medical, more than 20 public activities were held.

Many villages also began spontaneously named good people at village level. Xiang Nan village named the good mother, good wife, good wives, as villagers scramble to learn from. Southward, the village party branch Secretary Wang Suming said example set, usually a bad one there will be a pressure, now formed a competing than a good atmosphere in the village.

“Now the Xiyang, worship of beauty culture of good people become more and more common, good lead fashion of the basic form. “Song Ruisheng said Xiyang in 2014, Shanxi has 2 people were rated good and 1 good, China topped the list, 1 were the country’s most beautiful village, heroes and 1 national heroic drivers.

Civilized into the heart

Promote positive fashion, party cadres always walk in the forefront of Xiyang. In 2014, the West Village Township and touch town appeared unmarketable anise white, party members and cadres at all levels throughout the County took the lead in initiating purchase action, led the community to lend a helping hand, 70 million pounds selling vegetables in just 20 days is completed.

Xiyang County Board Office staff ‘ said party cadres who initiated many public activities in their spare time, warmth to the elderly also cleansing of public facilities and green belts, also have led mass cultural and sports activities, and so on, greatly improving the image of the party members and cadres.

“Xiyang good guy” lead, Xiyang crowds donated by enthusiastic, good cause, Xiyang Foundation accepts donations, set up a “love supermarket”. The 25th “love supermarket” door to welcome guests, 22,000 of the County wubaohu, persons with disabilities, rural urban policy holders can come here to get the free required for the production of “love.” “At the moment, ‘ love the supermarket ‘ contributions received have amounted to more than 1.8 million Yuan, and some corporate donations of up to 360,000 yuan. “Song Ruisheng said.

People are quietly changed accordingly. 2015 Festival, dip-town new village 45 villagers clubbed together with over 60 years of age in the village feast, popular with villagers agree. The same day, a reservation might be several age groups compete for the 2016 event, eventually agreed to 44, then later rows down sequentially in order of age. New village party branch Secretary hole Tao Lin said: “nothing will run their wives in the village before the road, are now run homes for the elderly, help with some chores. ”

Liaoning investment guarantee female employees were cut 1 dead 1 injured police


The night of March 17, a murder occurred within the investment guarantee Corporation in Shenyang city in Liaoning province, two female employees by a man chopping 1 dead, 1 injured. 18th, surging to Ozu, Dadong district, Shenyang city, bridge police station staff news (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that the man has been arrested on suspicion, and suspected related to economic disputes, the specific reasons are still under investigation. Girl committed suicide after stealing a supermarket

Beiguan Street, Dadong district, Shenyang is located in the 75th, named Tian Xin Yu, Liaoning investment limited company concerned. Surging after news of the incident made several phone calls to the company, and always unanswered. Beside the company’s surging merchant told the news, cutting down men around 40 years old when she slashed two women staff in the business Hall. “Very miserable, head open, and other arm are broken.”

According to Shenyang TV business channel reports, the assailant and Tian Xin rain of investment guarantee corporation had economic disputes. Ozu bridge police station said police quickly arrived on the scene after the alarm, suspected the men back, which has been detained. The staff confirmed the man and guarantees the company has financial disputes, but said specific cases is still under investigation, not yet disclosed.

Tian Xin, Liaoning investment Ltd website information about the rain, the company was founded on October 23, 2009, the registered capital of 50 million Yuan, is engaged in investment and financial management business comprehensive investment advisory company, there are a number of chain stores.

Samsung Gear VR RMB 1400 first there is an S6 and S6 Edge


Samsung Gear VR RMB 1400, first there is an S6 and S6 Edge

According to Korea, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported, Samsung launched Galaxy on May 7, S6 and S6 Edge matching Gear VR virtual reality equipment, ex-factory price for 249,000 KRW (about 1400). Moschino iPhone 5 Cases

It is understood that the Gear VR use the Oculus VR accessories created and no screen. (Pictured below)

Samsung Gear VR RMB 1400, first there is an S6 and S6 Edge

In terms of pictures, Gear VR offers 360-degree panoramic images and the 96-degree wide view. In terms of content, you can use the Oculus of the Cinema, Oculus360 photos and Oculus360 VR special content such as images. Experience special game Gear VR, VR can enjoy more than 30 free and premium games.

Since the beginning of April 24, users in the United States best buy corporate website.

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Samsung Gear VR RMB 1400, first there is an S6 and S6 Edge
Samsung Gear VR RMB 1400, first there is an S6 and S6 Edge

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Gear VR

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Gear VR

Gear VR gave me the feeling is similar to popular smart watch, VR equipment there is no ability to completely replace other electronic equipment, especially Gear VR itself also needs to rely on a Samsung Smartphone, and if it is in use, there is an incoming call, SMS or email, users will also need to answer phone out from Gear VR treatment.

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