Model in Gansu province to change the age 8 years later elected Vice Mayor was


Model in Gansu province to change the age, 8 years later elected Vice Mayor, was also the provincial people's Congress

Registration information provided by whistle-blowers show Lin Shouqiang was married at age 13. Checkpoint was attacked in Inner Mongolia Mungan

Huining County of Gansu province Guo Cheng Yi Zhen, Vice Mayor Lin Shouqiang was accused in 2010 to run for Vice Mayor modify age, County Commission for discipline inspection to the surging news staff, February 24 (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that it had verified Lin Shouqiang modify age, a serious warning inside the party for its.

Public information, Lin Shouqiang was elected in 2011 for Guo Cheng Yi Town Vice Mayor, is also a Hong Bao Zi Cun, General party branch Secretary, Gansu province in 2010, he was named a model worker (model worker candidate, released on April 2, 2010, in Gansu province, according to the media the publicity announcements, Lin Shouqiang included in the 17 model in Gansu province), as well as on several occasions elected as town, County, city and provincial people’s Congress.

On February 24, an anonymous Netizen news broke said the surging in 2010, their ages to make it conform conditions of election of cadres at township level, born in 1957, Lin Shouqiang to find ways to change the age of 8 years younger, “1965 births”, and success in 2011 from a general party branch Secretary was elected as Deputy Mayor Guo Cheng Yi Zhen.

Fact material posted in Lin Shouqiang population register information and his wife shows that he was born in “1965”, his wife, was born in 1958, year of their wedding in January 1978, by this measure, Lin Shouqiang was 7 years younger than his wife, he married at the age of 13.

Surging News noted that on April 19, 2010, the Gansu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department said in a statement, decided in the province, from excellent examination of township government civil service jobs in the village. Which the applicants age requirement is 40 years of age (born after April 30, 1970) and counties (cities, districts) level in recognition of the above, can be extended to 45 years of age (born after April 30, 1965).

On February 24, Lin Shouqiang surging news, said he was at work, he was born in 1965, has not modified the age. He said that 2010 he participated as village cadres hired Township government civil service examination, but were not admitted to 2011 he was involved in the general election of cadres at township level, he hired as Vice Mayor. In turbulent News mentioned Commission for discipline inspection have verified their age-fixing later, he will no longer be the case.

Huining County Commission for discipline inspection said in 2015, appoint the number of reports received Lin Shouqiang modified age, after the investigation team confirmed the incident, and in February 2016, a serious warning inside the party for Lin Shouqiang, retain their posts. Lin Shouqiang modify age-specific reasons, details such as time, modify methods, the staff says is not clear.

At this point, hoeryong County party Committee Organization Department staff on February 24 surging news that will lead back to Lin Shouqiang of specific circumstances, but at the time of the former, the surging news does not receive a reply.

Administration in the County Public Security Bureau section tells the surging news, to modify must carry a birth certificate and other relevant certificates apply to domicile police substation, police station after a verification clear application materials submitted to the County Public Security Bureau, and escalation approval to complete modifications. He said unclear Lin Shouqiang age-fixing things for the time being.


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