Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu love in first line research called


New year’s first heavy personnel changes released: Agricultural Bank of China Liu Shiyu, Chairman to replace Mr Xiao, served as the Chairman of the SFC.

Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu: love in first-line research, called the high EQ
Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu: love in first-line research, called the high EQ

Liu Shiyu enters the SFC

Five was Chairman of the Commission since the new century career alike

Xiao and Liu Shiyu is an old acquaintance, between 1996 to 2003 two people in central banking, Shaw to Assistant Governor, Deputy Governor, Liu Shi, Deputy Director, Director, Office of the Director.

Chang an Street (app ID:Capitalnews) comb found Bank of experience but the Chairman of the SFC standard: five of the new century as the Chairman of the SFC, career prospects are God-like, come the same way. They are all from the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, transferred to the head of the big four, then served as the Chairman of the SFC.

Zhou xiaochuan

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (1996-1998)–Governor of the China Construction Bank (1998-2000)-the Chairman of the SFC (2000-2002)

Shang Fulin

Deputy Governor of the Bank, the monetary policy Committee of China (1996-2000)-the Governor of the Bank (2000-2002)-the Chairman of the SFC (2002-2011) 5 minute look back at what the global market during

Guo Shuqing

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (2001-2005)–Chairman of China Construction Bank (2005-2011)-the Chairman of the SFC (2011-2013)

Gang Xiao

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (1998-2003)–Chairman of Bank of China (2003-2013)-the Chairman of the SFC (2013-2016)

Liu Shiyu

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (2006-2014)-Chairman of ABC (2014-2016)-the Chairman of the SFC (2016-)

As a “Bank of banks”, the Central Bank on behalf of the State financial control and management, formulation and implementation of monetary policy, to maintain financial stability. Served, and deep understanding of the major national financial and monetary policies, available from the height of the top design to guide China’s financial trends. Helm of the big four banks, micro-business range is relatively diverse, helps to improve practical ability. Have both experienced double accumulation by the SFC in the professional sector, vision is not normal. Curriculum vitae of more than five people similar to the cultivation of professional cadres fully reflects the central ideas and more fully illustrate the importance of on-the-job experience.

Xiao gang, at the age of 40, Deputy Governor of the Bank, was the youngest Vice-ministerial-level cadres in the financial sector. At present, the official has not yet revealed his new place.

Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu: love in first-line research, called the high EQ

Liu Shiyu Central Bank Insider evaluation: high EQ

“Reform” was a visible label on Liu Shiyu, who has been at the forefront of the reform and innovation of financial institutions, through the financial crisis, financial institutions restructuring, reform of State-owned banks, rural financial reform and significant financial events. A financial institution executives said that in the reform of State-owned bank, Zhou xiaochuan, strategic thinking, Liu Shiyu is important for performers.

Liu Shiyu is very diligent, often reading late into the night sleeping only two or three points, even in the face of new fields, will soon be in shape. Liu Ai research, pragmatic low profile. In payment and Internet finance during, he is open, not preset in a research topic, but listen, judge.

“EQ high” is the evaluation of Liu Shiyu Central Bank Insider. He is very good at coordinating the interests of all parties and contradictions. But the high EQ does not mean I don’t talk about principles, for hot topics and industry turmoil, Liu Shiyu is no retreat, no withdrawal, no mercy. He has bluntly said, Bao is not financial innovation, balance, simply move their deposits to the Internet, contributed nothing on the real economy.

Liu Shiyu yesterday in Beijing has accomplished

Liu Shiyu today (February 20) morning arrived at the SFC came just yesterday (February 19), his identity was Chairman of ABC.

Capacity as bank Chairman last day of duty, is the cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Government to do a big thing: yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Government and the agricultural Bank of China jointly initiated the establishment of the development fund administrative center construction in Beijing officially launched, the initial payment to reach 30 billion yuan.

The funds in accordance with government guidance and market-oriented management model, by the fund company of the professional management team, the first to reach 30 billion yuan, jointly funded by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Bank in accordance with the ratio of 2:8 established, subsequent funds according to the needs of the fund injection in batches.

Please note that is a ratio of 2:8 ABC 80% on contributions but not small at all. Changan Street know thing (micro-letter ID:Capitalnews) witness has this a Fund of started, future, the Fund will focused administrative Deputy Center construction of based facilities and public service field, first 82 a project amount has up 91.6 billion yuan, involved based facilities project 62 items, total investment 45.9 billion yuan, ecological environment project 9 items, total investment 31.6 billion yuan, public service system 11 items, total investment 14.1 billion yuan.

The role of the Fund, partners are already very clear, not just money, but through money leveraging social capital to follow up, “four-two ounces”, according to Beijing Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Li Shixiang said, is whether it is public or market-oriented projects, money cannot be wasted. Not hit the financial money nor hit banks ‘ lending, especially not just input not output, but effectiveness and efficiency.

So, how to run efficient? The actual needs, will be set up by the financial, planning, construction and other related experts and expert advisory committees composed of representatives of Tongzhou district, as funds managed by fund management companies, and operate according to market principles, by financial and auditing departments to fund policy aims achieved, investment operations ‘ performance evaluation and audit checks ensure normal operation of the Fund effective.

Liu Shiyu said, agricultural Bank of China will be best for the Beijing administrative center building provides financial support and services, to carry out guidance and leveraging role to attract capital, social capital, support the Center building.

In the Foundation at the same time, Liu Shiyu also revealed that a big news: site selection Executive Assistant central business district Beijing Branch of ABC, which was first selected in Tongzhou, Beijing Branch of the Bank.

Liu Shi Yu Lin in Beijing before changing to do great things, fully reflected his stand last gang responsible.

(This article has been access to micro-public official, Chang an Street, welcomes the attention, micro-ID:Capitalnews)


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