Video the Henan a driver dragged two law enforcers drunk driving without a license


Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) received the friends broke the news that, 26th, gongyi city, Henan province, Zhengzhou East city gate, talking back to a white car towed more than a traffic COP. On February 29, the gongyi municipal staff to a surging news confirms online video content, is against the personnel of police, driver arrested for drunk-driving and drug-driving unlicensed cars without a license, has been controlled and compulsory treatment.

9-second video shows when three uniformed officers in the middle of the street stopped a white car, car started after one of the officers on her hood, and other officers pulled the door after being dragged.

Gongyi municipal party Committee propaganda Department such personnel to surge-news, video 3 people in gongyi city traffic Brigade, a squadron of three officers, remaining 1 police, 2 were police, was tops in the hood for the police. The staff said, 26th late peak, three name duty personnel in incident junction duty check Shi, found a white no licence also no hanging temporary licence of car, so will its car stopped stopped, driver suddenly started vehicles hit pour front one association police, the Association police was top in vehicles engine cover Shang, vehicles forward more than 50 more than meters Hou for traffic suspended, the driver Hou to abandoned car escape, eventually was duty personnel forced uniforms.

Surging Bauhinia road gongyi City Public Security Bureau police station told the news, the evening of 26th when police arrived on the scene, the driver has been controlled by the officers. Family for Joe Heilongjiang 20 pay Note baking

Netizens questioned “officers assaulted driver” issue, gongyi municipal party Committee propaganda Department staff responded by saying “force uniforms, rather than a conflict between the two sides. ”

“The driver arrested for drunk-driving and drug-driving unlicensed cars without a license, 2014 for drugs was revoked driver’s license. “The municipal party Committee propaganda Department told the surging above news, the driver has now been controlled, being addicts.


Model in Gansu province to change the age 8 years later elected Vice Mayor was


Model in Gansu province to change the age, 8 years later elected Vice Mayor, was also the provincial people's Congress

Registration information provided by whistle-blowers show Lin Shouqiang was married at age 13. Checkpoint was attacked in Inner Mongolia Mungan

Huining County of Gansu province Guo Cheng Yi Zhen, Vice Mayor Lin Shouqiang was accused in 2010 to run for Vice Mayor modify age, County Commission for discipline inspection to the surging news staff, February 24 (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that it had verified Lin Shouqiang modify age, a serious warning inside the party for its.

Public information, Lin Shouqiang was elected in 2011 for Guo Cheng Yi Town Vice Mayor, is also a Hong Bao Zi Cun, General party branch Secretary, Gansu province in 2010, he was named a model worker (model worker candidate, released on April 2, 2010, in Gansu province, according to the media the publicity announcements, Lin Shouqiang included in the 17 model in Gansu province), as well as on several occasions elected as town, County, city and provincial people’s Congress.

On February 24, an anonymous Netizen news broke said the surging in 2010, their ages to make it conform conditions of election of cadres at township level, born in 1957, Lin Shouqiang to find ways to change the age of 8 years younger, “1965 births”, and success in 2011 from a general party branch Secretary was elected as Deputy Mayor Guo Cheng Yi Zhen.

Fact material posted in Lin Shouqiang population register information and his wife shows that he was born in “1965”, his wife, was born in 1958, year of their wedding in January 1978, by this measure, Lin Shouqiang was 7 years younger than his wife, he married at the age of 13.

Surging News noted that on April 19, 2010, the Gansu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department said in a statement, decided in the province, from excellent examination of township government civil service jobs in the village. Which the applicants age requirement is 40 years of age (born after April 30, 1970) and counties (cities, districts) level in recognition of the above, can be extended to 45 years of age (born after April 30, 1965).

On February 24, Lin Shouqiang surging news, said he was at work, he was born in 1965, has not modified the age. He said that 2010 he participated as village cadres hired Township government civil service examination, but were not admitted to 2011 he was involved in the general election of cadres at township level, he hired as Vice Mayor. In turbulent News mentioned Commission for discipline inspection have verified their age-fixing later, he will no longer be the case.

Huining County Commission for discipline inspection said in 2015, appoint the number of reports received Lin Shouqiang modified age, after the investigation team confirmed the incident, and in February 2016, a serious warning inside the party for Lin Shouqiang, retain their posts. Lin Shouqiang modify age-specific reasons, details such as time, modify methods, the staff says is not clear.

At this point, hoeryong County party Committee Organization Department staff on February 24 surging news that will lead back to Lin Shouqiang of specific circumstances, but at the time of the former, the surging news does not receive a reply.

Administration in the County Public Security Bureau section tells the surging news, to modify must carry a birth certificate and other relevant certificates apply to domicile police substation, police station after a verification clear application materials submitted to the County Public Security Bureau, and escalation approval to complete modifications. He said unclear Lin Shouqiang age-fixing things for the time being.

Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu love in first line research called


New year’s first heavy personnel changes released: Agricultural Bank of China Liu Shiyu, Chairman to replace Mr Xiao, served as the Chairman of the SFC.

Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu: love in first-line research, called the high EQ
Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu: love in first-line research, called the high EQ

Liu Shiyu enters the SFC

Five was Chairman of the Commission since the new century career alike

Xiao and Liu Shiyu is an old acquaintance, between 1996 to 2003 two people in central banking, Shaw to Assistant Governor, Deputy Governor, Liu Shi, Deputy Director, Director, Office of the Director.

Chang an Street (app ID:Capitalnews) comb found Bank of experience but the Chairman of the SFC standard: five of the new century as the Chairman of the SFC, career prospects are God-like, come the same way. They are all from the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, transferred to the head of the big four, then served as the Chairman of the SFC.

Zhou xiaochuan

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (1996-1998)–Governor of the China Construction Bank (1998-2000)-the Chairman of the SFC (2000-2002)

Shang Fulin

Deputy Governor of the Bank, the monetary policy Committee of China (1996-2000)-the Governor of the Bank (2000-2002)-the Chairman of the SFC (2002-2011) 5 minute look back at what the global market during

Guo Shuqing

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (2001-2005)–Chairman of China Construction Bank (2005-2011)-the Chairman of the SFC (2011-2013)

Gang Xiao

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (1998-2003)–Chairman of Bank of China (2003-2013)-the Chairman of the SFC (2013-2016)

Liu Shiyu

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (2006-2014)-Chairman of ABC (2014-2016)-the Chairman of the SFC (2016-)

As a “Bank of banks”, the Central Bank on behalf of the State financial control and management, formulation and implementation of monetary policy, to maintain financial stability. Served, and deep understanding of the major national financial and monetary policies, available from the height of the top design to guide China’s financial trends. Helm of the big four banks, micro-business range is relatively diverse, helps to improve practical ability. Have both experienced double accumulation by the SFC in the professional sector, vision is not normal. Curriculum vitae of more than five people similar to the cultivation of professional cadres fully reflects the central ideas and more fully illustrate the importance of on-the-job experience.

Xiao gang, at the age of 40, Deputy Governor of the Bank, was the youngest Vice-ministerial-level cadres in the financial sector. At present, the official has not yet revealed his new place.

Media revealed the SFC new chairman Liu Shiyu: love in first-line research, called the high EQ

Liu Shiyu Central Bank Insider evaluation: high EQ

“Reform” was a visible label on Liu Shiyu, who has been at the forefront of the reform and innovation of financial institutions, through the financial crisis, financial institutions restructuring, reform of State-owned banks, rural financial reform and significant financial events. A financial institution executives said that in the reform of State-owned bank, Zhou xiaochuan, strategic thinking, Liu Shiyu is important for performers.

Liu Shiyu is very diligent, often reading late into the night sleeping only two or three points, even in the face of new fields, will soon be in shape. Liu Ai research, pragmatic low profile. In payment and Internet finance during, he is open, not preset in a research topic, but listen, judge.

“EQ high” is the evaluation of Liu Shiyu Central Bank Insider. He is very good at coordinating the interests of all parties and contradictions. But the high EQ does not mean I don’t talk about principles, for hot topics and industry turmoil, Liu Shiyu is no retreat, no withdrawal, no mercy. He has bluntly said, Bao is not financial innovation, balance, simply move their deposits to the Internet, contributed nothing on the real economy.

Liu Shiyu yesterday in Beijing has accomplished

Liu Shiyu today (February 20) morning arrived at the SFC came just yesterday (February 19), his identity was Chairman of ABC.

Capacity as bank Chairman last day of duty, is the cooperation with the Beijing Municipal Government to do a big thing: yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Government and the agricultural Bank of China jointly initiated the establishment of the development fund administrative center construction in Beijing officially launched, the initial payment to reach 30 billion yuan.

The funds in accordance with government guidance and market-oriented management model, by the fund company of the professional management team, the first to reach 30 billion yuan, jointly funded by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Bank in accordance with the ratio of 2:8 established, subsequent funds according to the needs of the fund injection in batches.

Please note that is a ratio of 2:8 ABC 80% on contributions but not small at all. Changan Street know thing (micro-letter ID:Capitalnews) witness has this a Fund of started, future, the Fund will focused administrative Deputy Center construction of based facilities and public service field, first 82 a project amount has up 91.6 billion yuan, involved based facilities project 62 items, total investment 45.9 billion yuan, ecological environment project 9 items, total investment 31.6 billion yuan, public service system 11 items, total investment 14.1 billion yuan.

The role of the Fund, partners are already very clear, not just money, but through money leveraging social capital to follow up, “four-two ounces”, according to Beijing Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Li Shixiang said, is whether it is public or market-oriented projects, money cannot be wasted. Not hit the financial money nor hit banks ‘ lending, especially not just input not output, but effectiveness and efficiency.

So, how to run efficient? The actual needs, will be set up by the financial, planning, construction and other related experts and expert advisory committees composed of representatives of Tongzhou district, as funds managed by fund management companies, and operate according to market principles, by financial and auditing departments to fund policy aims achieved, investment operations ‘ performance evaluation and audit checks ensure normal operation of the Fund effective.

Liu Shiyu said, agricultural Bank of China will be best for the Beijing administrative center building provides financial support and services, to carry out guidance and leveraging role to attract capital, social capital, support the Center building.

In the Foundation at the same time, Liu Shiyu also revealed that a big news: site selection Executive Assistant central business district Beijing Branch of ABC, which was first selected in Tongzhou, Beijing Branch of the Bank.

Liu Shi Yu Lin in Beijing before changing to do great things, fully reflected his stand last gang responsible.

(This article has been access to micro-public official, Chang an Street, welcomes the attention, micro-ID:Capitalnews)

National development and Reform Commission China s ability to maintain the stability


NDRC spokesman said that the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate against a basket of currencies, has risen even. Oriental IC data Fang Xinghai Davos speech video SFC talent crisis

On February 17, the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference, meeting, the national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said, China has the ability to maintain exchange rate stability; the NDRC spokesman also pointed out that without a new round of “unemployment”.

Zhao Chenxin said that China is an open country in the world-oriented, we change some foreign exchange every day, every day the normal inflow and outflow of foreign exchange, is a very normal thing. In the midst of this, China’s international payments maintained good condition, cross-border capital flows are in the normal range, basic stability of the RMB exchange rate against a basket of currencies, has risen even. We have at least four remain the same: the first is that China’s foreign exchange reserves for the first nation status does not change and second is China’s large trade surpluses annually does not change and third is promoting the internationalization of RMB trend does not change and IV is the new normal two-way fluctuation of RMB exchange rate has not changed. In short, our ability to maintain the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level.

Talking about employment, Zhao Chenxin said, from the current state of the economy, will not be a new round of “unemployment”

“Twelve-Five”, our economic development has entered a new normal, slower economic growth, but gross domestic product expected to rise by about 7.8%, still in rapid international growth. Five-year urban job creation totaled 64.31 million, than the “Eleven-Five” period increased by 11.4%, has added an average of 12.86 million people, than “Eleven-Five” an increase of 1.32 million in the period, the growth rate is 11.4%. We judge the employment situation had the following support:

A steady development of economic fundamentals have not changed. Employment growth with a stable economic base, we insist on working amidst the general tone, strengthen regulation and do everything possible to make boards, expanding consumption, promoting investment, speed up the formation of new supplies, new impetus and new growth, and growth. Economy will continue high growth employment pull capacity will continue to increase.

Second is to coordinate the mass start, the much anticipated innovation. Expanding employment capacity is growing. We introduced to implement pushing public undertaking the much anticipated innovation support policies on migrant workers who return home business, documents, promote entrepreneurial innovation, to promote employment are obvious. 2015 national market players maintained good momentum of rapid development, newly registered for the whole enterprise 4.439 million, an increase of 21.6%. New registrations a day on average about 12,000 families, this “double” will continue promoting, expanding employment capacity will be further enhanced.

Third, overall are more active in the labour market, smooth flowing of the surplus labor force employment. Since 2011 ask maintains rate at 1 per cent, overall employment demand is greater than supply, flows better employability in the labour market. With the acceleration of economic structure adjustment, new industries, new formats and services such as development, creating a lot of jobs. Resolve the overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity caused by surplus labour in successful realization of trans-regional, TRANS-mobile employment, stay waiting list does not appear, and so on.

Four Central Government attaches, duocuo both resolve the overcapacity resettlement workers. The State Council issued a steel and coal industry resolve the excess capacity out of development, award and subsidy system will be strengthened to support established special awards and subsidies for industrial restructuring, and manpower placement of local personnel to resolve the overcapacity Award and subsidy system. Meanwhile, by tapping the potential of the enterprise, internal tuiyang method, focus on resettlement of workers, efforts to reduce the number of workers laid off.

Hubei Tianmen Qiao 16 year old sister 4 year old boy to dive rescue sadly both


Zhanggangzhen improve the danian chusi, Tianmen, Hubei (February 11), a tragedy, a 16 year old girl and her 4-year old brother were both drowned.

Relatives of the two dead children surging told News (www.thepaper.CN), and 4-year old boy is because the bridge fell into disrepair accidentally falls bridge fell into the water, 16 year old sister diving rescue failed, unfortunately died.

Hubei Tianmen Qiao 16 year old sister, 4-year old boy to dive rescue, sadly both drowned

The drawbridge.

Uncle of two Mr Chen told the word news, two children, surnamed du, their parents usually do business earlier in Henan, weekdays 16 xiaoqin (a pseudonym), taken care of by her grandmother in the village, 4 xiaohao (a pseudonym) in his parents ‘ home for a long time. This spring, siblings came home Tuan Nian.

Mr Chan said, took place in the evening of chusi around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, xiaoqin, xiaohao has another child out to play, went ahead when Shi Xiaoqin, xiaohao and another child to go back. With three children when crossing the drawbridge, xiaoqin hears another baby call small luxury fell into the water. Xiaoqin quickly returned and jumped into the water to rescue, two people were swept away. Villagers rushed to the scene after hearing the cry for help to rescue, after more than 10 minutes, the remains of two children hundreds of metres outside the suspension bridge were found.

“A child’s grandmother has a heart attack and has been hospitalized. “Mr Chen, two children drowned, for the family is devastated. Shangri La s second anniversary of the fire rebuilding

According to family members, this suspension bridge is located between the village of zhanggangzhen village and increased light, suspension bridge built for more than 10 years, under the bridge is an unnamed artificial canals. There are no warning signs at both ends of the bridge and the bridge fell into disrepair, and railings were welded with iron bars, very dangerous.

Hubei Tianmen Qiao 16 year old sister, 4-year old boy to dive rescue, sadly both drowned

Bridge railing by welding wire, rusty.

Photos from family shows, this suspension bridge more than a meter wide, supported by two telegraph poles, pulling two rusty steel cable, deck was covered with iron plates, disorderly welding wire is the bridge railings.

Tianmen City Public Security Bureau of Hong Kong police station a staff member said, they received a report of the day, there are walking two people drowned. But he was not involved in the investigation of this matter, the case did not have.

Zhanggangzhen Office Deputy Director Chen Xincheng said that such tragedies occurred during the Chinese new year, town government officials have been informed, was shocked and expressed sympathy on this matter. Currently the town is responsible for comprehensive management of cadres and village cadres responsible for the matter and the Government are discussing how to help the family.

Regulation which banquet reproduction conflicts zhijin County Guizhou province


Mao Chang Zhen, zhijin County, bijie city a village Party Secretary to stop villagers move wine clash is playing the field. Acres of land in Jiangxi was a 7 year remain open

Zhijin Guizhou bijie regulation masses “which Banquet” was blasting reproduction clashes.

Online called “the zhijin County, Guizhou Province Government officials” video display, zhijin County Government officials to stop the villagers to move wine Court, but also the villagers.

Zhijin County party Committee propaganda Department told surging news staff on February 2 (www.thepaper.CN), the bleeding man in the video was not a government official, but Mao Chang Zhen dazhai village party branch secretaries. The village Party Secretary, is to prevent local villagers moving wine, local prohibits “abusive Banquet” policy after the conflict from being beaten.

This section called “the zhijin County, Guizhou Province Government officials” video shows a middle-aged men dressed in black down jackets face covered with blood, his left eye injured suspected, another man dressed in aprons got a bloody nose. During a number of villagers watched, every now and then someone shouted in dialect “hit the Government.”

Netizens and explosive material, said face “blow out” of zhijin County men in black are government officials, by preventing the villagers to move wine being hit, and the villagers.

Zhijin County party Committee propaganda Department told surging news staff on February 2, bleeding man in the video was not a government official, but Mao Chang Zhen dazhai village party branch secretaries. On January 31, the village Party Secretary, to stop local villagers to move wine and local prohibition of “abusive Banquet” policy after the conflict from being beaten. Local police is investigating the matter, survey results have not yet been out now.

Mao Chang Zhen Party Committee responsible to the surging news about event details: noon on January 31, dazhai village party branch secretaries received local reports said local villagers to move wine village Party Secretary, rushed to get to stop. On the way out, villagers blocked by another (not a banquet) asked “why is Chinese new year in this” and then in dispute.

The official said, the village Party Secretary, Mao Chang Zhen is retired Secretary of Commission for discipline inspection, is a common grass-roots cadres. “Two of the injured were sent to local hospitals, handed over to the police station for further processing. “It says, now police findings not out, who beat people and other details are not clear.

“Some villagers make a year, and with enough money. “The official stressed, after town leaders prevented the villagers to move the wine, and the villagers to educate villagers accepted.

Surging News previously reported, zhijin County Government informed said, zhijin County Banqiao Xiang yongxing village Chen surname farmers take child shaved hair head (custom) of machine, fanfare mess do Banquet, regulation working group more than 50 more than cadres workers persuasion and publicity policy Shi was block, farmers and the relatives spot insults staff and instigated masses riot, shots injury people, after 3 name riot who was Xiang police station criticism education, farmers home received of gift was persuasion returned.

Zhijin County regulation rural which do banquet began Yu 2014, bijie daily May 22, 2014 had reported zhijin County more measures simultaneously regulation which do Banquet, the County the township (Street) and village “two Board”, and village “two Board” and the villagers group signed responsibility 720 copies, signed commitment book more than 20,000 copies, 560 a village (home) through held masses will developed has ban do banquet village rules.

In addition to zhijin County, bijie city, Fenggang County, Zunyi city of Guizhou province in the people’s banquet for treatment. Turbulent news has reported that the Guizhou Fenggang post ban “remarried to remarry” public Banquet, official: heed public opinion article, for all urban and rural residents in the area of the County experimented with “turn arranged a feast not; both arranged a banquet remarried are not allowed to” rule. Fenggang County people’s Government responded that the measures introduced are based on “listen to their voices, listen to public opinion” and “household name, promoting popular participation”.