12 306 first scroll announced today tickets information once per half an hour


Beijing, January 30 authorities wide nets, reporters heard from China railway company, passenger information for further information, effective January 30, 12306 website Home increase “news” section, scrolled on train tickets information the most important points in the 4th, direct queries to facilitate passenger and ticket data is updated every half hour.

12,306 first scroll announced today tickets information once per half an hour

“News” section

Visitors click on the number of tickets desired direction trains a day, you can go directly to “ticket booking” page, query the date and details of the train tickets can also query other time tickets in the presale period information on mergers and acquisitions.

According to the previous law, passengers may travel changes, nervous, tends to have lot of tourists during peak refunds. Meanwhile, railway departments in high demand, tickets further increase transport capacity in key areas of tension, plus opening 110 passenger trains, passengers need to keep tickets information. Shangri La s second anniversary of the fire rebuilding

Railway authorities reminded passengers, Internet sales have been adjusted to 2 hours 30 minutes before driving passengers near the drive slot through 12306 website tickets more than mergers and acquisitions. When purchasing tickets through bi-directional checking of mobile phone users can also use the phone number directly log on to the service and avoid the inconvenience of forgotten user name. Passengers to buy tickets, please locate the trip as soon as possible, the extra ticket to exit, both to avoid their economic losses, and allowing more passengers to buy tickets, valuable railway transport capacity resource to maximize service passengers travel.

Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications postgraduate falls to death


Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications official micro-blog on January 26, issued this afternoon said: on January 25, Jiang unfortunately falls to death, school of computer science graduate students in our school. Police are now investigating. School death expressed deep condolences to Jiang classmates!

Netizens and explosive material, said Kenzo was Chiang Kai-shek Department of the school the dead student, January 25, three arches in the school campus research building falling dead, has been plagued by deferment.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) noted that on January 25, an ID named “Southern mail justice” the Netizen Baidu posted multiple times in the schools, said it was Chiang’s relatives of the deceased. This user posts: (Jiang) to school for more than 20 years had a girlfriend, his family was very general. Last year to graduation, but instructors told him another year in order to graduate, his family persuaded him to stop, he said he won’t give up halfway; family member in an accident with you on more than one occasion (mentor) to communicate, why again and again to make it hot for? Chengdu police post ticketed name and 32 stolen

Know the questions and answers community, netizens presented “how to treat students jumping from the January 25, 2016-mail computer” problem. Among them, the Netizen named “Wu” replied that his old classmates with the deceased, formerly Chiang Kai-shek was a cheerful and sunny children, likes sports and playing basketball, preoccupied all day after graduate, they don’t talk much, and says the most is on the issue of graduation.

On January 26, news direct message several times above the surging number of users have not been returned, Nanjing University of posts and telecommunications Department calls are unanswered.

Municipal Public Security Bureau in Nanjing drum-tower Branch staff at central police station told the word news, Chiang is currently which is a death investigation, related to specific circumstances is not clear for the time being.

Goldman Sachs prediction came true the international slump in oil prices into


Goldman Sachs prediction came true: the international slump in oil prices into the $ 20 times! Future fell

Just more than one month, 30 US dollars per barrel of crude oil has passed. China Visual information

International oil prices are falling toward the bears ‘ predicted target price, fell into the era of 20 dollars a barrel in one fell swoop.

Local 15th United States economic data, factors such as China’s stock markets plunged on Friday, and collapse in the International crude oil market under pressure. New York crude oil futures prices and world oil benchmark Brent oil price in London fell below 30 dollars a barrel in both important points into the $ 20 range.

Global oil benchmark price of London Brent crude oil futures for March settlement this year by 6.3%, down $ 1.94, fell to 28.94 dollars a barrel. It was the lowest settlement price since February 2004. This week, London’s Brent crude oil prices have slipped 14%. WTI February crude oil futures fell $ 1.78, down near 6%, 29.42 dollars a barrel, its lowest close since November 2003.

Just more than one month, 30 US dollars per barrel of crude oil has passed. On December 1 last year, New York oil futures prices still above $ 40 a barrel. Since then, international oil prices retreat, record lows. On January 12, New York oil prices have already fallen for seven consecutive trading days, an important port once penetrated in 30 dollars a barrel. All three carriers first leader Lok Chang Xiaobing

With the plunge in international oil prices, major investment banks and institutional investors bearish “Chorus”. One of the most influential and earliest, of Goldman Sachs. In 2015, this forecast has been made, and while analysts say the slump in oil prices or forcing some oil producers to abandon production.

Citigroup also joined in the chorus. Its Group Managing Director and global head of commodities research at a meeting in Calgary, Ed Morse said is necessary to consider a $ 20 price, when you see the price of oil dropped $ 10 and WTI prices just above $ 30, so this is quite likely.

Earlier, Morgan Stanley said, dollar rise more quickly could push Brent crude prices fell as low US $ 20 per barrel.

Standard Chartered analysts more pessimistic to expect international oil prices fell to $ 10 a barrel.

Standard Chartered commodities analysts Paul Horsnell, points out that, in the absence of an important factor driving the oil market tends to supply balance, oil prices to a large extent under the influence of other asset prices, including the dollar and the stock market. Crude oil prices could fall to $ 10 a barrel, waits until the entire market recognition as the price of oil is too low, the bottom may be forming.

Called the “King of commodities” Dennis Gartman said in recent interview with CNBC, the dollar is a key factor in falling oil prices, as long as the dollar continues to strengthen, the crude oil market will remain under pressure. Once the oil market nervous and prices may fall more, likely in the coming months fell to $ 18, even up to $ 15, but oil prices low for very long.

Chinese orphans in the United States Unfortunately with lucky between


Last week, the United States spent 18 years girl Marinna went back to Shanghai, China, from her United States separated the trip to return objective is very clear, is hoping to find Marinna traces of biological parents.

21 years old Marinna first days was lost by his parents at birth in Shanghai zhabei district Central Hospital, the police brought her to the Shanghai children’s Welfare Institute, where she then lived for 2.5 years until 1997, a United States the couple adopted her and brought to the United States. Since then, Marinna has a name, family and later life.

In the United States, such as Marinna was adopted Chinese children from the orphanage has a lot, this huge group is known as “China’s orphans”.

Marinna returned to Shanghai in 18 Chinese girl search

Why should adopt “Chinese orphans”

According to the United States State Department statistics show that, by 2014, the total number of Chinese orphans in the United States reached 88298 people, is the most overseas adoptions of Chinese orphans.

In fact, overseas adoptions and the emergence of China “orphan” birth time is not long, only 23 so far this year. First clear specification for foreign adoptions, the adoption Act was implemented on April 1, 1992. On May 29, 1993, China acceded to the Convention on the protection of children and the Hague Convention on intercountry cooperation. Shortly after the making of the foreigners in the People’s Republic of China adoption registration measures to allow foreign families to orphans in China.

After the opening of international adoption, United States gradually adopted the largest number of countries. These Chinese orphans is domestic welfare House staff considered to be “lucky” because they are in the United States in obtaining identity and growing up in a normal family.

Noteworthy is that 23 years to be adopted to the United States Group of Chinese orphans have two prominent characteristics, namely, gender and health.

In the United States over more than 80,000 orphans in China, 88.9% for girls, about 80% per cent of patients who suffer from a disability or disease. Staff members of the CCIA said in a interview with the southern people weekly, 2014 United States in adoptions of Chinese orphans, 95% suffering from major diseases, such as in August last year, a pair of United States couples to adopt the 6 year old Chinese girl with down’s syndrome.

These adoptions of Chinese orphans of the United States often interact, which most families want their children to have friends in China, learn Chinese writing Chinese characters. In 1998, the United States family founded the half the sky Foundation (halfthesky), was the first in China to set up service centers of foreign non-governmental organizations. Van Gogh not committed suicide with a pistol

The Agency first launched zhenni·Bowen and her husband adopted in 1997, Guangdong girl Maya. Jenny said when Maya was welfare environment and upbringing of orphans have been very close.

In November 2014, Jenny published the wish you happy forever:What China’s Orphans Taught Me About Moving Mountains, which details a decade ago, she came to China to see the situation of Chinese orphans in institutions, as well as the story of her adopted daughter, Maya.

Jenny and her husband used to be Southern California film producer, 1996 read a report, which describe the lives of orphans in the orphanage in China worse environments. Jenny and her husband decided to go to Guangzhou.

When Jenny met Maya in Guangzhou, she was amazed at the way the 2-year-old girl living environment–Maya face and body has a festering situation, 6 species of parasites in the body, and have begun to have autism. Bring Maya back to United States Hou, after Jenny’s care with her husband, Maya back to health, and gradually lightened, it only took a year.

After that, Jane decided to organize families of adopted Chinese orphans, half the sky, born in 1998.

From 1991 to 2000, Chinese orphans adopted annually to the United States the number of households rose from 115 to 5,081, but in the meantime, United States on intercountry adoptions a family concern in the community is still not much until 2000, a children’s picture book published.

The I Love You Like Carzy Cakes are Americans Rose a. Lewis in 2000 by children’s picture book, showed a desire to have children as a picture of the United States my mother sea across the ocean came to China to adopt a baby story. Lewis is not only a picture book writer, and the mother in the picture book, her own maternal love turned to adopted daughter works full of innocence pictures. Book also described her friends of the orphan arrived welcome and love.

Picture book publishing and caused the United States media attention, last year the New York Times bestseller list, was named United States the children’s magazine (Child magazine) best children’s books, and won the children’s Crown Gallery award.

In the I Love You Like Carzy Cakes page

Published in the New York Times Book review, said all the good in this picture book, because it is in the most gentle way to solve intercultural society on international adoption issues and confusion of those orphans: who are my mom and dad? Where did I come from? Why my mother and father look like? And bypass the “family planning policy and preference for the traditional” such a heavy topic, but “the love between mother and child as a theme, full of joy and warmth.”

The end of the book wrote, “I hope your mother knows, we will always remember her. “Such a statement to a number of Chinese orphans provided its own birth, adoptive parents feelings for their best solution to this problem.

This began to cause the United States to Chinese orphans in the media attention of this group. News stories were mostly recorded the stories of families who come to China to adopt orphans.

Pros and cons of international adoption dispute

Of the documentary, Somewhere Between

Such reports continued a few years later, the media will focus on issues on the transition to the pros and cons of international adoption dispute.

First adopted Chinese orphans since 1992 years later entered the United States community school friends to participate in community activities, to what kind of mentality and identity into the United States community became a major topic. More importantly, many returning like Marinna, began tracing. But because of the lack of a registration system, most of them with regrets returning United States.

Documentary directors Linda Goldstein Knowlton in 2010, record United States documentary, Somewhere Between an adoption family. Documentaries get four because one was abandoned, then adopted the United States girls, they grow because cross-racial, cross-cultural issues and produce a variety of puzzles, questions and struggles, including gradually can’t recall any impression about the mother. Despite their eventual integration into the new environment, a “typical United States girls”, but in the meantime, they are also experiencing the painful process of returning like a needle in a haystack search.

Why are there more Chinese orphans home search?

Not long ago, also published in the New York Times photojournalist Han Meng of China in the United States access to some Chinese orphans and their families reported. Han Meng said she was an English teacher at a party organized and met several Chinese girl, 8 year old girl Anaka is adopted Chinese orphans in Guangdong. This opportunity to let her through adoption Web site to find some Chinese orphans of adoptee. She said: “I want to tell Chinese readers, the Chinese adopted children in the United States life, how are you doing, will there be adaptation difficulties or the feeling of being isolated. ”

After around 10 foster families in contact, Han Meng found that most children will experience around 6 years old, “my parents why I look different” answer this question. And learned that he was adopted after the orphans, from 12-14 will begin to have a sense of identity confusion, including “why leave me my biological parents? Where are they now? “Types of questions. This is after China’s orphans are intercountry adoptions, reflects the most focused issues, become snagged an important reason they return home.

Actually in 2010, from a United States University of California, Berkeley and Leslie Kim Wang and two other scholars at other universities in the United States followed 6 return trip “transnational families”, an interview with their journey. In a final paper, researchers say, in fact, United States the reason parents take their children back to China with four points:

Let the children see the real China, instead of listening to or in television’s “hometown”;

Try to find more information about the biological parents of children;

Let the children see when they were kids who had seen;

Let the children see more with their “looks like” man, trying to establish their identities.

United States parents think to try tracing the journey will help promote the children and family feelings, can help them to better integrate into United States social life, find themselves in the United States the identity of a sense of belonging. In addition, most of the orphans of parents do not want their children to become thoroughly “American”, but retain some of the traditional Chinese culture, their thoughts, even saw a childhood friend that these orphans and the Chinese culture “closest” contacts.

Documentary somewhere between the end of the four Chinese girls all had full of struggling adolescent, one said, “I thought, I’ll never feel completely American, or completely Chinese. I think I have always and will always somewhere in between. “This result may have been forced to cross oceans to leave China’s orphans are best in reconciliation.

Long stay apartments has so far failed to profit pigs on the air the wind ceased


Wang Ying (a pseudonym) was an ordinary generation North drift, addition to the State-owned enterprises was a nine-to-five white-collar workers outside, Wang Ying was an unmarried young women’s literature and art. Lost three days after Guo openly some financial

Anna Wang dwelling in the side of a 8 square meters in Beijing, just enough to put a bed in the room and desk, small beds by Bay Windows, window from the inside out, and sometimes can see the sunset in the city, sometimes you can see a white haze.

Wang Ying was long one of the tenants of the apartments, the rental chain owned by comfortable apartments, apartment three rooms and a Hall, Anna Wang of minimum a second bedroom, and Anna Wang share partners are two newly married couple, three families sharing a kitchen and bathroom, living room idle, put some dry clothes.

Anna Wang of the second bedroom is small, but modern style decoration, wood furnishings, art hanging on the wall was a picture of a painting.

“Watching a lot of room, and finally chose, prefer this style of decoration, clean and simple, suitable for young single women, and aunt house cleaning on a regular basis. “Wang Ying said,” However, rent you a lot, like a small room rental 1860 Yuan per month, at the time of rental no agent fee, but you need to pay a monthly service charge of *1.2 than other rent a little expensive. “

Product experience is the first bridge

Long-stay apartments are in a period of rising air, a report from the China Securities noted that long-stay apartments in exponential development in infancy, in 2015, the domestic rental market of youth has reached 800 billion yuan, new graduate housing to reach 60 billion yuan every year, this is a “big cake”.

With rental times of coming, faced rent guest on rental quality of many pain points, playing with “for city white-collar provides home as of rental experience” of entrepreneurs are began expand market, time, long rent apartments became capital hot by of object, for example mushroom apartments, and green guest, and YOU+ apartments, and freely apartments,, on even developers vanke also said will build long rent apartments products vanke Yi.

As there is for tenants of apartments, Li Qing (not his real name) feel more unworthy experience ridicule of rental apartments in YOU+ a lot, narrow rooms, lack of electrical appliances, high rents, “like a student dormitory in the University”.

“YOU+ apartment product highlight is renters social space, such as the public living room, gym, Office, etc, but tenants are most concerned about is whether comfortable, young people are more concerned about price are high. “One engaged in the rental apartment industry analysts said.

Long-stay apartments are the principal business, availability of long-term lease from landlord hands down, standardize and decoration, market-oriented public hire, long term rent apartment operators earned mainly difference sublet fees and management fees.

With the landing of long-stay apartments, product experience will become the first barrier of long-stay apartments, tenants are willing to pay more rent to rent apartments long, and must be experienced.

Long-stay apartments has so far failed to profit: pigs on the air, the wind ceased being killed?

(Free apartment)

“Pigs on the air, the wind stopped to die”

Apartment for long term rent in emerging markets, however, this is not a time of living well, but how to live it down.

Mushroom apartment co-founder surging Long Dongping to news analysis said: “long-stay apartments profit model is actually very simple, spreads and rent management fees, which belongs to the traditional mode of asset, the most important is that the cost of control, such as foreclosure, renovation costs and management costs. ”

“Generally speaking, long-stay apartments due to the large upfront investment are burning money in the early stages would not be profitable, relatively fast profit cycle takes 2 years. “Long Dongping said.

“Long-stay apartment industry as a whole at the input stage, not many profitable businesses, with access to housing costs rising fast, flat operating earnings will be down. “Long-stay apartments and senior investment operations manager Li said.

For 2012 is first to enter the field of long-stay apartments green guest speaking, has yet to turn a profit. “There are many savages into long rental apartment market, capital and the influx of hot money has, long-stay apartment companies have been pushed to the forefront, but pigs in the air, the wind will die. Green was a stupid bird, glide through wind, solid products, fly slower. “Jin Guangjie said.

At present, most long-stay apartments are still on the market by the capital investment to maintain, for instance, YOU+ relies on the CIS for the capital investment of 100 million Yuan apartments, mushrooms are safe ventures, IDG investment of tens of millions of dollars, while chain home free home chain is relying on billions in investments.

But the capital’s patience is limited, whether within the expected time establishing earnings model, achieving profitability by turning it is currently long-stay apartments enterprises are faced with the challenges of life and death.

Long-stay apartments has so far failed to profit: pigs on the air, the wind ceased being killed?

(Mushroom apartments)

Pioneers began to transition

Some stick, but others gave up, once the mushroom apartments today to give up long-stay business apartments, the existing system is open to apartment operators, aggregate real housing and tenant, into “white rental platform”, and is no longer boutique white-collar apartment location.

“Long-stay apartments business model is very heavy, large initial investment and profit model and the more traditional, there is no more room for imagination, but hard to do in a short time on the magnitude of the expansion, because long-stay apartments need more regulatory power, it will become more complex with the increase in housing. “Long Dongping said.

However, mushroom apartment after more than a year of exploration, mushroom team only to find that another business, and, in his opinion, this kind of business, “more imaginative”.

“In do mushroom apartments of when we found, rental market Shang exists with many of apartments operators, career of or non-career of, they became has regional within of ‘ boss ‘, has with houses and contacts, currently we to do of is ‘ white-collar rental platform ‘, through to apartments operators various support, put the home apartments of real houses introduction to mushroom rental of platform Shang, this like you in ctrip can set to various brand hotel, in mushroom rental official website, and APP Shang you also can found various price various style of rental houses. “Long Dongping said.

Continued expansion is no longer proprietary apartment, go rent platform, Long Dongping said: “expanding platform can quickly realize the magnitude of, and after the platform is bigger and the attendant revenue diversification, financial services and consumer services, such as rental entertainment food consumption, and so on, which will have greater room for imagination. ”

Mushroom apartment transformation also highlights the long-stay apartments “input” “it is difficult to quickly expand in quantity,” “profit pattern of a single” dilemma, after all, long-stay apartments really need a measure of success in the field.

Jin Guangjie believes that green will always adhere to the long-stay apartment market, waiting for the first light of dawn.

Long-stay apartments has so far failed to profit: pigs on the air, the wind ceased being killed?


Bending talent believes that Green’s competitive advantage lies in “efficiency”, that is, “efficient use of funds” and “efficiency”. As with a small amount of money to invest more money, as much as possible with a small amount of people to manage more room, according to Jin Guangjie introduction, Tsing capital is 1:150 at present, while the management efficiency of Fang Bi is accompanied by 1.5 times.

And behind all this data is “Internet”, “large data operations and management” rules Bint into desired forms green Director of marketing, told reporters, “Green’s goal is to turn a profit this year. ”

First time in 26 years the Wildlife Protection Act can eat depends on THD ban


The wild animal protection law (Amendment draft) (hereinafter referred to as the draft) is now open to the public for comment. After December 26, 12-18th meeting of the NPC session on the consideration of the draft–since 1988 this is the wild animals Protection Act passed by the national people’s Congress Standing Committee, introduced in 1989 has been amended for the first time in 26 years.

“We is excited, so long time this Department legal finally to amendment has, and is national NPC ring funding Board personally led”, strict ten is excited, he put Amendment draft and existing legal for has compared, in paper Shang dense to column has pros and cons on both sides of outline, side gestures side told, “at least we is can see get, and touch have with, in must time within this Department legal can Amendment finished. ”

Yan is the Chief Engineer of the Wildlife Protection Department of the State forestry administration. Recently, he accepted the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) interview with background about the draft amendments, new content and introduces the Wildlife Protection Division are doing the work.

He said, the law is amended to wildlife conservation golden opportunity. He hoped that the early adoption of the draft, “the earlier through better protection. ”

In addition, according to wildlife activists have criticized the national directory of wildlife have not been adjusted for 26 years (in 2004, only one modification to the individual articles), list of internal and external resources are great changes have taken place, and present a serious problem that is inconsistent. News the surging yen, state forestry administration and the Ministry of agriculture is working on a new version of the list, in accordance with the program submitted to the State Council for approval, “may be announced in the amendments law before the enactment. ”

“College student selling eggs hobby was sentenced to 10.5 years not too heavy”

Since the implementation of the wildlife protection act in force, a number of legal provisions no longer meet the needs of current wildlife conservation.

Netizens buzz recently raised “College student selling eggs hobby was sentenced to 10.5 years” case, in which it is under current law and regulation on illegal hunting of wild animals is not strict, punishment is not enough, too little education.

“A little knowledge is not” strictly speaking this thing is still a little excited, he said, some of the media is very poor, with combined punishment for several criminal cases into “college students pay more than 10 birds” is not accurate.

Hobby belong to birds of prey, very few number of eggs in a nest, the hobby sphere of activity, more than 10 a hobby hobby mean the County nest was empty, constitute illegal hunting. Coupled with the acquisition, sale and other serious cases, after joinder, think a sentence is not too heavy, “according to the new law, it can be more than ten years. ”

After the judgment of the case, many netizens defending a college student “innocence”, arguing that the penalty. In ten days, this just goes to show propaganda is not enough wildlife protection laws in the past, public indifference to protect wildlife. So the new additional content, clear knowledge into the classroom and into the popular wildlife books, through the “little hands big hands” concept of ways to raise public awareness of wildlife protection.

And clearly should step up publicity by the media, monitoring for violations.

“Harmony between man and nature, and animals, which is how much money can’t buy. “Say, wild animals protection does not increase GDP, but with the improvement of people’s living standards, we began to pursue the improvement of the living environment, longing for intimacy with nature.

Since the revision is around, why wait for 26 years?

“Old colleague proposed to modify every year, but has not been included in the national people’s Congress legislative planning. In silos, many people would think that it may not have the securities law, family planning is more affected by the concerns of ordinary people. “Yan said.

NPC Standing Committee member Wang Qingxi, disclosed the deliberation, the wild animal protection law from the 2013 before the Spring Festival, CCTV concentrated exposure of indiscriminate killing of wildlife news, including Tianjin beidagang wetlands, Jiangxi Endowment brook the phenomenon of many killing wild animals.

Said Wang Qingxi, Central Directorate of the Research Office of the 24th issue of Le Monde published the media called for the adoption of legislation on the prohibition of the consumption of wild animals, including articles, several countries, including XI Jinping, General Secretary of the Central leaders made important instructions.

In September 2013, the wild animal protection law was included in the 12 session of the national people’s Congress legislative plan, led by the national people’s Congress environmental and resources Committee is responsible for drafting and deliberation.

First to protect wildlife habitat

Fully with the NPC, the State Forestry Administration Commission for a legal amendment to do research work, also personally escort the research group to Wildlife Habitat, breeding centers and other research.

Research results show, Wildlife Habitat is not optimistic in China.

As an example, construction of the line was not considered Wildlife Habitat and other environmental factors. In June 2003 to start the construction of Simao city, Yunnan province, Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, to small mengyang Expressway (abbreviation SI-Xiao Expressway) as an example, said SI-Xiao Expressway construction did not consider the passage of elephants, causing road running elephants often wander back and forth on the highway, causing highway road closures.

“This is a typical example, highways, reservoirs, development zones such as the rapid development of infrastructure, largely without regard to Wildlife Habitat. “Yan said.

So does the destruction of coastal wetlands. The natural coastline of China has almost disappeared, which is one reason migratory birds disappeared while I study migration in China.

“Migratory birds in Russia to fly very well, where to fall where it falls, flew to China and saw no place to fall, fish ponds or reclaiming, or look down and there’s a bright surface, flew down to see, our plastic greenhouses. ”

Habitat destruction which affects the population’s situation is very serious, persistent. Draft amendment first proposed the concept of Habitat, Wildlife Habitat outside nature reserves included in the scope of protection, and to develop Habitat list.

Not to give up on wildlife “utilization”

Surging news also note to, as one wildlife “protection” method, environmental organization has been calls for not should with “using” words, but draft General still 4 times mentioned, respectively is in first article “specification wildlife resources using”, second article “engaged in wildlife protection, and breeding, and using”, third article “national guarantees law protection, and breeding, and using wildlife”, fourth article “implemented protection priority, and strictly regulatory, and science breeding, and reasonable using of approach”.

Yan explained to the NPC research group on wildlife protection, breeding and utilization research has been done, the law cannot be divorced from reality. “This Department legal not light for protection organization of, also not light on raised animal of farmers said of, because method this concept everyone are to comply with, so also is to consider reality conditions, some place economic development impossible left wildlife, you let farmers pig he on not pig, and raised other of, you impossible deprived they of life source, but legal has specific terms be specification. ”

Said Yan Xun, to adapt to the reform of the administrative examination and approval, Wildlife Department under the State Council areas of work in the future there will be significant changes, except as provided in State sensitive species, wild animal breeding, sale, purchase, use and other processing will be decentralized to the provincial level.

“We will devote more time to monitoring and to formulate the rules, to formulate the list of list of wildlife, Habitat, management, and so on. Than in the past, approval work occupies most of our time. “Yan said.


Protect funding for government budgets at all levels for the first time

Surging News: draft what provisions had been increased to combat damaging wildlife?

: Not included before, such as electroshock, electronic equipment, LED lights, which have been clearly written into the draft, the nets stepped up penalties. Previous laws have not provided that catches could not be convicted, are now provided in the.

Surging News: now on the network of illegal sale of wildlife and wildlife products is particularly high, is effective in combating it?

YAN: now authorities are online inventory, advertising not to do, you will discover, will be checked, such as ivory from Taobao is found not to, the key has been removed. But if I didn’t say ivory, I say the old 3,000 pieces of white plastic chopsticks a pair, which is obvious to ivory, you can sell for 3,000 dollars a pair of plastic ones who believe in him? But like this it’s hard to find.

Surging News: I compared it to protect funds into government budgets at all levels, as never before.

YAN: This means that makes clear this is a public service of the Government. This is not to protect their own things to do, this is social welfare, public welfare undertakings need government money, Governments at all levels should be included in the budget, and then to devise protection programmes and measures, and encourage citizens, legal persons and public organizations to raise funds to support the protection. Interview with Phoenix TV Chinese channel Executive

Wild animals have a “welfare”, can eat

Surging News: why the concept of animal welfare is not included in the draft?

YAN: ultimately why the draft does not mention I don’t know, this is not our decision. I understand that welfare only in the process of raising animals come, as people keep a dog must treat it well, give it to eat, cold weather but also the entire stay. But animals in nature there is no “benefit” to speak of, either they are symbiotic relationships, or taking advantage of each other, there is no concept of welfare. Why so attractive in the animal world, because it is true reflection of the relationship between the animal, the Cheetah is to prey, crocodiles in the process of migrating animals suddenly out of the water to eat it, and what benefits? Protecting Habitat is the greatest wildlife welfare.

But I’m not saying that we do not pay attention to the condition of the animals. We certainly cannot abuse an animal, since it gives you benefits, you have to show to the public, that you have to treat it, don’t abuse it.

Surging News: in terms of propagation of which specific provisions of the Bill?

YAN: the artificial breeding of wild animals are divided into four categories in the draft. First class are needed to save the endangered species, such as giant panda; the second is the science of third class are shown to the public, such as the Zoo; the fourth category is to allow the use of artificial breeding, technical stability mature national wildlife.

Surging News: before releasing wild animals there are plenty of case discussion draft have rules?

: Some time ago, the Changbai mountain’s report said people saw a lot of snakes, later investigation found no snakes on the ground, but there are a few men and released them. Since there is free will leads to an illegal interest, such as where ceremonies tomorrow, today I go to catch animals for you to buy. This so-called Act of kindness is at times we do not know, he thought it was doing, actually release those animals or not, or finishing off the other animals, destroyed the original biological chain, did not have a good impact on the environment.

Not to just put them back into the wild, and it explicitly provides, you release, ordered within a catch back to you; you don’t catch you caught by the authorities, the cost you pay.

Surging News: can wild animals to eat, it has clear rules? Especially in some special areas.

YAN: the revised draft with the clearly defined, not saying if I can eat, but stressed that the utilization of wildlife and their products to comply with the laws and regulations and the relevant regulations, and public order. Everyone considers this matter can’t do it, you do a bad image, it will not be able to do.

Project involves Habitat approval authority from the county level up to the Ministry of environmental protection

Surging News: draft specification for construction of future Wildlife Habitat?

YAN: the next project in the environmental impact assessment will have to seek the views of our forestry sector, when consulted, to control directory of directories to see if involved in wild animals, it needs to seek the views of our forestry sector. Not like before, didn’t see it say no. I ask you about animal tracks counted as? Feces is not considered? There are internationally accepted methods to determine.

Surging News: do you have veto power in the EIA process?

: Did you consider wildlife projects-building programmes? How did you consider? We need evaluation and see if he can meet the conditions, to deal with what it is not, the next directory is an important reference. When it comes to the list of wildlife and its Habitat, if the project is not necessary, can be built not built that do not build up; if you have to build a railway, railway at design time, you must consider these.

Surging news is still the same as before just for advice?

: Used to be light for advice, seek say no (wild animals). Now if it involves State-level protected area that has got to be the Ministry of environmental protection to approve environmental impact assessment. Many were passed at the district level, district-level approval and you dare to say no to pass? Say no animals can live. Sorry, the next step, which is a national key protected areas, you have to check the State Department (Wildlife Protection Department under the State Council).

Surging News: serious as habitat destruction, now do the work in time?

: Our country is very big, economic development, ecological to be well protected. Economic development differences between East and West, but conservation tasks are the same, particularly in the western regions there are large areas of Wildlife Habitat, if you do not take the protection until damaged again in the future to protect too late. New law to protect wildlife habitat, we will have a basis.