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To grab Apple order LG increase the input panel

According to the China Times reported on November 27, LG Display plans to Korea Paju-a new OLED Panel line, and total investment is expected to exceed 10 trillion won. When completed, it will be the world’s largest with production of OLED Panel production lines. With OLED Panel factory is the main reason the company selected on the Panel in the future, the existing panel supply pattern changes.

LGD is currently one of the main suppliers of the Apple iPhone and iPad screen. Display Search statistics, first quarter of the year, LGD panel supply Apple shares rose to 34.5% from 28.8% last year. But Japan manufacturer is the mainstay of Apple LCD panel supply, first-place Japan Display (JDI) and ranked third in total sharp share as high as 65.5%.

Golder said Baidu malicious interception

The afternoon of November 27, guide map said in a statement, Baidu search maliciously mislead users, block guide map downloads. Blocking means including error keywords Guide and recommend their own Google map.

When a user on a mobile phone use the Baidu search for “gold”, Baidu will prompt the user with search term recommendations click on “High German map” and “map”, once the featured cottage of late entry, Baidu will be recommended to the user guide-Intel customize the map.

But this version is not the gold standard edition of the map, but a chip you use IntelX86 Android Smartphone adapter, so the Government would cause compatibility issues cause the user’s negative comments and even unloaded.

According to AI Media Advisory of the 2015 report: mobile maps, China in the first half of the show, first half of 2015, guide map (map of Apple users) to 30.7% share rankings, Google map based on 27.9% ranked second. Dell Precision M3800 4K screen mobile workstations

China Unicom will launch a real flow zero package

On November 27, the signings of Sohu technology industry news, China Unicom will launch nationwide in recent days “60 Yuan not clear package.” This package contains the 2G within the province, flow, 200 minutes of voice calls and 6 call reminders.

Zero out different from the previous month, month unused flow in packages will automatically turn into traffic coins stored in Unicom “traffic Bank”, users can exchange flow according to the demand, truly mobile, never zero.

Since October this year carriers since the flow is zero package, because it is not zero and flow acceleration problems during limited hours, operators of this policy has not been recognized by consumers.

China Mobile’s acquisition of CTT’s fixed-line Telecom assets

China Mobile said Friday that it will be as much as 32.88 billion yuan, acquire wholly-owned parent company of China tietong’s fixed-line Telecom assets. China Mobile said in a statement, through its wholly-owned subsidiary company of the CRC will make acquisitions, the purchase price is tentatively set at 31.88 billion yuan, up to 32.88 billion yuan after adjustments. China Mobile will pay acquisition costs with their own capital.

Acquisition agreement shows that CRC, as China Mobile Communications Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, under the jurisdiction of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the branch for many years engaged in fixed-line telecom operator, in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have extensive national fiber backbone network, cities. IPv4 address resources, housing and land, with fixed-line broadband and fixed-line users have more than, and have people with rich experience in the fixed-line operations.

On May 23, 2008, China Mobile Communications, China tietong into China Mobile Communications Corporation as its wholly-owned subsidiary, currently remains relatively independently.

United Kingdom will copy music break

The Sina technology quoted foreign media reports said, because the United Kingdom’s “private copying exemption” regulations have been set aside, consumers today continue to copy your digital music or video is a crime.

In October 2014, the United Kingdom Government has introduced “the private copying exemption” (private copying exception) regulations allowing individual consumers for private use purposes and copy music, videos, eBooks, CD, and DVD.

But the Bill was opposed by the music industry and other copyright owners. Subsequently, the United Kingdom Supreme Court ruled in July, was implemented, “the private copying exemption” regulations decision has some “defects”, it was decided to repeal the Ordinance.

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Haitong securities were suspended along with CITIC guosen securities


Haitong securities were suspended along with CITIC, guosen securities investigation

Worth noting is that third batch of Shanghai Municipal Committee visited a few days ago in full swing, haitong securities in column in the into the unit. Xu Xiaolin surge information

Brokerage industry’s turmoil seems to have continued.

On November 27, the haitong securities company limited (abbreviation: haitong securities, 600837.SH) were suspended as of press time, the company has not yet disclosed notices.

In addition, 11:47 A.M., haitong securities and shares (6837.HK) in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange said in a statement, h-shares and bonds of the company within the same day (November 27) to briefly halt trading as of 9:36 A.M., the company issued a notice may constitute a company Insider.

Reuters quoted two sources, haitong securities is the main reason of suspension for failure to disclose was the SFC investigation.

Just the other day (November 26) night, the CITIC Securities (600030. SH) and Guoxin securities (002736.SH) have announced that, due to the alleged breaches of the relevant provisions of the regulations on supervision and management of securities companies, received a notice of China Securities Regulatory Commission to initiate an investigation. The China Securities Regulatory Commission decides to initiate an investigation of the company.

Worth noting is that third batch of Shanghai Municipal Committee visited a few days ago in full swing, haitong securities in column in the into the unit.

The afternoon of November 12, sixth inspection group of Shanghai Municipal Committee visited haitong securities work mobilization meeting was held. Haitong securities Party Secretary, Chairman Wang Kaiguo coordinate inspections for position statement, and General Manager Qu Qiuping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee chaired the meeting. Four issues see supply side reform what will bring

In fact, haitong securities has been the SFC to investigate once this year.

Earlier the evening of August 25, haitong securities, huatai securities, founder securities and guangfa securities said in a statement received in succession the Commission of the notice of investigation. On August 28, Dong Huang Zhenghong secrets revealed, haitong securities, OTC distribution surveys and through external intervention systems and other circumstances.

On September 11, the four brokerages to make administrative punishment by the SFC. Haitong securities was fined the most, SFC confiscate its illegal income of 28.65 million Yuan, and 85.96 million Yuan fine.

As of 27th before the suspension, haitong securities and h shares at HK $ 13.7 or 3.792% on November 26, haitong securities shares closed at 16.71 Yuan, or 0.65%.

Beijing landlords illegal garage was ordered to fill 700 square meters cost


Beijing landlords illegal garage was ordered to fill 700 square meters, cost millions

Alley dug for 5 years now, Beijing’s latest exposure of the private build multi-storey underground garage was ordered to backfill.

According to Beijing, Beijing, November 26, Beijing reproduce private homeowners digging the basement, covers an area of more than 700 square meters of underground space, maximum depth is 10 meters. Beijing Dongcheng District multi-sectoral joint law enforcement, have ordered the owner filled the basement. Reporters learned from the city, Dongcheng District, backfill project has been officially launched.

The discovery of illegal basement hiding from a yarn winding alley, surrounded by old building, lane width less than 3 meters, only through a car. However, that is, in such circumstances, residents living in the Lee without any license, private underground space, stealing digging project, which lasted for 5 years, has been basically completed the basement of the three-tier structure.

According to people familiar with the matter said, resident Lee in 2008 to buy the yard. The illegal underground space was to build a modern parking, car rental business with the partner. The building was modelled on an underground garage in the basement, after completion of preliminary parking baiyuliang car.

Not long ago, the illegal underground garage under construction by the local residents to report, investigate, Dongcheng District, Beijing city, construction and other sectors, and ordered the owner immediately shut down Li, backfill an illegal basement.

, Dongcheng District, according to the city official, after the House was investigated, fined homeowners will be cost 10%, and backfill costs million RMB.

According to Zhang Wenxia, Director of Beijing dongcheng district law enforcement mission to introduce, backfilling works great, you need at least 100 large trucks continued earth-moving, big pit filled to 700 square meters. The deepest underground garage, need more than more than 10 workers transported by small carts will dump the soil to lay inside the cave. He predicted that the backfill project will last for over a month. People s daily survey Wednesday Yazhi gold scams

Zhang Wenxia, urban management and construction of the entire construction and earth-moving machinery-monitored, strict control of backfill soil moisture to ensure backfilling works without compromise.

Illegal underground event in Beijing this year. January 24, deshengmen NEI da Jie, 93rd, collapsed, formed more than 10 square meters of the crater. According to the investigation, without the approval of illegal basement started in Xuzhou city people’s Congress Li baojun, then he was the prosecution’s arrest on charges of allegedly negligently.

In October of the same year, located at 10th Qinglong Hutong, one of the tenants hire illegal underground space. Beijing Dongcheng District multi-sectoral joint law enforcement, at the end of October, according to law on 318 square meters of underground spaces to be filled.

Hong Kong and Macao tour also forced shopping a travel agency in Shenzhen fined


Hong Kong and Macao tour also forced shopping, a travel agency in Shenzhen fined for 660,000 persons in connection with the police

Shenzhen international travel service organization “Hong Kong and Macao cheap tour” and “Shenzhen day tour” forced shopping, was closed for six months, fine at 660,000 yuan. Bijie, Guizhou officials: parents suffer from

According to the National Tourism Administration’s website, the National Tourism Administration informed the 24th recently overseeing two disturbing the tourism market order, investigate cases. In one case to Shenzhen international travel service organization “Hong Kong and Macao cheap tour” and “Shenzhen day tour” force shop, which was closed for six months, fine at 660,000 yuan, responsible of 20,000 yuan fine, involved the alleged illegal transfer of public security departments investigated and dealt with.

Inform introduction on November 10 this year, tourists Katie operating in Shenzhen international travel service Shenzhen Luohu Hotel sign up for tours of 680 Yuan/person, “Hong Kong and Macao swim five days and four nights”, when processing the not with visitor signed contracts, are not invoiced. After tourists repeatedly asked travel agencies agreed provided through contract, invoice, but in the end only the contract and the receipt, the receipt stamped counterfeit “Shenzhen Luohu hotel business center”, as well as to visitors to impersonate other travel agencies on behalf of “outbound travel team.”

Visitors to Hong Kong, local tour guide without changing the itinerary, pushing project at his own expense, without increase of 5 shopping and consumption induced by cheating tourists.

The same day, the tourists were Sun, applying a certain deep international travel service Shenzhen Luohu Hotel Shenzhen Office signed up for tours of 60 Yuan/person “Shenzhen classic tour”. The social contract not with visitor, only 120 Yuan receipts issued, stamped with fake “Shenzhen Luohu hotel business center”.

The morning of November 11, which sent a car away tourists, drivers began to recommend the ocean world, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Island Tour on the road two expense items, and require that visitors must participate in a. 10 o’clock arrived at Sha Tau Kok, three agents to apply for permits at Chung Ying Street to collect visitors ID card, after repeated reminders to pay to participate in projects at their own expense, or even abusive and threatened to beat visitors. At Chung Ying Street passes through the audit for the tourists stranded in the jewellery and watch shop at Chung Ying Street for 45 minutes and forcing an increase of 140 Yuan per person for the Gold Coast-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Island travel.

NTA of punishment results said, according to People’s Republic of China Tourism method 100th article, and travel agency Ordinance 46th article, and travel agency Ordinance implementation rules 51st article, and 58th article of provides, Shenzhen style tourism give Shenzhen deep Brigade international travel agency closed reorganization six months, and at 660,000 yuan fine of administrative punishment; ordered Shenzhen deep Brigade international travel agency revoked at Lo Wu sales; give travel agency directly head Zhang Peng at 20,000 yuan fine, and The administrative penalty of fine of 20,000 yuan and Lin Jianghua, head of Sales Department; will deep international travel service at Lo Wu control point in Shenzhen sales and related workers using fake outbound tourist groups list table, forged company seals were suspected of violating public security organs investigated and dealt with the transfer of clues. The penalty included in the tourism business service information, and transferred to the tourism business service credit files, released to the community.

In addition, the NTA also reported operating comfort travel Shenzhen City without permission Taiwan tour business.

On November 17, the Shenzhen tourism authorities for comfort travel Shenzhen headquarters and East Gate business legal check, check the travel agency did not obtain the appropriate business license, illegal issues such as unauthorized business to tour business in Taiwan.

Punishment for this result is: under the People’s Republic of China Law on tourism the 95th article and the provisions of the administrative measures for Mainland residents to tour in Taiwan, comfort travel Shenzhen City, Shenzhen sports and Tourism Administration ordered a three-month administrative punishment, and to a fine of 100,000 yuan; travel direct fine of 20,000 Chinese Yuan Lin, head of the administrative penalty. The penalty included in the tourism business service information, and transferred to the tourism business service credit files, released to the community.

It is learnt that, in order to further strengthen the tourism market order, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of tourists, and on November 13, the national tourism administration in Yunnan national tourism market order rectification work topic after, immediately dispatched five inspection teams, slicing the complaint cases highlighted key areas of supervision supervision.

Guotai Junan international Yan Feng Chairman November 18 lost


Guotai Junan international Yan Feng, Chairman November 18, lost

Yan Feng, Chairman of guotai Junan international. Oriental IC data

Guotai Junan securities company limited (601211) ‘s Hong Kong-listed company said guotai Junan international notice on November 23, from November 18 to agree with Chairman of the Board, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer contact Yan Feng. Appointed Qi Haiying, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, appointed Holly Wang took the Chief Executive post until further notice.

Yan Feng, born in 1963, aged 52, joined the guotai Junan securities company limited in 1993, and in 2000 joined guotai Junan international, responsible for guotai Junan international business management services.

Yan Feng has over more than 20 years of experience in the securities industry, is a senior economist, graduate school of Chinese Academy of social sciences, doctor of economics degree and a Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering at Tsinghua University. Yan Feng as guotai Junan International Holdings shareholders – guotai Junan Holdings Limited and Director of guotai Junan financial holding co.

Qi Haiying Lady, from 2004 to 2012 at the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shenzhen Bureau, engaged in supervision of securities firms and listed companies. Qi Haiying joined the guotai Junan securities company limited in April 2012, has served as Deputy General Manager compliance and strategic management Department, on March 5, 2015, was appointed as Executive Director of guotai Junan international. Zhongmin vote in response to exit 16 5 billion

In Jinan Shandong province one man family conflict killed 3 people and himself


In Jinan, Shandong province one man family conflict killed 3 people and himself, police said the scene had a gun

Police rushed to the scene after the alarm, organizations treat injured reporter and field control. Twitter @ Jinan times

Qilu Web on November 21, a reporter from the Jinan municipal Public Security Bureau branch in the morning learned today (November 21) morning, a man due to family conflicts, has been killed after his wife, stepson and stepson’s mother-in-law, had committed suicide.

According to police, suspect Wang, 61, is a native of Jinan. This morning, the suspects first in the home in normal road killed his wife and left a suicide note, on suicide because of family conflicts and serious, there is no way. Then soar to in step of the international community in the song, song x (31 years old), stepson mother-in-law Liu (54 years old) killed, and finally committed suicide in the House. According to people familiar with the matter say, suspect Wang and his current wife were married, marriage conflicts with his wife and stepson has been very serious.

Shizhong district, Jinan Public Security Bureau today (November 21) on its official Twitter has announced on “11.21” homicide case.

In Jinan, Shandong province one man family conflict killed 3 people and himself, police said the scene had a gun

Reported that the morning of November 21, 2015 6:30, Jinan City Public Security Bureau command Center received a report Liu said in his home, the stepfather of her husband King so and commit murder.

After the alarm, the City Council quickly mobilize police forces to the scene, organizing rescue injured reporter and field control. The crime scene investigation, found dead in his home 3, sports small-caliber guns. King of one of the dead suspects.

Enquiries: suspect Wang (male, 61 years) due to family conflicts, in Tianqiao road neighborhood, home to his wife and song (57 years old) after killing and left a note, song soar to stepson xxx home, song x (31 years old), stepson mother-in-law Liu (54 years old) killed, then committed suicide in the House. Hunan House failed female military training and

In a related case is under further investigation.

This old Dong Jin recommended youth movie but what


From 2013 to youth by 2014, my deskmate for you, and the rush of that year, then to the left ear, and the growth for this year, the quietness and the gardenia flower, Guo and little of the iron age. Youth-from small kind of killed in the blaze, as if overnight, everyone was “Recalling the youth.”

In today’s golden age of youth, an embarrassing thing, while the number of youth, the story has stereotypes to be added. You may wish to enter in the search engine “youth” three words most associated the word “abortion”. If you have seen more than a movie, you know that “abortion” is not only ridicule jokes, but the truth.

Small fresh Taiwan looks down on people, the age of my girl Director Chen Yushan new film any different, she said, “no blood, no abortion, no cruel, not glamorous. ” Heavy rain Taiwan old fresh Music Festival gentle

I can’t help but give this sentence a little praise.

Even the normally cling to the drama of the “veteran” Dong Jin, Twitter also recommended this film: “every film contains many dreams, support! ”

Say that youth made worse, overuse is just a result of the story, because a group of middle-aged Director distorted view of youth. Zhao Wei, Guo jingming, Su has children, youth is a cruel history. It didn’t seem to matter, in fact, “growing pains”, was the biggest theme of youth. Problem is, this group of middle-aged directors seem to be very distorted view of “labor pains,” about it.

In their film, “labor pains,” is cruel, oppressive blood extravagance. Like every teen romance ended, boys and girls, “reborn”, often killing a fetus as a sacrifice. If the death of a fetus in the womb is not enough, that car accident law, direct hit by youth jiehen.

I do not know the youth Director, why are you so kudachoushen. But after reading the age of my girls, I really have the feeling of being cured. It’s not how big new movies (youth looking for new book is punished for insulting), but, as the Director put it, “not cruel.” This is a youth movie no bloody abortion, occur in the “accident” won’t let the heroine mourning mourning days, instead of making the audience in the theater laughing into one.

Chen Yushan’s directorial debut, the youth and the mainland completely different paths. In this movie, not the cruelty of the dark side, even sensational passages just stopped at the “sad” level. Women directors make it easier to catch girls heart, her heroine, not everyone is chasing the “Shen”, but more girls to elicit empathy passers-by.

Forest heart (Song Yunhua), is the youth girls, goddess is not the spotlight, but also delicate and bold growth. Xu Taiyu (Wang Dalu), rebellion and change, is more like an exaggerated version of adolescence? If the sign of the growth of the event, is to respect oneself “a high uprising” rather than abortion or a car accident, anguish of youth not so cruel, bad?

Compared to the reign of domestic youth movie, I don’t think the age of my girls is an innovative, it’s more like a type of regression. Growing pains is a youth movie, flamboyant funny is it external. If there is a youth movie three concepts without distortion, plus a “really funny” story, it seems to me that this movie won the highest praise.