Granny square dance was invited to go to Hong Kong from the Mainland to Hong


Authorities wide nets, October 30, in recent days, Shanghai, Shandong and other places of the Granny square dance to the media reflected: they are invited to participate in dancing competitions in Hong Kong and in consequence the match only half a day, the other time in shopping, fall into the “shopping tour” traps.

In early October, an older square dance groups in Shanghai D2 shop were forced to shop in Hong Kong, flickers spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy thousands of gold bracelets, called “embarrassing in Hong Kong”.

Reporters found that this year, the number of Hong Kong businessmen and mainland travel agencies, aimed at middle-aged body, in the name of talent contest, tempted to travel to Hong Kong, Macau and other places forced shopping, there have been many square dance lovers fall for it.

Tai Lee (pseudonym), 50-something this year who loves dancing, on October 12, she and exercise together, usually with a couple of friends, from Taian train station by bus to Shenzhen, to Hong Kong after a night of live, to take part in the international square dance contest, the name of the game is called “2015 years of Chinese old-age dance International Festival”.

Lee ladies said, they participate in of is the International Festival 27th stage of game, only Taian on has more than 200 more people participate in, but site didn’t see what international team, Hong Kong no, basically on Taian, also has Yunnan, Guizhou, himself to of this basically on Taian gang people himself than, but Lee ladies said they also is very seriously of than has, but himself feel not like is game, is to this name shopping.

Starting this October 12 from Taian, first went to Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai on October 18 and return on Tai’s six-day itinerary, registration costs 1600 Yuan. Ms Li said ridicule, the game only the morning, tourist attractions in little time, other shop most of the time. Buy chocolates, buy jewelry. This corps No. 2300, who took 10,000 years old to buy a lot of myself, bought back in Zhuhai and silk.

Ms Lee believed the to square dance competition, is in fact mandatory shopping trip.

Lee produced a shopping credentials to reporters, displayed in Hong Kong Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon on October 14, new Mandarin Plaza basement b purchased a color gold pendants, spent HK $ 2500 about 2040 Yuan and this k gold pendants buys hung up.

Lee said pendant wrote above is the 14k585 gold color pendant, HK $ 2500 hasn’t got home not wearing, to call businesses to ask what to do, they responded by saying no I, Lee went to the local supermarkets ask businesses that she bought the color pendants are hundreds of dollars.

Lee provided the journalist in this schedule shows in Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai, arrangements for Department store every day, each for about two hours, recommended buying watches, jewellery, silks, etc.

In the name of square dance competition, but compulsory consumption, Ms LI’s experience is not the case.

According to media reports, in August this year, Jingzhou, a woman reflected in Hong Kong to attend “first jintong glass art competition” was “under house arrest forced shopping.” In September, the Jiangxi Boyle received a “Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square Dance contest” inviting, accompanying an elderly spending tens of thousands of Yuan to buy a piece of plastic on the “Jade”. In October of this year, Shanghai’s Zhu’s mother-in-law was also to participate in dancing competitions in Hong Kong, called the first “Gemstar Cup” national elderly talent contest, but D2 shop were forced to shop in Hong Kong, flickers spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy thousands of gold bracelets.

Behind the various square dance contest organized by who? Nanjing BMW car accident case tracking: the injured

Jinzhou in Liaoning province, one promoter Huang is still advertising on Twitter, “Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai square dancing five days and play the game! Only 680 Yuan, and race-winning huge first prize of 60,000 yuan, by the International Association of square dance organizations in Hong Kong. “The promotional material says, heat has reached 50 games, time also ranked next January, is currently signed up.

Reporter dialed the phone of promotional material, surnamed Huang told reporters that this is the Hong Kong elderly square dancers, have 12 people to go this, bonus is higher, the champion of 60,000, and room and board the train tickets are included. When a reporter asked whether the play process have shopping, Mr Wong said there will be prices so cheap there will be shopping.

Shopping scam tricks one after another, members of the Hong Kong Tourism Board responded by saying: “‘ according to the actual situation, complained to the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Consumer Council related business. Group visitors to visit Hong Kong if members of the travel industry Council of Hong Kong travel agents unhappy with arrangements specified by the store after shopping, available at travel agents or inbound tour operators request a full refund within 6 months. ”

Talking about how to cure “scams”, “compulsory consumption” while waiting for the problem, said the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is to set up the tourism authority, and strengthen supervision of the industry.

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Original title: Granny square dance was invited to go to Hong Kong from the Mainland competition, to the Mainland of Hong Kong by businessmen set set mandatory shopping Boyle was invited to several square dance competition in Hong Kong, to Hong Kong by businesses set up mandatory shopping


James Liang allowing a second child also needs enough and the opening up of


James Liang: allowing a second child also needs enough and the opening up of family planning

Photo: network

Bulletin 18 released on October 29, General Secretary of the plenary proposed, couples two children policy is fully implemented. This means that public opinion for many years and the opening up of child policy was promulgated. In this regard, long-term attention to population issues at Stanford University PhD in economics, United, founder, Chairman and CEO of ctrip James Liang to news of an interface, this policy than larger scale, but this is not enough, free family planning within the next one to two years is just around the corner.

According to the plenary session Communique showed on the formulation of the population policy is “to promote balanced development of population, adhere to the basic State policy of family planning, improving the population development strategy, the full implementation of a couple two-child policy, actively carry out the action on ageing. ”

James Liang tonight in accept interface news interview Shi said, from last release separate child of policy for, this does than yiqian of efforts to big, on domestic related industry like infant industry, will brings benefits, and these child future will brings China the aspects of investment needs, like buy room,, certainly most important of is work population of increased on whole economic of promoted, this are is 20 years Hou will produced compared big of effect.

Bulletin continues to propose, to “adhere to the basic State policy of family planning”, James Liang believes that full liberalization of family planning is just around the corner. It now appears that allowing a second child with the full liberalization of the difference is not so big, after all three children fewer people, so virtually no need to control tire. Also, control waiting three management costs will be high.

And in answered release child on China population structure of effect Shi, James Liang on interface News said, “release child than separate child effect big several times, original only more has 1 million people, now will more 3 million or 4 million, equivalent to young of population or child will more 20%-30%, but by currently trend, more health millions of people also is partial less, China population still will aging, need full release birth. ” Girl helps old disputes over netizens called for

So with regard to the opening up of family planning, James Liang expected further liberalization within the next one to two years.

Us Qi Guan FONAs what is a ghost


As the world’s greatest sea power, United States accustomed to “freedom of navigation” (freedom of navigation,FON) on the lips, there’s even a protracted “freedom of navigation program” (FON Program, otherwise translated as “program”). Interview Li Yushang how to deal with the new

“Freedom of navigation” as we all know, the “freedom of navigation program” people do not know much. The FON project collaboration by the Pentagon and State Department, has three aspects: the military action announced (freedom of navigation assertions or operational assertions,FONAs), diplomatic protests, as well as the Ministry of defence or foreign advisory consultations. So, FONAs then what the hell is it? One United States Navy judge advocate general privately explained, “this is a typical ‘ hit ‘ faces ‘ action, the purpose is to let people know who is boss. At least in FON’s issues, United States is nothing short of world police. “Indeed, the United States is outside the system of police, but law enforcement qualifications is a major problem, not involving this article.

FONAs Tiger who

The concept of freedom of navigation, the history of seafaring, economics and military expansion in the West, is the ocean State’s aspiration to coastal States and stages of sea power and land combat results. United States FON project since 1979, is the concept reflected in policy.

Due to differences in political, economic and geopolitical history of marine understanding and positions of different interests and power, the interpretation of the existing law of the system also varies. United States recognized by the FON project for it called “excessive maritime claims”. Worth mentioning is that the United States not yet parties to the United Nations Convention on law of the Sea (hereinafter referred to as the Convention), in official statements involving the FON will add one more sentence “Although the Congress has not ratified the Convention, but the United States share the main principles, and take practical actions to safeguard it” in order to enhance its legitimacy.

In particular, the United States against “excessive maritime claims” include:

(1) not valid historic claim of sovereignty;

(2) not in compliance with the International Convention on delimitation of territorial sea baselines;

(3) within the 12 nautical mile territorial sea does not allow military vessels, submarines, aircraft without application in advance and are permitted innocent passage through, regardless of whether the territorial waters overlapping with the international waterway;

(4) more than 12 nautical miles territorial sea claims;

(5) the restrictions on the exclusive economic zone of non-resource class action, including military action;

(6) limited by island shipping line;

(7) without distinguishing between military surveys and marine scientific research.

Published every year in the past fiscal year at the Pentagon FONAs against the country and perform FONAs reasons, but the time and location of the operation was kept secret. FONAs only against hostile States or allies (such as Korea, and Canada, and Australia). However, the Pentagon will not disclose a number of country-specific action will only indicate one or more times within a year. Therefore, our accurate data of FONAs cannot grasp, United States allies and non-allies, adversaries FONAs task cannot be accurately compared. But according to the available data, we know that in general United States allies FONAs perform fewer than in non-allies or rivals. Political nature can serve as explanation for the difference. From the legal point of view, this is not surprising, as in other similar cases, United States allies were more likely to hold the same position.

FONAs doing

FONAs implementation process is confidential. Bush 49th national security decree issued by the Government in October 1990, is the authoritative statement on the FON plans. But in the public version of the Decree, specific plans of action and procedure section do not decrypt process (see the following figure).

Us Qi Guan 〡 FONAs what is a ghost?

Source: 1992, the 49th national security decree

But according to the characteristic American FONAs and related decision-making mechanisms of action in the past, we can still find some clues:

First, American FONAs implementation very carefully, not only political but is legal. Each level of military unit will arrange a military judge to provide legal advice, from a grass-roots attack groups, fleets and flying wing, to the operations command, to the Joint Chiefs of staff, at the highest level, have to abide by.

Secondly, FONAs embodies the United States civilian and army system “top down” and “bottom up” combination of decision-making mechanisms. Although national security policy letter will be sent regularly to the army, in principle encourages action declared the front-line troops, but policymakers are almost never issued on the recommendation of the specific place and time. Instead, these proposals for action were the first fleet from following, even under the jurisdiction of subordinate command of the fleet.

Then there is, when we observe FONAs cannot pay attention only to those actions that do occur. Historically, the American most FONAs proposal was rejected as a senior. In security decision-making circles, voices against FONAs mainly from the United States in the target country embassies and diplomatic system, military leaders, and Pentagon staff officers, who are not familiar with FONAs complex coordination, legal, emergency treatment and other issues, on the issue of whether FONAs tend to be conservative.

FONAs most active support from experienced front-line troops, FONAs routine, they had their own “police logic”: routine operations claim testifies that FON is not provocative, which not only conventional military demonstrations of military deployment with a clear meaning. However, after the cold war, as the number of ships continued to decline, US military ahead of the combined forces command, fleet often complain about inability to maintain conventional FONAs density.

It is worth mentioning that most FONAs was not flagrant, the gongs and expansion. Even after many targets coastal State action, or through the Pentagon’s annual report to know that American troops had entered the exclusive economic zone or the territorial sea. Only for key target, United States will be complemented by a high profile media campaign.

China FONAs

Differences between many, put aside political realism aside, both sides have widely divergent understanding of the law of the sea, mainly focused on two areas: (a) the exclusive economic zone. United States believe that all vessels without prior permit through the coastal State’s exclusive economic zone and territorial waters, normal military operations military vessels in the exclusive economic zone, such as exercises, detection, measurement, shipboard aircraft take off and land. General requirements for exclusive economic zones in China, equivalent to the innocent passage in the territorial waters, foreign military vessels and aircraft are not permitted to exercise or reconnaissance.

(B) the territorial sea. United States adhere, as long as military vessels or aircraft are not more military action, no security threat to the coastal State (including heading parallel to the coastline, submarines, not diving through), innocent passage occurs, and does not need to obtain permission in advance. China believes that, in the territorial sea, the innocent passage of foreign ships, military aircraft must first apply for and obtain a license.

In the final negotiations prior to the finalization of the Convention and joined the innocent passage through the territorial sea of the prior notice, approval terms caused a great deal of controversy, coastal marine States eventually backed down. In 1989, the Soviet Union signed the rules of international law relating to innocent passage through the two countries joint the common interpretation of (the year before, the two hit the ship incident in Soviet territorial waters in the Black Sea), according to this interpretation, the Soviet Union gave up for prior notification and prior approval requirements. But in practice, many countries still in accordance with their respective conditions to limit the principle of innocent passage. At present, the requirement of advance notice (without approval) in countries including India, and Egypt, and Korea, and Finland more than 10 countries, of which Korea prior notice as required by the longest, for 3 days. Requires the prior approval of countries including China, the Philippines, Viet Nam, and Iran, Pakistan, Romania, over more than 20 countries.

According to official us figures, author 1992-2014 FONAs against China will be summarized in the following table. “On the hook” says FONAs specific policy against China. Clearly visible is that the past 22 years, the United States FONAs against China are concentrated in the exclusive economic zone and advance notice before the adoption of the two. And, for up to 9 years in 1998-2006, Pentagon report no FONAs record for China, but in recent years, US military claims frequency and higher.

Us Qi Guan 〡 FONAs what is a ghost?
Us Qi Guan 〡 FONAs what is a ghost?

Data source: US Navy States in maritime claims reference manual, United States Department of Defense FONAs annual report

China high marks candidates to overtake United States students forcing the US


China high marks candidates to overtake United States students, forcing the US high school play down exam results strengthen interview

The 2016 United States boarding high school ranking the top 25 schools.

Latest the 2016 United States boarding high school rankings, excluding the “SSAT (United States secondary school admission test) shared” this indicator, “because students unusually high marks in China has far surpassed United States local students”, list making, study abroad Director, Yale University Taiwan Alumni Association Vice President Zhang Hengrui surging on news (www.thepaper.CN) said.

According to the news about the surging, as Chinese students long to attend training and continuous brush, resulting in United States high schools it’s hard to pick through the SSAT scores their students. At present, a growing number of United States high schools are strengthening interview requests.

Difficult to represent candidates real level, top excluding SSAT score index

On October 24, 2015, the United States released the 2016 United States boarding high school rankings.

The ranking is based on three indicators, namely school fund, SAT (United States university entrance exam) standardized average score, acceptance rates, and three one-third.

Three indicators in the School Fund and the SAT average score last year remain unchanged, and in response the admitted difficulty index this year with “admission rates” instead of last year’s “SSAT score.”

Replace reason is that students aided by training institutions in China, the SSAT unusually high score has surpassed United States native students, SSAT can not fully reflect the actual level of English students, resulting in United States high schools for the SSAT score less and less value.

Therefore, the study in the United States this year will switch to the United States high school more important “acceptance rate” to reflect the difficulty and popularity of applications, more useful for Chinese students.

International examinations frequently fire test takers in China have been accused of discrimination

Excluding SSAT score index also associated with recent events, SSAT was officially announced on September 19, 2015 in China of all the Upper Level SSAT (Advanced) test scores, 357 students affected.

Zhang Hengrui surging told the news, in his view, the higher score is normal for Chinese students. In recent years, in the United States rise in the number of Chinese students in high school, in 2011, China surpassed Korea became United States largest source country for high school students. In 2013-2014, the number attending private high schools in the United States, China, 33589. In 2015, SSATB meeting also said that United States private boarding school of the international students, about 40% is a Chinese student. The United States and Japan to TPP to contain

“Data displayed, last year has more than 10,000 over China students application United States private high school, this year has many Yu 13,000 people, 2016 is expected to not less than 15,000 people, more than 10,000 over of application base in the, at least has 4000 people is participation Yu SSAT exam of, in parents are of urged Xia, now for United States high school study of application prepared increasingly early, increasingly full, has confidence to participation September exam of students are is prepared full of excellent candidates, so China students high points is quite more of, is is normal of. “Zhang Hengrui believes that the 357 Chinese examinees SSAT scores were cancelled, the vast majority belong to” friendly fire “, the Chinese candidates of the exam questions are old questions from the test bank, China review of the candidates ‘ abilities to brush and super high marks are therefore candidates.

Another person familiar with the matter say, the 357 Chinese examinees SSAT scores were cancelled, competing with China Training Institute “dark war”–the relationship between training institutions to report to the SSAT’s official Chinese candidates suspected of cheating.

But people in the industry said, behind it shows the international exam discrimination against Chinese, whether permanently detain about 350 Chinese IELTS announced shortly before candidates or the title storm relief SAT exam last year, international exam host subconsciously thought “fake Chinese like to do.”

The person said against Chinese students don’t have much legal risk, Chinese law does not sound if it is United States or other countries, candidates for examinations seriously, examinations will be more scared, feel cumbersome, “so they don’t want to offend foreign students, but frequently injured Chinese students. ”

News has also learned that the surging, training institutions in the country, a Chinese candidates because the address is sent United States address, a SSAT results last year hadn’t been canceled.

More United States high school interview

Chinese families generally agreed that SAT and SSAT scores can reflect United States high school rankings, scores, the higher the harder it is for schools to apply for, in fact, admitted the difficulty also depends on the size of the school, enrollment, school facilities, geographical location and traffic conditions, and many other factors.

SSAT scores can reflect to some extent the school admission more difficult, however, as Chinese students long to attend training and continuous brush, resulting in United States high schools it’s hard to pick through the SSAT scores their students. While some elite high school students admitted to SSAT scores are high, also do not represent high students will be admitted to school.

At present, the United States strengthened my interviews of the applicants asking schools, to learn about the real English. And in order to eliminate both spoken and written English is not a very good student, “weilike interview” United States the school gradually increased.

The ranking is 20-100 in the United States a boarding high school, the overwhelming majority of weilike interviews before they enter school audit procedures are needed, or it will not be taken into account, “in one year, weilike interviews can only be arranged once and missed, you need to wait a year. Therefore, applicants should make full preparations before they can make an appointment for an interview. “Ivy education school implementation principal song Wei on surging News said, this a changes for China students application United States high school and adverse, yiqian application Shi, school interview can opportunities more, but now only once interview opportunities, and is through video recorded down, with a recorded good of video, all application of school are can see, through has video this program, is opportunities into Xia a round, applicants must to seriously practice, elimination spot of tension sense, to better to play out himself real of English level.

Questions and answers Your posture correct Adhering to these you can benefit


Q: I am running about 3 months, until Palm, but looking online postings on the forefoot to not hurt his knee, but I feel very uncomfortable, running speed and also reduces, the swing of the body is extremely awkward. What form is best?

A: good posture can help you avoid injuries, get rid of the habit of an error, and 20 days, your benefit is 30 years.

Questions and answers | Your posture correct? Adhering to these you can benefit from 30

First foot posture.

In recent years along with the best seller of the born to run popular addition to Barefoot lonelier, and forefoot running. Because according to the institutional impact analysis showed that compared to the forefoot and heel on the ground, not transient impact, that is under the impact more supple, not damage joints and knees.

Due to the foot and legs form a spring-like, feet, calves, thighs, the muscles and tendons, joints absorb the landing impact force. Also let the runners body slightly forward, pace a little, frequency, faster.

But without a long-term exercise, ankle, Achilles tendon force enough, likely to cause pain. In addition, the calf muscles will be more developed, meaning calf will be thicker and will feel very tired when I start fast enough.

Questions and answers | Your posture correct? Adhering to these you can benefit from 30

Next, we listed when running under the correct posture of the trunk.

1. eyes up front, don’t hang your head or Chin. Shoulders relaxed, not left and right swing, up and down.

If your posture is not right: the head position is important for runners, cervical damage long-term bad habits easily.

2. the body straight forward, chest puffed out his chest. If the large amount of running can make the body slightly forward so that you can maintain speed and reduce pressure on knees.

If your posture is not right: long thoracic hump running would cause injuries of the spine and back muscles.

3. easy arm swing is too large, from the waist to the jaw, long run can reduce the range. Left and right arm, do not exceed the midline of the body to prevent swaying.

If your posture is not right: the waving of the arms directly determines the running Center of gravity adjustment, if the habit is bad, it will be easy for the sway of the body, increasing the probability of injury.

4. don’t raise the knees, keeping slightly bent, the ground can absorb impact. Leg stride is not easy, you need speed can be increased frequency.

If your posture is not right: pace to crack easier with tendinitis and iliotibial band syndrome (commonly known as runners knee).

Questions and answers | Your posture correct? Adhering to these you can benefit from 30

So what should we test form? Simply wear a necklace to get running.

Swing necklace of smaller representative form more efficient when the necklace when you bounce up and down on behalf of step too large causing physical vibrations of the higher, should then be reduced pace, increasing stride frequency.

If necklace side more obvious, represents the upper body too large over the midline of the body or arm swing, you should narrow arm swing, you can reduce unnecessary physical exertion.

Questions and answers | Your posture correct? Adhering to these you can benefit from 30

Q: I am going to participate in the Shanghai Marathon, but is afraid of the track up and down slopes, may I ask do you have any tips to cope with slope?

Answer: this problem is summed up in one word: step running uphill, downhill to take long steps. Oooo the Hong Kong not funny blame Beier Bao it

Uphill position said: when the center of gravity forward, earlier than usual, the pace should not be too large, natural cross-out then.

But don’t slow down, as with Ping Lu, Cadence, stride length to zoom out, if gentle, narrowed a bit of pace, but if the slope is very large, you want to use the Baby baby steps (a little scattered).

Breathing must be darker than the road, a strong point, to balance up the required amount of oxygen.

If you are experiencing a steep hill (greater than 15 degrees), in order to preserve the physical strength can also be a fast-strategy.

As far as speed, uphill walk quickly lost about 20 seconds slower per 100 meters, such as individuals, for example, steep uphills average 100 m time of 47-50 seconds, walk 100 meters for an average of 65 seconds faster, lost only about 20 seconds, so not much slower.

And when going downhill never impatient clock, which is the key! Also should pay attention to breathing, step down. Then you have completely flat, speed-up start all over again.

(Experts in this issue: the famous running coach Sean)

More professionally run Fitness Watch weak signal of this column: sijiabenpao or search the public: private run.

51 year old Zheng Wanchun resigned from the Deputy Governor of the Bank previously


51 year old Zheng Wanchun resigned from the Deputy Governor of the Bank, previously served as Governor of the Bank

Zheng Wanchun

ICBC notice on October 22, 51, Vice President Zheng Wanchun due to job changes, resigned from the post of Vice-President.

On July 30, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) was informed by the people, Zheng Wanchun will most probably drop Minsheng Bank as the post of Governor.

ICBC said, Zheng Wanchun confirmed no disagreement with the Board, nor any matters relating to the resignation of the need to notify the Bank’s shareholders and creditors.

According to the news about the surging, Minsheng Bank recently announced in an internal meeting, the new Governor will be in place within months.

However, Minsheng Bank media contacts to surging News says no knowledge on the matter, all subject to the announcement.

Former Party Secretary, Mao Xiaofeng, President of cmbc was taken in for questioning in late January 2015, CBRC then after January 30, removed from his post of party Secretary, Hong Qi, Chairman of post of the Governor of the people’s livelihood will also have, over the course of half a year’s time, Minsheng Bank new Governor candidates are always up in the air.

People familiar with the matter said, Minsheng Bank’s new post of President of the final to Zheng Wanchun, may be valued for his experience in handling non-performing assets. Share anger for a two-day rise, the Shanghai composite


Public information displayed, now 51 age of Zheng Wanchun, is livelihood Bank current Chairman Hong Qi of Anhui “fellow”, February 1964 was born in Anhui Jing, Han, people University Economics Dr, Senior Economist; its Yu June 1982 participate in work, July 1991 up will and ICBC knot Xia has friendship, has any ICBC head office bus credit Department Deputy Director, and Director,, Hainan Province, Ocean Pu branch President,, Hainan Province, branch President Assistant and province line sales General Manager, In October 1999, Deputy General Manager of ICBC Head Office Department of industrial and commercial credit.

Minsheng Chairman Hong Qi was born in 1957, in jixi, Anhui. Hong Qi since March 2009 to replace Eddie Wang as President of China Minsheng Bank from August 2014, Chairman of Minsheng Bank.

Zheng Wanchun is one bad assets disposal experts, 1999 China four assets management company established Hou a years, he will joined China China thaw assets management company; June 2000 up, has any China China thaw assets management company claims management Department General Manager, and business management Department General Manager, September 2003 any China thaw assets management company President Assistant, December 2004 any China thaw assets management company Deputy President, and party members, January 2009 any China thaw assets management company Deputy President, and party Deputy Secretary.

Until March 2011, Zheng Wanchun will say goodbye to bank system, transfer is President of the China Great Wall asset management Corporation, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee.

However, in October 2013, with ICBC, “Governor of the old” Mr Yang and other executives were retired, transferred, Zheng Wanchun returned to ICBC, ICBC Vice President and oversees the corporate and investment banking business. This was seen as ICBC to Zheng Wanchun valued, because this line had previously was later promoted to President, there will be full in charge.

After assuming his Office, the post of Deputy Governor of the Bank, Zheng Wanchun end of September 2013 expressed in one symposium, will test the Bank’s pricing of interest rate liberalization and risks control capacity, commercial bank lending and deposit rates narrowed, thus impact on profits. From experience, the 2.2% could be the bottom-line average net interest margin of the banking sector.

Zheng Wanchun currently serves as Vice President of the national debt Association of China; also Dorset, huarong Carrefour Group Chairman Chairman, rongde asset management Chairman, Chairman, huarong securities and huarong futures limited liability company.

In addition, Zheng Wanchun also worked in the United States Bank, Canada Bank of Montreal, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania visiting research, since 1987, has in the journal of finance, the China financial, the financial science, financial times, the China Securities journal and other newspapers published several articles and author of the study on the key technology of disposing bad assets of financial.

Troubleshoot the new plastic playground in Shanghai a kindergarten before the


Emerald Park, Pujiang town, Minhang district, the first kindergarten after dusk, more than more than 60 children on September 1 with varying degrees of Allergy and inflammation, parents are suspected of “culprits” had just completed a plastic playground. On October 20, this event has made new progress, parents who suspect someone might be involved knowingly plastic material “problem” is still used for construction.

That afternoon, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) is a plastic playground construction prior to construction inspection report provided to kindergarten, which detect Diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI); plastic granules in the content of organic and inorganic substances did not meet the required standards. 

The same night, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission issued a circular said in Shanghai recently, two kindergartens in the plastic field stinks, requires the Bureau of education of the district within the jurisdiction of the city schools of new plastics site and other facilities to conduct a comprehensive investigation related to student health and safety, ensuring that school-related facilities in accordance with the standards of the State and this municipality.

Troubleshoot the new plastic playground in Shanghai, a kindergarten before the construction of the runway was checked out materials problem

Twitter released on the parents, and child nosebleeds, vomiting, body rash pictures.

Volatile toxic substances in air, there is no test standard

20th 15:30, Pujiang first kindergarten total Park crowded with parents of children at the gate. However, not many parents came to pick up the kids-Emerald Park, most parents now want to test results published as soon as possible.

In the recently released “Jiangsu poison track” incident, the media found that runway standards, but the runway volatilized detection of toxic substances in the air but there are no standards.

Surging journalists access to relevant information found that synthetic materials of site, AQSIQ issued GB/T 14833-2011 standards, standards based on the site, the competition level, number of players and factors such as technology, the outdoor runway surface layer of synthetic materials into three categories, a campus-like runway belonging to “use and teaching and public health” category III runway.

Among them, for toxic and hazardous substances have clearly defined, toluene, and xylene must be less than or equal to 0.05 g/kg of the sum of free toluene diisocyanate (TDI) must be less than or equal to 0.2 g/kg.

One longtime Air examination industry, the above standard is for the plastic surface of the runway, but air standard on plastic track release was not to follow.

The source pointed out that, if you want to test the proportion of harmful substances in the air, you can reference methods for determination of ammonia in air, tested air samples in solution, reagent, or can refer to the detection method for PM2.5. However, requiring multiple air sampling, and due to the difference of wind, air temperature, taking air samples are not the same.

Troubleshoot the new plastic playground in Shanghai, a kindergarten before the construction of the runway was checked out materials problem

19th afternoon, some parents decide to send its Emerald-cut two pieces of plastic playground in the garden of samples.

Adhesive plastic playground detected concerned MDI

20th afternoon, journalists from the surging River the first parents of kindergarten-Emerald Park received a copy of the inspection report. The test report for the construction of plastic playground in construction prior to a garden party, concerning plastic playground for materials testing results.

The test report shows that testing unit for Jiangsu Taizhou excelle sports facilities Ltd (plastic material), the tested sample has two parts, one for “runway adhesives”, one for “plastic particles”.

Detection unit of the report for the Institute of Chinese track and field testing laboratory of synthetic surface track and field venues belonging to synthetic materials testing center at East China University sports venues. The laboratories a staff member surnamed Li told journalists the surging over the phone, the standards in accordance with the national standards of the testing, including, adhesives for use in the runway, so reference to runway standards.

In accordance with the relevant national standards, inspection of adhesive, benzene, toluene and xylene, toluene diisocyanate (TDI) testing results as “not found”, total volatile organic compounds within the limit values. Worth noting is that methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) the limit value for “measured” measured value is “check out”, and at the judgment bar open. Testing concluded that benzene, toluene and xylene, toluene di-isocyanate, total volatile organic compounds content in line with GB 18583-2008 demand; detect containing methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI).

According to the GB/T22517.6-2011 (land use requirements and testing methods for the 6th part of the stadium), plastic particles inspection report showed that levels of organic and inorganic substances were not up to standard. Among them, the organic matter content of 25.7%, national standard of not less than 35%; inorganic content of 74.3%, national standard of not more than 65%.

In this regard, the surging journalists access to relevant published papers found that TDI can result in airway epithelium, interstitial lung, pulmonary blood vessels and immune system damage; MDI may have some influence on reproductive and endocrine systems.

Just a few days ago, experts sent by Jiangsu Province Department of education research team member, Nanjing forestry University Faculty of Science Department of chemistry and materials science professor Luo Zhenyang said that plastic runway using a polyurethane material, “normative polyurethane material must be drug-free”, but if toxic plasticizers are used in the plastic playground, excessive use will cause the boy even sterilization.

Testing the material in question is laid into the playground

According to the report, parents questioned confirmed have been detected prior to the construction of “problematic” material plastic playground, whether kindergarten is ultimately covered runways? If covered, which link is a hidden test report? These parents hoped that the relevant departments can respond in a timely manner.

Earlier, in a surging news interview, first kindergarten in Pujiang town in Shanghai Gu Zhongying, Emerald Park plastic playground laying works begin on September 1, 2 days before the shut down, during the national day holiday, from October 1 to 3rd finished completion.

For this, a number of parents complained. A small student said on August 30, shut down on October 1, to remain in operation, “since not finished, there is no completion and acceptance of the report, children in environments that may be toxic and harmful for a month. ”

News that the surging, plastic playground in construction during the same period to cut samples inspected, inspection can only be put into use.

In this regard, the surging news Pujiang town’s first kindergarten Gu Zhongying and Emerald Director Xu Li, refused to respond. Rural research notes of the Chinese Academy of

On October 19, the town, Pujiang town, Minhang district, Shanghai Government officials to the news that surging, have commissioned a third party to test after completion of the school playground, more testing, about ten working days to get the data report.

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to immediately set up an investigation group 

October 20 late, Shanghai City Board released notification said, for recently social and media concern of, Songjiang district, huating second kindergarten (new ideal Department), and road, Minhang district, River first kindergarten Emerald points Park of plastic site has odor of situation, the sector established emergency working group, collaborative professional institutions carried out related survey, convened related District Bureau head held topic Conference understand situation, and on survey disposal work proposed has clear requirements.

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission requires the County Education Bureau and kindergarten students ‘ health in the first place, with close attention to children’s health in the health sector, effective implementation of child protection measures once abnormal, to handle and report in a timely manner.

Plastic site reflects the issues, Education Bureau of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission requires the County to immediately joint management, health, and environmental protection departments investigating, entrust a qualified authority, plastics site to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the kindergartens, parents and the community to publish test results in a timely manner. Once identified the problem, must immediately rectify if there is violation, to seriously investigate, tolerance.

Shanghai Municipal Commission of education requirements, the city’s Bureau of education of the district within the jurisdiction of new plastic site comprehensive investigation related to student health and safety facilities, such as to ensure that school facilities in line with national standards and Shanghai.