IPhone 5 will achieve human powered generating Dynamo back available


I often fantasize myself was involved in a plane crash, and one of my favorite TV show ‘ lost ‘ stars, down to living on a desert island, catching a crab and lobster from the sea to eat every day, and will never again have trouble at work. Various monsters do not appear in the play, of course, as long as I have my iPhone 5 to accompany it. But here’s the thing, this cell phone battery a single day hold.

Now the iPhone 5 casing a Gridcase appeared, and happen to be able to solve this problem. Gridcase is not a simple mobile phone cover, it can make your arms and hands a powered generator: by way of crank to power your iPhone 5. Looks like the Dynamo makes Gridcase inevitably cumbersome, because it has a built-in generator of 500 mAh, also equipped with a 400 mAh rechargeable battery.

Dynamo is not the first time this idea in the field of mobile phone accessories. Early non-Smartphone era a few years ago, the Japanese came up with hand-cranked power as a backup power supply to mobile phones. However, at that time the mobile phone battery life compared to the force, with a two or three day no problem, this design was not therefore practical, more just gimmicky. Marc Jacobs Galaxy S4 Case

Today, things are completely different. “Thanks to the” smartphones a day full of blessing, you absolutely need to carry a mobile power source for a rainy day. Now, you select another one, which is the same as Gridcase mini hand-power generation equipment. Recently, we also introduced something similar to this fitting, Gridcase the Dynamo and casing together design we are very interested in.

But we have no way to buy this fun mobile phone accessories on the market. Gridcase itself is a “chip (crowdfunding)” financing entrepreneurship program, if the company successfully raised $ 350,000 at the CrowdSupply website, have to wait until mid-November this year at the earliest to shipment of the first order. But who knows when iPhone iPhone 6 5S or what! This designed for iPhone 5 casing, can also be used on? Marc Jacobs Galaxy S4 Case

Marc Jacobs Galaxy S4 Case

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Place Process Inc. Announces Partnership while having Oak Ridge National Laboratory to help make 3D…


Materials scientists out of the renewable, biomaterials industry and federal government aim to advance industrial adaptation along with 3D printing by improving a new mechanical strength of printing resins with low cost, ultra-strong nanoparticles taken out from trees. “Nanocellulose” promises that will be an economical substitute for expensive carbon products currently used in 3D printing to help make load bearing parts.

Carbon Fiber iPhone 5 Case Black

American Program Inc. (Atlanta, GA) and Cherry Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Shape, TN) recently signed a joints agreement to improve the strength of 3D publishing plastic resins using nanocellulose, one particular rapidly emerging high performance, bioderived nanomaterial. A well-known constraint of 3D publishing is the limited number of feedstock options available. Traditionally used thermoplastic resins provide inadequate mechanical strength which will printed parts for load babies applications.

The goal of this project is to always render 3D printing technology perfect for producing load-bearing parts for a a comprehensive portfolio of industries including automotive and mildew manufacturing that have strengths similar to steel components such as aluminum and cost-parity with traditional materials.

While h2o and fibers have been used as a rewarding material for 3D printing resins, their high cost and dependency during petroleum has led researchers at ORNL to investigate more economical alternative reinforcing gels and creams such as nanocellulose.

According to American Program Inc. ’s CEO, Theodora Retsina, “Nanocellulose can enhance the performance along with plastics in an environmentally friendly and latest market competitive way. carbon fiber phone cases are very strong and lightweight but expensive build and used only in the the highest end applications such as aerospace and then luxury vehicles. Nanocellulose is as solid as carbon fiber and are lower obtainable. With our manufacturing breakthrough, nanocellulose has always been significantly more cost competitive than h2o and fibers. We didn’t invent nanocellulose; we made it less expensive, thermally really very stable at high temperatures, and gave doing it functionality to blend with hydrophobic polymers – thereby enabling latest market applications and opening the road which will commercial production. ”

American Program began production of a suite along with BioPlus™ nanocellulose products in June 2015 at their pre-commercial BioPlus™ plant in Thomaston, Georgia. Element from this plant will be used by ORNL to 3D print a large scope component on their giant “Big City Additive Manufacturing” (BAAM) 3D publishing machine, which is 500 to 1134 times faster than most. ORNL developed the first prototype BAAM car in partnership with Cincinnati Incorporated (Harrison, OH) using its commercial laser cutting gantry-style platform. ORNL recently used BAAM to print a full-size merecedes, which garnered wide-spread media eyes. Not resting on their laurels, ORNL then installed the largest 3D BAAM printer in the world, capable of printing compounds up to 20 feet long, åtta feet wide and 6 shoes tall.

Such advances in 3 DIMENSIONAL printing speed and size work as leading to what Richard D’Aveni among the Havard Business Review calls “The 3D Printing Revolution”. According to D’Aveni, numerous companies are using 3-D publishing for production including GE (jet engines, medical devices, and residential home appliance parts), Lockheed Martin and then Boeing (aerospace and defense), Clarear Flight Sciences (unmanned aerial vehicles), Invisalign (dental devices), and They (consumer electronics).

In the aerospace and then automotive industries, 3D printing would achieve performance gains such as ignite weighting and fuel efficiency once high strength resin composites are more easily accessible that provide greater tensile strength, durability, and then resistance to impact. According to the U. Azines. Department of Energy (DOE), the restraining factor in use of lightweight materials from vehicles has been availability of sufficient and at affordable cost.

“We work as excited about the opportunity to work with American Program Inc. to develop nanocellulose reinforced polymers with the objective of achieving a completely bio-derived new structural material for constituent manufacturing, ” said Craig White, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Program and then Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL.

The research at ORNL is maintained the Advanced Manufacturing Office from DOE’s Office Energy Efficiency and then Renewable Energy.

American Process Inc. focuses primarily on pioneering renewable materials, fuels and then chemicals from biomass and produces proprietary technologies and strategic assemblage in the field to be scaled industrially internationally.

ORNL is managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy’s Desk of Science. DOE’s Office along with Science is the single largest tenir of basic research in the physical savoir in the United States, and is working to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time. You should visit, please visit http://science.energy.gov.

For the original features on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/05/prweb12749484.htm

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Prada bag – black


Prada iPhone 5 case that could be in very good condition. Nice talent but just not my thing.

Prada iPhone 5 Wallet Case White

I’m so more than happy to email you various other pictures. Or if you’d like to see one in person, please let me know. Available in Hyde Park and cash only. At any time any question please email: a_miko@outlook. com

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Hard solutions an rabbit video, test tool test



Mention Bunny, most of the players first thought must be the rabbit test-run of this classic, ran the party from a single core, dual-core, quad-core to present six-core, eight-core, has been running An Tutu all, this way. In April An Tutu has introduced a video test application. It can detect Android devices video hardware solutions, Pro, to run a video?

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Black

First of all install, rabbit video test in our powerful Google haven’t Play last, but there are many applications available for download, we also provide a download here: official addresses Baidu’s Web site

PS: what? IOS and WP do you use? Please close this page …

Tutu video test interface is quite simple, even looks a little rough, of course, hasn’t formally applied last and we don’t ask for too much, and easy to use on the line. Video test application as a whole is divided into the main section, screen test section (help is convenient, but applied to the video test with this always feel what’s wrong … ), Details scores and results sharing


Click on the video test will play a video seems cool, do not think that this is just plain video, actually played in the course of application already uses different combinations of video coding, audio coding is used to test the phone’s video hardware decode capability


Test yihou will to out a Zhang details list, can see here of test project including 3GP, and AVI, and FLV, and MKV, and MP4, and RMVB and WMV, mainstream of package format and provides has variety audio and video coding to test phone of hard solutions performance, in right will lists play results, points normal, and no voice, and no picture and cannot play four species, while in right Shang angle will to out a reference of scored, scored certainly is more high more good has


While Tutu video test also comes with a screen test in functionality, allows users to test the phone’s screen

Here we are releasing some high-end cellphones in test results. Author at the time of testing found that same phone after multiple tests may have different results appear here get better test scores, are for reference only (click to view larger image) waterproof iPhone

antutu video

In the reference model, Galaxy S5 (Exynos 5422, MSM8974AC both versions are, exactly the same), Xplay3S (MSM8974AB), HTC M8 (MSM8974AC), millet, 3 Mobile (Tegra 4), X3Sw (MT6592), test results show that vivo two cell phone Xplay3S and X3Sw in this video hard solution fared better in the tests, especially the Xplay 3 s, only mov and RMVB video cannot play two, other videos, all is well. Millet and 3 Mobile’s performance is a little surprise, “hard solution artifact,” said Tegra 4 turned out to be the worst in this test. In addition HTC M8 is the use of mycophenolate mofetil 801 Dragon platform, but compared with Xplay 3S there is a large gap.

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What saved you? Google Nexus 4 photo test



Google’s Nexus 4 released from that day on, due to its high price, excellent design and powered by Google’s latest Android 4.2 system attracted world attention, Nexus 4 is out of stock, maybe Google think Nexus 4 so popular. But Halo behind a camera, has severely affected the Nexus 4 user experience.

Believe Nexus 4 people on hand will be very satisfied with the overall performance of the Nexus 4, but beyond that people can’t look straight into the camera, whether it is running a wide variety of large game, watch the video and the latest Android 4.2 the excellent design of the system, all users have a good experience. We know that LG’s shooting has been his short Board, but this weakness is short a little bit wide of the mark, could hold more water, “Nexus 4” barrel only holds little water.

Let us first look at the Nexus of 4 shoot interface, Android 4.2 during the filming of interface design is very good, long press the screen is to bring up the menu settings button, and native joined the HDR feature, but we are familiar with the ISO regulation did not. Click screen is focusing, focusing is complete there will be a green box tips.


Small series of test shot sample and found Nexus 4 shooting algorithm really have problems indoors when shooting macro, has a very bright place, the camera’s ISO will automatically adjust to the very high, there is no need to adjust the high ISO, high ISO but can also affect the quality.


This specimen was shot in indoor light enough environment, but ISO will be automatically raised to 1500, so plenty of light, in fact, there is no need to adjust to such a high ISO, and such a high ISO, shutter speed is actually 1/16s, it should not …

Small series in addition to the review of Nexus 4 outside shot proof, is to rely on some of the more important Nexus of the APP to save us 4. Small series in wants to, since native cannot regulation ISO, so relies on third party photography software, total can adjustable about’s, so small series on in love toss of doctrine constantly installation photography class of APP, constantly to attempts to, in try has n a software zhihou, small series eventually think can help to Nexus 4 of, always also is small series is long zhiqian on has been save down of a photography software: UCam.


But is in need of attention, UCam the UCam is used before the old version, the new version of the UCam is very easy to use, small series of this older version of the UCam, except without the fancy functions, can automatically optimize it again after the picture was taken the picture, such as wiping out the noise and increase the brightness.

ISO settings on the UCam, remember to set to “ISO-HJR”, ISO settings for this mode is a good, small finds if the Nexus 4 ISO, limited to 400, places to dark to light can cause screen Caton situation, serious and even stuck, you must exit to restart.


Way the HJR, Android in some pictures you will also see this option on the application, this option is actually a “reducing hand shake” one of the effects, auto ISO mode has a faster shutter speed, rather than a lower ISO, shutter priority option is the almost. But the strange thing is, small details view by mobile phone after the shooting, ISO 200, and put it on the computer, but can not find ISO … This may be related to software compatibility issues, we don’t need to go into this area, and we only need one result: can we enhance the abilities of Nexus 4?

Next, we’ll look at using the UCam and the original camera film proofs, and then zoom into the picture to compare small series in the right corner add the UCam proofs taken: “UCam” message:


We take a look at figure 200% screenshot: the primary camera on the left, on the right was taken out of the UCam, judging from the screenshot above two proofs, UCam shoot out will be more smooth, surface noise is not too heavy.

Here are more than proofs: Spiderman iPhone 5s case


At night, use without UCam shooting is unbearable into aims, just use the UCam image brightness will be slightly increased. A comparison here is enough.


Because the LG produces the Nexus 4 camera congenitally deficient, so software or an algorithm, no matter how bad the day after tomorrow, save Nexus 4 camera capability. UCam software here only slightly smoothed noise and brighten the screen point to play this role, but because the UCam software does not support spot metering, can only use the default central metering mode, so use the UCam is good or bad, depending on your choice.

Camera issues aside does not actually say, Nexus 4 is definitely a good machine, but LG ruined such a camera, I should not have.

Small software to share out here, you can also try not to try on the Nexus 4, many phones are applicable, but also has the same smooth out noise and brightening effect. Click here to download

If you have any questions or suggestions for articles, you can leave your comments below, and small series to respond.

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LG LSM-100 scanner out of the box



LG LSM-100 is a scanning system Office mouse, the mouse outside the regular office use, but also through the bottom of the scanner to scan to enter information into the computer as electronic files, easy management, save time and effort. Now we’ll look at how this mouse design. best iPhone bumper


LG LSM-100 scanning mouse packaging directly, can scan feature on the packaging could hardly wait to show.


Side indicate the scanning features of this mouse.


The other side, LG signature.


Back of the packaging.


Well, gossip not say more, opened directly next to our packaging, inner packaging is relatively simple, the mouse is fixed in the sponge layer Central, on the right manual, manual box but also teaches you how to turn inside out instructions and data cable.


Take the sponge layer at the top of, there’s a rag and the relevant drive, wanted to use the scanning function of the mouse, you have to install the relevant software.

Luxury Crystal Rhinestone Diamond Bling Metal iPhone 5 Bumper


Rags on the market with some good mobile phone films offer little rags, but as above with the LG logo.


Open the right side of the box, placed inside the instruction and the mouse cable.


Instructions all parts is the UK explained, while the second is in multiple languages.


LG LSM-100 scanning mouse look dull.


LG LSM-100 front, symmetrical design.


Design of surface is glossy, easy sticky fingerprints.


The words there was a SMART SCAN on the left side, indicates that the scan button settings on the left side.


Wheels used textured materials, easy sticky dust, wheel a transparent outer belt installed drive on the computer can show Blu-ray.


LG icon on the mouse bottom.


The left of the mouse, click the scan button on the front to start the bottom of the scanner. Bottoms faux skin coating was used, feel better.


Tail section a little tilted slightly.


Right side.


The mouse connection.


LG LSM-100 bottom of the mouse, two attached feet. bumper Apple


The underlying scanner also has a factory film, let rip.


From here we can see the LED inside the scanner and components.


The reflector inside the scanner.


LG LSM-100 scanning mouse wire is very general, there is a cable tie.


LG LSM-100 middle mouse is slightly a little sunken Palm on top of feeling uncomfortable.


Due to the lower back, fingers to the roots is not supported, feel pretty bad. And the fretting is very soft, press the handle is very general.


LG LSM-100 mouse is not large, a size comparison with Google Nexus 5.

LG LSM-100 tour and ended up here, because scans experience need more test cases, so the experience please refer to subsequent updates.