Master the 4 steps, you can create a user attractive product


Create a user likes to use products should be the target of numerous products. Before the start of a product, of course, first of all, we want to confirm that the product market is real, if a group of users are waiting for the birth of products. When you find the answer to this question, we might as well take a look at most things that need your attention.

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Products from the usual step is to start small, that is, for this product to produce a simplified version. So how did we get it?

1, which groups use my product?

Office software, for example, we need to consider these questions:

What kind of employee would use every day for my product?

Where is their usage scenarios? –In computers as well as on a mobile phone? Ted Baker iPhone 6 flip case

They will often switch between different devices to use my product?

What is their favorite forms of communication? –Voice, text or instant messaging?

If we can answer these questions clearly, then we will be able to better determine product development priorities.

List 2, list the most important user needs

This step is the most telling users how to use our products, and the use of the product value for him/her. Users can write on the list, such as “as a user, I hope the product can send and receive messages on a computer on the stage”, “as a user, I want on my computer after the session began, when I left the computer desk can still use mobile phones to continue to dialogue. “Then we will comply with these user requirements prioritization, and then began to develop a small product.

3, good interactive experience

Many of us might immediately think of UI (user interface) design, but it also applies to products that have no UI interactions, such as API (application program interface). Experience excellent API for a product, the key is to consider the document and Github experience. If we were designing UI, it is necessary to take into account interfaces, sensory, and fluency of the sliding screen. No matter what kind of design, our goal is to allow users to use the product in the course of pleasure, with products to attract and impress her/him.

4, reducing the threshold for users of products

If the product is not simple enough, allows users to start, then good user experience does not help. Of course, if we are able to provide a short video tutorial and easy registration process, it does help to reduce learning costs.

We have mastered the 4 steps above, then what to do next? Feedback, more user feedback. Once users start to use this product, we have to do is to constantly adjust product details and experiences: they use this product look, listen to their evaluation of this product and thought processes.

I hope to hear from products which are good, which can optimize it better and what the user really needs (note the “need” and not “want to”). There is no doubt that their proposal could enlighten us, which helped me improve on the product itself, such as the iteration of the product, or add more useful features.

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Chinese version of Pebble smart watches

A lot of people told me, after a fresh, their Apple Watch most commonly used is the “view alerts” and “view” these two functions. Pebble that two things can be done, and whether the iPhone or Android phone, are qualified for the job. Even if it is on a business trip, as long as a week, do not need to bring the charger.

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Contract price Notified: Now, sell power provided by solar panels to local administration


State residents will now be able to sell influence generated from solar panels to the hometown administration. The Joint Electricity Corporate Commission (JERC) has notified the power of sunshine tariff approved for Chandigarh while March this year.

Chief Executive Officer, CREST, Santosh Kumar, said as there was the best delay in notification of the contract price, the department was unable to means applications for those desiring to install solar yard lights rooftop panels for the purpose of exporting the power of sunshine to the main grid.

“Today, JERC has informed us that very own official notification will be uploaded troubles site in the next two days that will at this instant pave the way for those who want to auction their solar power to local decisionmaking, ” he saidChandigarh Renewal Electrical Sciences and Technology Promotion Mankind (CREST) is the nodal agency while UT to promote the use of renewal machinery in the city.

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Santosh stated that while the department has installed a hundread rooftop photo-voltaic power plants while government buildings, the response of the special sector was not very encouraging. The man added that with the finalisation when using the power tariff, they were hoping for okay response from private sector.

Person has given two choices-Gross since Net metering system- in Chandigarh to avail the benefits of the solar panel.

One who wants to earn the money will go for gross metering. In this pacte, you choose to export in all of the electric that your rooftop solar system generates inside the main grid without consuming any of this at your house.

As per the new contract price, the consumer with gross metering driver’s license will be paid Rs. 8. fifty-one per unit. The tariff cycle is little less if question availed government subsidy in loading the solar panel.

At 15 % subsidy, the tariff rate may Rs. 7. 32 per property, while it is Rs. 6. two week per unit in case about 30 per cent subsidy.

On the other hand, capture metering system is an offset pacte Executive engineer, (division no-4) Sunil Sharma, who is the nodal police officer to receive applications under any of these device, said that consumer is not paid just about anything under net metering. Rather the very units exported by him coming from a solar panels is adjusted against an individual’s consumption of units from the traditional power system and billed accordingly.

“In case of excessive units, it would be carried forward to next billing interval, ”he said.

At present, 14 methods are under his process in support of both these system, he said adding more that more awareness will increase the output in future.

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Horned Dinosaur species found by paleontologist – names it “Helllboy”


Capability had whale of a time searching out the remarkable FOSSIL iPhone 5 of a horned dinosaur which they nicknamed as “Hellboy”. The fossil was dug far removed from a hard limestone along the banks from the Canadian River where it lasted entombed for some 68 million long periods of time, though the diabolic task was fully satisfying at the end. On Thursday, scientists explained one among the most unique horned dinosaurs that were ever discovered – the right beast that boasted of an foreign pair of facial horns with spines covering the edge of its bony frill at the rear part of its mind.

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Caleb Brown from the Royal Tyrrel Museum of Paleontology, Alberta explained this new animal was essentially one in every of the weirdest in horned dinosaurs. He added that only when it is as opposed to the close relatives, it gets entirely apparent how weird this compagnon really is and in comparison it separates itself like a sore thumb.

Regardless of the fact nicknamed as “hellboy”, the official concept ascribed is Regaliceratops Peterhewsi not run out ‘royal horned face’ and that is honoring Peter Hews, the geologist of which found the FOSSIL iPhone 5 case.

The stubby horns sitting above the eyes and as a consequence resembling the character in the comic organise with the same name prompted their scientists to name the fossil just like “hellboy”. The nickname also resembled the hellish time the study workers had in extricating it carefully from what they termed as “evil extremely rock”

Donald Henderson added that a majority of earlier they did have a name that were politically incorrect, but with significant tough they managed to shed that concept after a couple of months.

The fossil is comparable in its size to the modern day rhinos of the largest size and is some 1 . 5 tons, complete with 16 feet length and lima feet height.

Brown added that one may conjure it up like a big DESPITE THE FACT THAT

The fossil was discovered along the length of Oldman River of southwest Alberta in 2005 where it was experienced that the tip of the snout has sticking out of the cliff. The mind exhibited a remarkable 3D preservation this was remarkable and quite unlike additional fossils where the skull was squashed flat.

Although the researchers found their skull in almost its whole, no part of the remaining skeleton has found.

In this NYC Pre Owned Designer High-priced jewelry Marketplace Raised $1. 7M into Seed Funding


Buying designer engagement ring online can be a bit dicey, in case we’re talking about pieces that can run tens of thousands of dollars – and that is in pre-owned jewelry dollars ~ it’s also pricey and how shall you be sure that you’re getting the real deal?

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Its an online marketplace for pre-owned trendy jewelry, and watches and the services} differentiates itself by offering buyers and sellers a dependable authentication process and best value equity with its real-time pricing engine and even refurbishment process. And when you’re grabbing brands like Cartier, Tiffany, Steve Yurman, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chanel, Michael Kors jet set continental wallet and Ippolita, accomplish want to make sure that you’re getting the truthful thing – and the real deal.

TrueFacet offers both, and currently features and benefits over 70 brands. And tracking.

“We have the vision to truly change a huge resale jewelry market for a generations old analog business in a 21st century technology-enabled marketplace, ” talked TrueFact CEO and founder Tirath Kamdar. “We founded our company individuals don’t know where to go or people who to trust when jewelry developing, and we wanted to turn this around and have things be a transparent and enjoyable receive. Putting an end to fakes around is very important to us, and thus much more, we’ve caught 350 counterfeits about out of 10k pieces examined, and 84% of people don’t know what their engagement ring is worth. People get only 15-20% on the dollar back when selling engagement ring in offline channels. ”

Pills typically range from $150-$25, 000, may be up to 70% off retail.

Kamdar tells us more about the funding together with company’s plans going forward:

Who were ones investors and how much did then you raise?

We raised $1. a few million in seed funding caused by Maveron, Trilogy, Howard Lindzon by Social Leverage, Founder’s Co-op, plus several top angel investors

TrueFacet is known as a leading jewelry marketplace featuring licensed, authentic pre-owned designer jewelry and even watches.

The company differentiates itself by providing buyers and sellers a trusted authentication process and even best value guarantee.

We choose Techstars Dallas because of the strong ecommerce presence condition, with Amazon, Zillow, etc .

Details did you miss most just about being away from NYC?

The vibrancy of the city, the luxury markets, together with growing tech community.

What marketplace you are targeting and how big would it be?

The second-hand jewelry/watch space, and it’s also $10. 6 Billion in the US all alone

A jewelry-focused marketplace where products can get real-time pricing of their elements and shoppers can shop with full confidence, knowing every item is identified and best priced.

We got down to work with folks that would make wonderful prolong partners and add value outside of hard cash. We’re glad to have found a great combination of investors that include those that have get going businesses and also those that add ideal value.

What are the biggest challenges that you diligently faced while raising capital?

Actually ensuring that we bring on folks that add long-term value.

What factors to your business led your investors all of these the check?

Our vast past jewelry experience, combined with our applied science expertise to turn this huge seller jewelry market from a generations inefficient analog business into a 21st century technology-enabled marketplace

What are the milestones you plan to reach in the next six months?

Continue to grow price by 20-25%and to build the best customers’ jewelry re-sell experience on trasportabile

What advice can you offer employers in New York that do not have a brand new injection of capital in the personal loan company?

Focus on the customer and a real burden. If you’re solving a real large burden for them, the capital and all else will need care of itself.

Is there a particular trendy or designers or type of engagement ring that’s most in demand, that you may have seen so far?

Our current top-rated designers areCartier, Tiffany, David Yurman, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chanel, Devices Kors and Ippolita.

Where a person see the company going now covering the near term?

To continue to provide a stable place for consumers to buy and then sell on designer jewelry and watches, reaching the best value while experiencing superior customer.

Which NYC bar do you consider carefully your gold standard?

The Royalton Hotel room bar. It’s a classy place to obtain work done also.

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Braven delivers co-branded range of portable Blue tooth speakers


Braven delivers co-branded level of portable Bluetooth speakers

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by Edwin – on January 26th, 2015

When it comes to portable speakers, there is on a name that would definitely ring a bell through most folks – and that name will unmistakably Braven. Touted to be the patron when it comes to outdoor speaker technology, Braven has recently announced an exclusive partnership through Burton Snowboards, which happens to be the to-days leading snowboard company. When the top in their respective fields work together, fight but be assured that the end result too, might possibly be the very best. Hence, here we are with a brand new range of co-branded, portable Bluetooth cordless that deliver superb audio : namely the Braven BRV-1 this can be BRV-X ultra-rugged, iPhone waterproof case speakers.

Those speakers have been celebrated for their great ruggedness, plethora of features combined with outstanding sound quality, where the compact BRV-1 and battle-ready BRV-X are more compared to what capable of holding their own even in our own midst of the harshest elements. Most are perfect for riders as well as anyone who ingest great love for the outdoors, combined with both wireless Bluetooth speakers have happen to enjoy an IPX7 eligible waterproof case rating and can transform right into a battery bank to come with the ability to fruit up USB devices, functioning getting portable power bank of kind.

The Braven BRV-1 sports a heavy duty and compact design which will be able to compliment the palm of your hand, while it delivers the sound quality that you want employing the features you need. Heck, it will maybe come with an integrated microphone that would front the way for hands-free calls, specifically in case you are occupied through another task at hand. As for the Braven BRV-X itself, this ultra-rugged audio would be able to rock the outdoors with thoroughly clean, powerful audio and an fachada casing that’s as tough while it gets. The Burton x Braven BRV-1 and BRV-X speakers usually retail within the price range of $80 to $250 if you are interested.

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