The celebrity in tight white plunging kleidung at Giuseppe Zanotti store opening


Between the dinner for the launch to Victoria Beckham’s line in Barneys and the Giuseppe Zanotti store opportunity in Beverly Hills, there was a great deal going on in the world of fashion yesterday. With the help of VB’s sophisticated dresses and GZ’s killer heels, we’ve got you draped!

Miu Miu HandBag Case for iPhone 5/5S Pink

But it wasn’t just the events this were star-studded. Check out Beyoncé’s heels! The girl wore some studded mules with western-inspired buckles and eyelet explaining, which perfectly offset her white spectrum outfit by Bec & Association. They are, of course by Giuseppe Zanotti and you can buy them now by selecting the link (right).

And Zanotti ıs just not the only one bringing back the mule this year. Gianvito Rossi, miu miu iphone 5 combined with Manolo Blahnik are all getting in on the main act too, so now is the chance to dip a toe in the rage.

And the good news is that mules decide to a massive comeback on the high street way too. So if you want to model yourself around Queen Bey for less, look no further than a person’s edit below. Asos and Missguided have got our favorites, or individuals predict this studded style through process of Chloé will be THE shoe of the summer months.

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IPhone 6s exposure camera metal rings, rose gold, or really exist


Apple officially released iPhone6s day draws near, Internet-related revelations are more frequent. Lei Feng Foxconn employees were reported before the fact: Apple iPhone6s screen may not support Force function of Touch message, the message said, iPhone6s may not have the pink version. Juicy Couture iPhone plus 6 cases

Today, however, suspected for rose gold version of Twitter users revealed iPhone6s photo camera metal ring, one can’t help but suspect, may not have the pink version of the iPhone6s, but what about the Rose Gold version might really have?

Juicy Couture iPhone 6 Plus Case Rose

If the photos are true, iPhone6s camera size and iPhone6 differences should be minimal, but the camera is still prominent, seem unable to see from these pictures. In addition, the netizens also exposed iPhone6s the power cable and plug parts, but I do not know how much truth.

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iPhone 6

IPhone is actually very simple, nothing more powerful hardware as well as software that can perfectly match those strong hardware, and then wrapped in a delicate look to them. This through efforts to achieve simple, let the iPhone quickly became the party leader in the mobile market, and now Apple has this huge appetite Wolf rushed up the hillsides of the big-screen mobile phone, will make an already fierce battles more intense enough.

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“Scientific Internet Tools” labyrinth announced the closure services


Web on July 29 of Lei feng, “scientific Internet Tools” labyrinth announced yesterday shut down service.

Labyrinth official bulletins are as follows: FOSSIL iPhone 5

Say goodbye to broken FOSSIL iPhone 5 case

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Winding paths from birth until now, for technology workers and teachers and, access business information and academic research provide a great deal of convenience and technology support. Winding paths operation, individual issues is still in legal limbo, some question remains controversial.

In order to maintain national Internet law and policy, ensure the safety of Internet users access to information content and channels, States require that Internet users from the formal channels to obtain information. Based on this reason, winding paths and consciously abide by national laws, regulations and policies, and on July 28, 2015, voluntarily move all Internet services shut down and no longer provides a similar service. Crooked developers will work in other areas.

Caused to you and apologize for the inconvenience and troubles. In the next few days, will cost users sending mail, processing a refund. Please pay attention to the messages and the messages here.

If you still have questions, please send an e-mail to

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New millet router

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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Paul Frank case, julius rocks bingo exercise, new in tin, push through wooden toy – $3 (Dunbar)

Paul Frank iPhone 6 Plus Case Navy

Paul Frank cases, julius rocks bingo exercise, new in tin, push through wooden toy – $3 every one

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OPPO FIND5 expose new features: equipped with upgraded version of cloud services


Following the OPPO Find5 “1080 HD touch screen”, “quad-core Qualcomm APQ8064 CPU” “Android 4.1 operating system” “6.9mm body thickness” information such as exposure, recent stories: Find 5 Conference, cloud services will serve as the model’s feature debut, or the service named “NearMe cloud.”

For the users who concern OPPO, cloud services feature is not new. As early as when OPPO Find3 available, the aircraft carrying the “retrieve phone” service, to achieve: locate cell phone location, settings that control the cell phone rings, the call transfer action, once launched will attract a lot of OPPO user vision; the success helps users find cases have also seen in the network. Also introduced were the “synchronization” service. I judge, this should be the OPPO debut of cloud services.

Mobile Web back-end: solar powered generator

Later, the thinnest Smartphone OPPO Finder release this software configuration is upgraded, find the burglar captured features new mobile phone, launched NearMe notes, NearMe Yun Xin, OPPO has been able to provide users with remote mobile control, network communications, data backup services, cloud services enrich the product line.

It was speculated on, Find 5 news will carry upgraded version of cloud services when there is anything in them. OPPO’s new cloud services will add what functions? Might as well look forward to December 12, Find5 Conference, will be seen. solar generators

How to better protect the phone’s power button?


Phone power button is a button that uses very high frequency, power on the system to use it, turn off the machine, lock screen to use it when the phone unfortunately crash to use it. Even though normal use is not a key life to worry about, but there are also some “obsessive compulsive disorder” user wants to better protect this key, as Smartphone users, what do we have special methods to reduce the frequency of power button do?

Moschino McDonalds French Fries Case for iPad Air

This paper is divided into three parts, namely, unlock, lock screen and restart shutdown parts. The methods described are for Android phones.

First, unlock

Some readers may ask, unlock key not only with the power supply a method? There can be other ways? Of course! And there are a lot of strange ways.

1. volume key, home key unlock

Volume keys to unlock through a number of third party ROM or software functionality, of course, this feature should be used with caution, because probably does not have a power key volume keys and durable.

Home key Home key unlock only entities of the machine, such as the most famous Galaxy series, of course, the home key is also very depressing thing was bad, they don’t use the home key to unlock.

Both unlocked is just a convenience, completely replace power button to unlock is not recommended.

2. the sensor to unlock

Induction unlock is unlock the front distance sensor, this unlock because the lock screen will always be opened from the induction, could have an impact on the sensor life, and may also result in unnecessary power consumption.

3. touch screen unlock

This is “weird”, and is actually the lock screen when closing the LCD, no turn off touch screen to achieve. As long as the lock screen tap the screen you can unlock, through special ROM and kernel, and few phone that supports this feature, but also prone to misuse.

Second, the lock screen

Screen lock pattern is more common there is a key lock screen software, virtual buttons, drop-down bar, gestures, etc.

1. key lock screen

Nothing can explain, is through the software lock screen, need to get root permissions before use. Need to pay attention to is some software on a new system (Android 4.0 and above) supports is not good enough, easy to lock screen light screen immediately after. Above the red box in the following figure is a virtual key, below is a key to the lock screen.

2. the virtual keys

This uses virtual key mobile exclusive features, and generally only when “kiss the son” Nexus ROM series of third parties can be achieved. Following screenshot is the Nexus of 4 screenshots of the AOKP system. Moschino retina iPad Air case

3. in the dropdown

Lock screen is the depth of the drop down bar custom ROM or third-party software. MIUI is a screenshot below.

4. the sign

This is achieved using a third party software, even some of the software also multi-finger gestures.

In addition to gestures, you can also call the “edge of control” to the lock screen.

5. the sensor lock screen

Just introduced induction and unlocking are the same reason, the sensitivity is not very high.

6. change search touch key lock screen

This is through the method of root permissions to modify system files, assuming, of course, mobile search touch key, part of WP7 phone unlock can be changed.

Three, restart and shutdown

Shutdown and restart is also often used to, of course, this doesn’t work for some people who like 24*7 boot …

1. third party software

Through third-party software, restart, shutdown, you need root permissions.

2. in the dropdown Moschino retina iPad Air case

This lock screen is a truth and depth custom ROM will have.

3. long press the virtual keys

The mentioned application virtual-key, long according to the virtual keys popup power menu to achieve restart, shutdown ends.

Here’s the video demonstration of the feature.

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