Make their way TV: 10 most important things to aware of before you visit Disney


Pól Ó Conghaile and Independent Travel’s The Disney iPhone cases produtcions experts share tips on making the most of handle and money at the parks.

DISNEY Mickey 3D Cartoon Silicone Rubber Case Cover for iPhone 5/5S

Considering the original Disney iPhone case resort celebrating your dog’s 60th anniversary, and Star Battles and Frozen taking centre levels in Florida and Paris, The disney produtcions is shaping up for its funkiest summer ever.

While a visit often makes dreams come true, however , poor trying can end up in a nightmare. This is why it pays to know the do’s and also don’ts of Disney before you go.

At this week’s Travel TV, I’m followed by Mark Evans – Make their way Editor with The Herald, recently went back from Walt Disneyworld in North carolina – and Sarah Blake Knox, a Sunday Independent travel lover of music who has paid several visits that will Disneyland Paris as well as working for the right summer at the Orlando parks.

Most of the advice is a must for anyone planning a venture – from when to book from to wear… and, of course , how to shrink the queues, saving yourself some critical stress.

Getting there: Book package deals to Disneyland Paris with Impartial Travel here, or to Walt Disneyworld in Florida here.

Walt The disney world resort: Dreams come true for adults too

Disneyland Paris: A trip down memory williamson


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