I am the King? Meizu MX4 Pro detailed evaluation


After a four-show debut with four new machines, Meizu finally completed its running in 2014, one year. More strategically than magic, blue series and more targeted MX4, as Orthodox sequel MX4 Pro seems a little too highbrow. When this one with Hi-Fi sound quality when more and more feature debut, MX4 Pro can carry the title of the King.

(‘‘, ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0KoC5Xf0Co’)

Although the name with a Pro, is strengthened and the representatives of the Professional Edition. But I believe for Meizu was for kerosene, Meizu MX4 Pro is serious MX3 upgraded version of Meizu is next-generation flagship. From all aspects of the hardware configuration and price positioning, can see as Meizu MX4 Pro is continued by the Orthodox.

As the real position of the King, Meizu MX4 Pro natural not inferior to people in the hardware configuration. Still carry out their definition of the golden ratio, 15:9 5.5-inch screen with 2K+ resolution, a better visual experience. Sensor from Samsung seems to become the rule, on MX4 Pro Exynos 5430 much performance was worthy of consideration. Then reset the 20.7 million-pixel camera and a new shot of the new algorithm makes us look forward to.

Of course on the MX4 Pro, can see the Meizu more and more ambitious attempt. MX4 is Pro Meizu, the first to be able to call the Hi-Fi sound quality of cell phones, even more interesting is with the launch of the EP-21HD have a wonderful chemistry. Iconic round Home key has been changed to the fingerprint reader, behind the name mTouch mPay is the greatest layout, matching in Flyme 4.2 EZ life service, has more room for imagination.

Moschino Babybear Samsung Galaxy S4 Case

From the release date, Meizu MX4 Pro not charm blue collection House of work, but it’s no doubt biggest ambition, Meizu and strength.

Exterior design:

Contour design, Meizu released in 2014 IV products obviously run very similar, it is perhaps deepen family designed in the way. Can see from the names, MX4 Pro can be as simple as a big-screen version of MX4. MX4 and MX4 Pro shape and button layout of the area, maintain a high degree of consistency.

Various details on the MX4 Pro, already has a detailed introduction on the MX4, MX4 Pro it seems to be a bit of novelty. In addition, the reason may be due to the screen, MX4 Pro border and MX4 2.6mm on such a sense of Visual impact, but it’s also excellent.

As a material for controlling my Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro aluminum alloy frame and anode sandblasting process giving praise. In contrast, MX4 Pro MX4 is broad compared to the CNC highlight edges, for technology requirements are also higher. Moschino Samsung case

Of course the MX4 is MX4 Pro in order to reduce broken screen, remained in the border using the dispensing process. And dispensing process this time has not much than MX4, still exists in the panels color evident, dispensing the material overflow Frizz, and so on. Can only say that, in order to narrow border, the compromise is a necessity. The dispensing process effects are really good, of course, has also been accident experiment on the MX4, very good indeed lower screen broken.

If MX4 Pro, or design of Meizu family there is one objection, I think most is its power key positions for the reaction. For a smart phone screen sizes up to 5.5 inches, although adding screen double click wake up wake, voice or fingerprint identification, to some degree reduce the demand for daily use on the power button, but I think when the lock screen where you want always to the side of the power button.

Meizu has consistently round Home button at the same time as LED lights make the same reminder, then how can it be on the MX4 Pro? Well known is that included MX4 Pro fingerprint reader, located just on the Home keys, there is no integrated LED lights. MX4 is Pro led back to most of the smart phone’s location, which is next to the sensor. But the strange thing is, originally the Flyme OS version in the display will light up when charging but is canceled for that action in the latest version, people really scratching their heads.

MX4 details of this review, we found cover and borders have a clear color, fit after there is an obvious gap, seriously affected the visuals and gripping feel. This is of course due to the border and the back cover material for various reasons, also associated with the process. Meizu, says it has improved the cover technology, by matching more than one cover to select optimal delivery. An argument that we did a very good job in the follow-up received the retail version. (Color difference persisted, of course, it is inevitable for the two different materials. )

Meizu MX4 MX4 and Pro rear camera hardware configuration is the same, using the 20.7 million megapixel IMX220 sensor from Sony. But on the lens protective glass, MX4 uses Gorilla glass, sapphire glass and MX4 Pro is. Perhaps is the reason why this makes MX4 Pro rear camera bulge is more obvious than the MX4.

MX4 Meizu most on the Pro Sports, nature is the “first positive over the Android push” fingerprint, place is in the Home key. Meizu MX4 Pro fingerprint identification of from sink top GF66X8 usage scenarios, and claimed to be able to achieve the 360 °, 0.5 seconds and 508DPI accuracy, technical parameters of photogenic is more powerful than the iPhone. Depending on the usage we will separate later wrote.

Screen contrast:

Meizu is the pursuit of “better big-screen phone”, whose solution is a thin border as possible, and this also became one of the pitch of each new product. MX4 Pro compared with 5.5-inch screen size, there are very good advantage in width, compared with 5.36 inches wide 1.8mm the MX4, volume control quite well.

Parameter with MX4 ‘s contrast is 1100:1, 85%, 500cd/㎡ brightness, the color field screens accounted for 79%,MX4 Pro, 1500:1, 72%, 450cd/square meters, respectively, 76.5%, MX4 Pro still seem to be less favourable than MX4. And the main reason to produce such results, is that Meizu used a 2K resolution of the screen, for technological requirements are high.

Meizu MX4 Pro 5.5-inch screen that uses a piece of 15:9, at resolutions up to 2560*1536, compared with 2K resolution is somewhat higher in General a little bit, that Meizu claimed to be 2K+ reasons. In the case of screen sizes differ, MX4 and MX4 Pro screen resolution of actual perceptions and not-so-obvious awareness.

The screen brightness, tested, MX4 Pro Center brightness of up to 535cd/square meters, the top reaches 578cd/square meters, reached 632cd/square at the bottom, differences in brightness within reasonable limits, but the bottom light is evident. Screen brightness index, MX4 Pro as a 2K resolution screen, this is a very good score, even on the 1080P screen is the same. Again it is Flyme OS automatic brightness adjustment is more jumping, recommended daily use manual tuning.

When it comes to color, still have to come again the next parameter and technical differences. Meizu MX4 screen color gamut at 85%, using New Mode2 display technology, 500cd/square meters of the screen brightness. MX4 gamut 72% Pro screen, liquid crystal display technology uses a Nega, 450cd/square meters of the screen brightness. Simply put, in theory the MX4 is more full-bodied than the MX4 Pro Express color, high brightness.

As far as the comparison of actual visual experiences and really reflect MX4 vs MX4 Pro screen edge. Compared with MX4 for more intense colors, sometimes feel tired eyes, and MX4 Pro seems more appropriate. 2K with the same resolution screen phone comparison, MX4 Pro natural debut late is dominant.

The system UI:

After a long time, Meizu MX4 Pro system has been upgraded to a Flyme 4.2, joined the service and other features. MX4, charm of the previous Blue Note as well as charming blue Flyme has been described in more detail in various parts of the OS as well as Flyme 4.2 new features, and this time is no longer introduced.

After a few updates since version, updated at Meizu MX4 Pro Flyme 4.2 after opening behavior patterns and ART patterns, daily use and finally with enough fluency to make normal use. Flyme latest version 4.2 has been resolved earlier versions appear within the application’s lack of fluency, dropped frames and so on, but remain probabilistic applications stop running and automatic restart, the whole system has room for further optimization.

Charm blue Conference, in addition to publishing beyond charm blue, more important is the Meizu EZ smart ecological circle. Meizu intelligent biosphere nature is a core of Meizu, Flyme OS at its core, combined with different manufacturers in a one-stop solution.

Intelligent ecosystem of LifeKit is a collection, in addition to system level access in addition to third-party products SDK, and Ali and Haier jointly develop interconnection agreements, directly in the system as well as an App, and complete the connection. This ecosystem has a very large significance for Meizu subsequent development.

Shooting capacity:

Shooting hardware configurations, Meizu MX4 Pro MX4 is almost identical. Both use a F/2.2 aperture, 20.7 million pixels Sony IMX220 sensor, 5-piece lens filter, blue glass, and the only difference is that from the third generation Gorilla MX4 lens protective glass, sapphires on the MX4 Pro protection lenses. Simply put, MX4 Pro MX4 strengthened on the basis of the screensaver.

Here maybe someone will wonder, that MX4 Pro there is no place like MX4 good? Answer is Yes, is claimed in a press with a new ISP and a new algorithm makes night or to the overall performance is better than the MX4. This makes we wonder follow-up MX4 whether we can do the same kind of performance?

(Pictured left and right respectively MX4 Pro MX4. ) MX4 Pro compared with MX4 ‘s upgrade on the night, and we’ll talk at night. In fact, to say that the new algorithm to solve the problem is very simple-is to solve the MX4 at night when shooting prone to redness and noise applied, has improved to a certain extent. Pictured above overall look, MX4 has a slight redness and MX4 Pro in terms of overall performance is better.

(Pictured left and right respectively MX4 Pro MX4. ) Zoom 100% view, MX4 Pro can more clearly see a phone number, MX4 directly were completely covered by noise. You know these two photos in the same shooting, MX4 Pro ISO up to 1600, and MX4 is 1060.

(Pictured left and right respectively MX4 Pro MX4. ) And of course the MX4 Pro new algorithms in addition to noise less, there seems to be a feature, are sharpening significantly. Also 100% view, MX4 Pro sharpening on the left of each bar of outlines are clear, MX4 is still applied to severe.

(Pictured left and right respectively MX4 Pro MX4. ), Regardless of the new algorithm makes less noise and sharpen images on these two points, shooting orientation between the two is very different. MX4 relatively more pursuit of overall brightness of that striving for “bright” will allow you to see more and MX4 Pro more pursuit scene. In addition when shooting at night, can slightly feel MX4 Pro focus speed and focusing on success rates greater than the MX4 is better, but also let you can feel.

(Pictured above from top to bottom respectively MX4 Pro with MX4. ) In overall color performance, MX4 Pro is relatively rich and clever, and within the acceptable range. MX4 is relatively level, and set the orientation of addition may be the new algorithms may also strike a balance on the screen expression is neutral.

(Pictured left and right respectively MX4 Pro MX4. ) White balance performance, in fact, there is no significant difference. MX4 overall approach has flushed red, making the overall harmony of the colors may appear strange. Pictured above is originally Blue rose, brutally mating became purple and prone to color deviation and it makes a lot of proofs.

As far as the day-to-day performance of MX4 essential difference between Pro and MX4 is not very large, is to white balance the two orientations are less stable, it’s hard to say this is a style or orientation of the white balance problems. While both analytic performances actually makes little difference, basically nothing to pick out details.

MX4 Pro MX4, MX4 Pro is relatively more accurate focusing speed, focusing a high success rate, overall sense of colour and atmosphere would be more likable, but the difference isn’t big enough to make you think “700 bucks post” rhythm. But in terms of HDR could have such a feeling.

MX4 Pro HDR is more general, appeared very easy to light overexposure and MX4 is more of an accurate HDR photo. HDR in light and darkness at the junction of MX4, easily noticeable purple fringing or outline. Besides MX4 Pro better noise handling, as well as sharpen also makes the detail compared to MX4 is more than acceptable.

Hardware performance:

MX4 Pro position as flagship products, nature is also their most strong in hardware configuration. Exynos 5430 processor from Samsung, 20nm process is used, in theory, heat reduced performance enhancing. Exynos 5430 is big. LITTLE architecture to achieve eight cores at the same time, uses four 2GHz core as well as four 1.5GHz A7 A15 core theoretical performance is even better than Samsung’s own Galaxy Alpha also carry Exynos 5430 to intrepid.

In addition, MX4 Pro is also equipped with a second Sense Hub co-processor, reduce the sensor’s power consumption, further enhanced battery life. Memory, MX4 Pro 3G dual channel LPDDR3 memory RAM. To say that where there are doubts, perhaps is the case of 2K, MX4 Pro will be dragged down.

Hardware performance, we use a variety of performance testing software and Meizu 4 MX4, millet and millet compared test Note. Hardware running, Meizu MX4 is quite eye-catching, the accomplishments are mad too much, relatively MX4 Pro is at a normal level. In addition MX4 Pro performance on GFXBench quite eye-catching, the Manhattan scene reached 14fps, Rex reached the 34fps, this result is very powerful.

Runs in the same GFXBench range tested, MX4 Pro tested to the highest temperature reached 43 ° c, while the MX4 is 39.5 ° c. This standard, as well.

Use of memory, restart boot MX4 Pro max memory can be used for 1.7G, stable at around 874MB after normal use, a score is more common. In fact, in the case of 3G, and without being too concerned about memory problems.

Meizu MX4 Pro uses a 3350mAh battery, this capacity is more substantial. Need to be aware of is that theoretical battery life test is carried out on high-performance mode, as well as ART mode, in order to ensure in-according to the circumstances. Theories range test using GFXBench battery test and empty flights running in the background mode. After the test, MX4 Pro life success for 144.6min,MX4 is 202.8min. Moschino Galaxy S4 case

Achievements in terms of endurance, MX4 Pro 3350mAh battery is not much help, performance is still weak. The reason for this may be due to 2K large screens, the reason may also be optimized. Need to be aware of is that it is in flight mode, battery performance in actual use even more tragedy.

4G network in high-performance mode, and open the case, emptying the standby testing background. One night stand-by power consumption reached 11%, this problem really makes people seem powerless to ridicule. Battery performance are concerned, Meizu will also require MX4 Pro work and optimizing it.


Meizu claimed MX4 Pro is the first “positive over the Android push” fingerprint reader, and named mTouch, their mock objects is obviously very naturally. MX4 Pro used from the exchange programme of top technology GF66X8 and technical parameters are comparable to those in Touch ID. May be due to technical reasons for the fingerprint reader, the reason may also be surface sapphire-glass, which makes the entity key touch more generally, Curt … And in actual use, mTouch fingerprint recognition rate and speed are able to give very high ratings.

Fingerprint reader’s display and use, I personally like Huawei Mate 7-contact fingerprint identification on the back of, the use of the Fingerprint Cards AB programme. Fingerprint locations on the Huawei Mate 7 design is precisely the location of my hand holding the index finger and can be better achieved on just one hand operation, completed fingerprint identification and a bright screen unlocked instantly.

MTouch provides unlock function, of course, has another meaning is integrated with NFC, mPay formed Meizu own payment system. MPay ambition is quite large, and Meizu Flyme 4.2 added “Live services” function, but also for its layout, and can really make it a pay service closed-loop, also depends on the follow-up.

When it comes to fingerprinting, then you need to talk about safety issues. Meizu has made it clear, MX4 using fingerprint on the Pro does not upload, but only on the phone itself, and dedicated hardware encryption in the SoC area maintained, ensuring personal fingerprints will not be easily leaked. But judging from the current situation, this fingerprint recognition on the MX4 Pro, will only unlock and simple encryption.

MTouch does not Touch the Apple ID on the MX4 Pro coming so strong, do not last and strongest protection. In actual testing, it’s easy to bypass the fingerprint recognition in Recovrey interface and data purging. And after this, mTouch fingerprint identification will be clear, but photographs and other data is still saved. In other words, the fingerprint is obtained will not be personal, but if you think he can make it more powerful, it may be disappointed. Hardware/software for fingerprint recognition, Meizu MX4 Pro where there are still a lot of space and can do.

As a veteran music player manufacturers, Meizu MX4 Pro finally play Hi-Fi sound quality as well as the Retina Sound, which makes many Meizu players for longtime fans of the times, it’s tearful moment. In fact mobile Hi-Fi vivo official opening times to now have a short time, after integration of the supply chain, implemented at the cell phone is not too difficult anymore, follow-up can also anticipate there will be more mobile main Hi-Fi sound quality as a selling point.

On the Meizu MX4 Pro, joined ESS 9018K2M decoder chip and the TI OPA1612 operational amplifier chip, and by symmetry is passive filtering techniques to achieve high quality requirements on the hardware. And this set of hardware design, stacking, can still call it a luxury for now. In addition, Meizu has also introduced EP-21HD use headphones, from our actual for the sense of hearing, the suit really looks flawless … MX4 Pro performance in quality, as well as matching EP-21HD how do you feel, can be found on the Welcome Back Meizu MX4 Pro sound quality evaluation as well as the Meizu EP-21HD evaluation of sound quality.

Signal for a cell phone, is the need to do good, and such a nature, in the age of smart phones instead of highlighting, think a little upside down. Meizu MX4 Pro Samsung 20nm process used on the processor Exynos 5430, and baseband is 40nm Marvell PXA1802, such a combination is quite strange but the only option. As far as external baseband, MX4 Pro development process, only 40nm Marvell PXA1802 a look old gadgets to choose from. Is one such match, MX4 Pro also able to do double 4G support.

Signal performance, through a series of MX4 Pro is no longer a disadvantage of the system after the upgrade. Compared with the same level of mainstream mobile, similar levels of signal strength in various situations. But the strange thing is, in the long process, there is a higher probability in the case of signals with and fight their way into the phone situation has arisen, in the latest Flyme 4.2.3A remains the same. This situation, in addition to being outside processors and hardware matching between external baseband, is has a lot of room for optimization.

Concluding observations:

In November 2014, Meizu has officially released MX4 Pro, after only 3 months after a system upgrade, also met to say enough for everyday use and smooth, which is MX4 Pro review in detail until today only publish reasons. In fact in terms of pricing and positioning, MX3 MX4 Pro is the sequel to orthodoxy and, of course, is the new generation of Meizu’s flagship King.

On the hardware configuration, Meizu MX4 Pro is equipped with a powerful performance of the Samsung Exynos 5430 processor, Sony 20.7 million pixels and better algorithm 2K resolution screen of sapphire glass, more beautiful, more “HD” Hi-Fi hardware fingerprint identification as well as more imaginative variety of hardware such as stacking, but it is still no match for “optimize” this slightly borrowed words. MX4 your many hopes on the Pro and cons feedback requires further optimization is possible in order to have a better performance.

Compared with MX4, MX4 Pro is an enhanced version of MX3 Orthodox sequel. More powerful screen, pretty good experience of fingerprint recognition, better sound quality, which is the ability to let you pay 700 dollars to upgrade purchase. But more generally speak to MX4 Pro signal performance, battery life and weak, these commonplace but answer questions on MX4 Pro can also occur, but disappointing No.

After a four-game event, MX4 Pro, M4, charm, charm, Blue Note and Blue’s official debut, on behalf of Meizu’s new transformation and strategic planning. It is simple, it was the “small is beautiful” and “cool” to a more ambitious “millet” and “market”, and more consumers towards the broader market, the layout is more intelligent ecosystem involving more money future financial consumption.

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